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“Be very very careful, leave nothing to chance,forget...”

Written on: 13/12/2017 by eurotraveller (3 reviews written)

Over the years we have rented dozens of cars at Spanish airports, many at Alicante for the past decade.
Have tried most of them but natural try to get best value for money vs standards of service.
Cheapest is certainly not always best, nor does a high price guarantee quality of service.
Read the reviews critically, think a lot before you leap, and be very careful before you sign away your rights.
Remember that the rental companies are not there for charitable reasons, but most of them are honestly run.
I can only now after having had experiences both positive and negative, advise anyone else about to enter the lion's den, on a few survival strategies.
First of all, be honest and upfront about your own data, there is no way you can conceal any previous involving a bad driving record. If there will be more than one person driving the rental car, then say so before anything happens which will cause the sky to fall on you if you forget to do so.
Drive carefully and remember constantly that there are possibly even more police cars and officers watching you than at home.
Park carefully, and observe that most other cars have bashes and dings resulting from being parked too close to other parked cars. I have witnessed Spanish drivers using dodgem car tactics to escape from tight parking spaces, so if necessary, find a space where you can leave at least a metre in front of you and behind, and half a metre on each side of you, even it means you will have to actually walk an extra 100metres to your destination!
Regarding your liability with the rental company.
Do not neglect to inspect the car carefully, before you attempt to drive away from the dark recesses of the multi-storey car park. Especially if it is at night.
If necessary move to a better lit part so you can make sure you have spotted all of the scrapes,scratches and dings which may well have been previously suffered by the car.
Use a phone or digital camera with date stamping ability to capture clear images of all four sides and the roof of the car. Closeups where necessary to show damage detail.
At the rental desk you will have been given a copy of the car's damage report showing most of the existing body and paintwork damage, so check that this is in fact accurate, if not go to your rental company office within the car park, to ask about any differences between the printed report and what you may or more probably will have discovered. Get any of this noted and signed on the damage report form by the attendant who you spoke to.
Leave the car park carefully, and this itself can be a challenge for both novices and veterans like myself.
You have to find the correct escape ramp, first make sure it is in fact the DOWN ramp and not the UP one, or you will cause a traffic jam!
As soon you leave the shelter of the building and reach the EXIT barrier you have to use your exit card provided at the rental desk to get the barrier to lift.
The card can be inserted one of four ways and only one is the right one, so examine it before you even start to leave the car park.
Remember to drive on the RIGHT side of the road and at roundabouts, this can easily be forgotten at stressful moments or in emergency mode. Enjoy the Spanish sunshine, plan your journey and read the road signs well.
Speed limits are ignored as a matter of course by many Spanish drivers, just as they are in the UK, but if you get caught you will get the same treatment as you might expect at home.
You should do the same dated photo recording of the car body on your return before you hand over the keys, as damage could obviously happen in the actual airport carpark after you have left the car there.

As it happens I am currently having to start a battle with the Goldcar rental company who I have used many times over the years without any problems at all.
They have always seemed to be reliable and conscientious, but like all the rest they will try hard to talk you into buying their VERY expensive additional insurance. I found that we can buy the same level of additional insurance here at home for a fraction fo what they ask at the desk in Spain.
I would add that it is reckless not to have some sort of extra cover for the unforeseen damages which can pop up
when you least expect them.
They will try to tell you that their Spanish extra cover is much better than whatever we have already got in our sweaty hands, but stay calm, be firm and always polite. As long as you have taken your extra cover with a reputable company you need have no worries about it not being worth the paper it is printed on.
My present conflict centres on the fact that after my return home I was astonished to find that Goldcar had without any contact or explanation taken another 450 Euros from my credit card account.
When I phoned them, and they give the choice of language, the assistant told me that yes, they had taken the money for "the damage" to the car.
I asked what damage this referred to as I had already gone through the damage report sheet which I had retained and had photographs to show existing damage on the car.
The assistant told me that they would send me photos of the damage for which they had "stolen" the extra 450€.
I await these photos with interest, but even though I know that I didn't do any such damage to the car, I also know that realistically I may have a battle royal in trying get them to refund the money to me.
I obviously have lost faith in this company who up till now had my admiration and respect, not to mention my loyal business.
For the record we have to make frequent trips to Alicante perhaps 8 or 9 per year, and rent cars every time. Now well will have to stick our heads in the lion's mouth yet again. Heer goes nothing
Good luck to all of you reading this..

Oh by the way, there may be some wisdom in using the tactic I saw mentioned in another review on this site.
The writer advised cancelling the credit card used at the time of rental, immediately on arrival back in theUK, so as prevent any such appropriation of money without any permission or explanation. Then just ask the bank for a replacement card. Think I may try this as "extra insurance"
Is it not sad that we have to even think about the use of such avoidance strategies?

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By Goldcarrental

Written on: 24/01/2018

Dear eurotraveller,

We thank you for your insights and feedback on your last rental with us.
Please note that in order to pick up a car it is compulsory to block a deposit on a valid credit card or purchase our additional coverage. Our staff will always inspect the cars after each use and will mark the damages on the check-out sheet, however, we always ask customers to double check this since the cars can receive damage during their stay in the parking lot. This way both parties are aware of the damage that the car has on it before departing. On return, if our agents find damages that were not marked, they proceed to investigate and if it's considered that it occurred during this rental period, the customer will be charged for it.
We always take photographic evidence and provide it to our customers and to the insurance company in case they need it.

I hope you understand and consider all this when making a reservation with any rental company.

Thank you.
Kind regards,
Victoria R.
Goldcar Representative

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