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written by Meier262 on 31/08/2023

We booked a car rental in the Dominican Republic and were charged $742.80 (£585.71). On arrival in Santo Domingo three days later, we were told by the agent that we had not yet paid for the car and had to pay there and then. Having just touched down and with no local phone facility, we had no way to check this and assumed - it's Avis, right??? - that this must be true. We therefore paid again - slightly reduced to £484.30 because we agreed to accept a larger collision damage waiver - added an additional named driver and went on our way. On our return to the UK, we discovered that the first payment had indeed been taken as well as the second. We were charged more or less double the quoted price!

When we approached Avis about this, we were told that the extra payment was an insurance surcharge which we had agreed to and so would not be refunded. This is a blatant lie - we told the Avis agent that we did not reqiuire any kind of extra insurance as we already had a global cover policy of our own. The only possible justifiable surcharge was for the second named driver we added at the airport (and were quite happy to pay for). But this charge, on Avis's own admission, comes to no more than $65 (ie just over £50). The remaining £430 odd has been a simple sham on Avis's part. Whether this is local corruption in Santo Domingo or simply sharp practice on the part of the whole company, I cannot say - needless to say, though, if Avis's quote for the rental had been £530 + £430, ie almost £1,000, we would certainly have chosen another company! And I suspect Avis are well aware of this.

NB - there can have been no confusion in the conversation with the Avis agent here - I am a fluent Spanish speaker and was in the company of two native Spanish speakers, my wife and brother-in-law. We all three concur that we were told our original payment had not been taken, and we all agree that we made it quite clear we did not require any added insurance. Clearly, we have been tricked.)

  • 11/08/2022

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