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“Selling refurbished batteries as new”


written by JeebsUK on 06/04/2024

Selling refurbished batteries as new. Had two faulty batteries from them. One of them was clearly used and badly damaged, damage to the casing and terminals. Will not be using these people again. Avoid.

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“ BEWARE: Cheap product but TERRIBLE Customer Treatment”


written by 301Ortega on 27/12/2023

I bought battery YBX3057 YUASA from Tayna which turned out to be bad in just few months of fitting it and the experience of representative so called CS is the worst I have ever seen! First, when this battery kept dying out, I thought it was my car as this battery was new. It costed me a fortune to have my car checked at the dealer just to find out that nothing was wrong with my car's hybrid system, but it was this battery which was bad. I called CS and when I told them about the issue, I was told that my car needs an AGM battery and this one is the wrong battery that I bought therefore won't be covered under the warranty. I told him that it was recommended by Tayna anyway and the battery is bad as well. The CS rep won't believe me and asked me for evidence. I said I chatted on their online chat service of MSN messenger when I bought the battery and it was recommended. He said they do not have any MSN messenger service! ( It is still right there on their website!!! ). I gave him the name of the person who recommended it and he still won't accept it. He asked me to send evidence of the chat with that person before they could consider this! I clearly felt that they had no intension of refunding/replacing this battery from the way I was treated on the phone. "Irrespective of who recommended the battery to me, they were supposed to follow the warranty procedure as the battery kept dying out". What if it was recommended to me over the phone and I had no evidence? Their attitude is extremely unprofessional and off-putting. I sent them a stern email with the evidence of the chat. They not only refunded the cost of the battery (without refunding the postage expenses) but also blocked my account from placing any future orders!!! (Truth hurts) LOL! How professional!!! Hahaha, they think they are the only suppliers on this planet! It clearly shows that they do not want to hear from customers if they have any issues with the products and their so called customer services is totally hypocritic! And by the way, to clarify, I discovered that my car does not need an AGM battery, it never had one, it always has had a standard battery and the last one lasted about 4 years (the picture of which was also sent to them on the chat). This is in total contradiction to what that CS service guy was so adamant about and was voiding the warranty on this basis. And when I asked them why my account has been blocked, I have been told that I have been rude to them! Wow! I would like to know what part! I told them that now I will leave a negative review about them and they blocked the review section too on their website!!! Look at these sham artists! they are so worried about their truth being exposed! This also means that there is no transparency with regards to reviews on their site, giving a fake picture to customers. Good luck to anyone buying from this company! They may be the cheapest on the market and so is their treatment of customers! Something is fishy about this company. Read in another review that they don’t supply fully charged batteries. And they sell them around 10% cheaper than others! How?

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“Replaced under warranty.”


written by Borgcontact123 on 09/08/2023

Have to give a call out to Tanya as I have used them over the last 10 years or so abs so has my family. Saved lots on purchases. Has two replacement batteries from them without any quibble or issues. Such a frat service have to recommend them highly. Very efficient etc. Carriage very prompt. Total 100% from me. I am a genuine buyer and don't normally review but felt I should.

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“Never again”


written by ChrisYouell on 27/01/2023

Always bought from Tayna but never again - Halfords for me... This is the first time I have had a problem with a battery but warranty & returns process does not work. Battery kept going flat. Customer Service advised of re-charging with another spare good battery, having borrowed and and done this the battery still went flat following a full charge - even when not connected! I was told to return for test - easier said than done as no couriers will transport car batteries unless you pay for a special service (No help from Tayna with this) Tayna advised that the battery will take a charge so therefore is fine - WHAT A WASTE OF TIME & MONEY - NEVER AGAIN

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“Terrible compont , faulty goods”


written by wilko50 on 23/08/2022

Fitted a varta to my mercedes e class, lasted 18 months, should last years. Contacted company who said "got one year warranty so tough" The mercedes engineer said the battery must be of poor quality and was rated on the equipment as dead. The car does long journeys and is maintained to a very high standard. I would not bother to give tanya my trust again.

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written by Brendan236 on 21/07/2021

Do not purchase online unless you live within walking distance of their shop. I purchased a new battery at a cost just short of £100 in June 2020. Just over a year later it has gone completely flat after the car was unused for 3 weeks. It refuses a charge now and when I contacted 'Tanya Batteries' they weren't interested in my plight, even though I was stranded and unable to drive to work. Their response was to get me running around taking voltage measurements only to say that it was flat and I needed to return it to them for testing................. has anyone ever tried to pack and despatch a car battery! They're quite helpful in that they give you packaging requirements, great if you work in a warehouse. I couldn't even hazard a guess how much P & P would have been to send this recorded delivery from Hampshire. I even offered to fund an independent test at a local garage and send it to them, NOT INTERESTED. If you do manage to post it, and can do without your car for a week or so, just imagine the testing regime at their end that would undoubtedly determine that the battery was healthy hmmmmm

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“Ordered a car battery on Monday evening so expected...”


written by Lyla1980 on 02/12/2020

Ordered a car battery on Monday evening so expected delivery Wednesday. Had message from DPD saying out for delivery, waited in all day and it never showed. Waste of time as it was urgent, why advertise next day delivery whenit`s not true. I have no idea when it`s going to turn up if ever. I will never use them again

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