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“Really tasty!”


written by Wesley134 on 11/10/2022

Really tasty and healthy sandwich that was also affordable.

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“Gosea pioneer - A great budget kayak”


written by Ryanp83 on 05/09/2014

After reading the limited reviews i took a punt on this kayak and im very pleased i did. It has features above its price and is a very solid yet lightweight unit. My dad bought another budget model from another company at 200 pounds so slightly less than what I paid but the difference is night and day. The Gosea has more of everything. Better built, much more steady in the water and because of the design of the hull, tracks better when paddling along. The seat and paddles are great and I'm comfortable throughout. I've I've only taken it to my local Devon beaches 3 times but already I know this was money well spent and the kayak will give me years of fun. If you are looking at this kayak and debating on whether you should or go for something that's only 40-50 cheaper, go for this one. You'll regret buying any other budget kayak otherwise. Yes you can go out and pay whatever you like for kayaks and they will be faster and lighter and will no doubt have a coffee machine built into it but as it's only a hobby I was never prepared to pay more that what I have done. To sum up - a budget kayak that punches well above its weight.

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“Fantastic prices”


written by DangeloMolloy on 08/08/2014

I couldn't believe the price I paid for my Go Sea Pioneer. I haven't seen anything cheaper than the Outdoor Hub website. And it was delivered the next day! I was nervous that when it turned up it wasn't going to be a good product, but it's superb. It's well built - it will probably last me a lifetime. It has a neat waterproof container built in, which I use for my mobile. I ordered the deluxe with a large seat which is very comfy. I use mine on our local canal and lakes. I wheel it down drop it on and I'm away. It is very steady on the water which is great for me as I don't want the hassle of falling in or getting too wet as the canal isn't very clean. The company have been great to deal with and I can't say enough good things about them.

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“Great Go sea kayak”


written by buSlattery374 on 03/07/2014

Have owned a Go sea sit on top for two years now and it is a great all rounder, fast, stable, comfortable, mine is used in the sea in North Devon and would buy another when the time comes to upgrade.

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“Perfect first kayak!”


written by DarrenTrelor on 13/06/2014

I've only kayaked a few times in the past, mainly hiring. I decided i wanted to own my own as quite a few of my friends do and they keep telling me what fun they have, what great wildlife they see (and catch). I phoned up the Outdoor Hub in Truro who were helpful on the phone and talked me through the options and differences. I went into the shop and i saw the kayaks and they helped me pick one best suited for me - GoSea Glide. Mine and all the models seemed very reasonably priced. I've since been out 8 or 10 times and am loving it. I've even ventured into the surf a few times as i was told the kayak is good in it - such fun! Overall, great kayak and it opens doors to a whole world of fun on the water!

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“Gosea Angler Sport - Best Value Fishing Kayak in UK”


written by Gowerbassmaster on 07/05/2014

Recently purchased this kayak from the Outdoor Hub after owning a boat for the past 5 years. I have been kayak fishing for 15 years prior to this and this is the 5th kayak I have owned, the last being an Ocean Kayak Malibu 2XL which I rigged to fish solo. OK so the Gosea is not quite as stable as the Malibu (I am a large lad at 17 stone) but it rides a swell well enough, is considerably quicker than the Malibu and comes fully equipped as standard. Fittings are comparable with those that I had to spend a considerable extra sum for on the Malibu and the ultimate seat package is extremely comfortable on a paddle of 5 miles or more. The delivery service was also excellent with some of the best packaging I have come across. Whether it stands the test of time remains to be seen but the lifetime guarantee bodes well. There are a few things I would change such as repositioning the two rear trolling rod holders so that they are at 45 degree angles. This would help spread the lures and reduce possible tangles. I would also position the front rod holder about 30 cm closer to the paddler so that it is easier to reach. These minor points are the only things that prevent me from awarding the full 5 stars. At £480 (via Amazon)for the kayak, ultimate seat, all fittings and paddle delivered to your front door I truly believe Gosea Angler Sport is the best value Kayak designed for fishing in the UK. At £480 for the ultimate package

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“Go sea dreamer sea touring kayak”


written by elliottdj23 on 23/01/2014

Hi I bought this kayak in the deluxe package from GoSea.. Ok first of all very happy with purchase, price and delivered on time as agreed. When I got my kayak there was a small amount of damage to my paddle.. I contacted the hubs who arranged a replacement immediately .. So again happy. Ok I have now taken the kayak out for the second day ins row(Jan)..I have been in kayaks several times before but not for a few years and I am no expert. It took me about 30min to get some confidence of how it handles.. Rudder etc.. I have to say I am really impressed with the kayak so far... I did a small trip today from Hardway marina to porchester castle.. The kayak did not let me down...I went from reasonably calm harbour conditions to paddling into wind with choppy waves... The kayak was stable and I felt safe and happy the whole time... For anyone that wants to buy a reasonably priced sea touring kayak I would give this a good recommendation.. Costal, harbour and Scottish lochs is why I purchased this kayak.. I am pleased with the purchase and would recommend it no problem... It looks good, performs well and I think is build well.. After some more time I will update this review...

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“My Second GoSea kayak and still a fan”


written by stone_john on 18/08/2013

I heard plenty of good things about GoSea from friends so purchased my first last summer which was the tandem version. I was thoroughly impressed with the price compared to everything else out there and have been equally happy with the build quality since. I hired an RTM while on holiday in France this year and have to say the GoSea is far better to paddle and seems more refined. So this spring I decided to get into kayak fishing and went for the GoSea Angler compact. Very stable, great quality and excellent value. since then I have recommended GoSea to two friends, one who has a perception Scooter but wanted a fishing kayak so got a GoSea Stealth (he prefers it to the scooter for all round paddling)and the other got the Compact like mine. We are all very happy bunnies. GoSea are in my opinion by far and away the best value kayaks available in the UK. Really not sure where a couple of the reviews here are coming from, but certainly not my experience. There's no accounting for taste!

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“Extremely unstable ”


written by on 15/07/2013

I purchased this kayak with out doing by research, not knowing to much about them. My first trip out I found the kayak extremely unstable compared to my friends perception. In just the slight choppyest of conditions the kayak will put you in the water and on this occasion the kayak filled with water, with only the two storage containers keeping it afloat and with me having to swim back to shore. The seat is uncomfy and the steering peddles for the rudder don't go fare enought inside the boat, so if your tall there useless. Build quality is poor attachments tend to break quick. I've learnt my lesson buy cheap buy twice..! I would reckonmend perception or wilderness.

Stone_John's Comment

Written on: 18/08/2013

Not my experience at all, you should contact GoSea as they have been very helpful with me. I found a review at Northwaleskayakfishing.co.uk which really contradicts what is said here too.

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Billybob17's Comment

Written on: 14/08/2014

I'm looking at buying my first kayak and I find reviews like this are very unhelpful! GoSea is a brand of kayaks, so saying it is unstable is pointless... what kayak is unstable? Model?

I'd agree with Stone_John, I've heard that if you get it touch with them, they'll help you sort things like this out.

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“Gosea voyage kayak”


written by on 13/07/2013

I bought this kayak as a family fun boat and I have to say I have not been disappointed. I am no expert kayaker, in fact this is only the second yak I have owned, the previous one being a pyrahna surf jet, which I did not get on with. The voyage 2+1 ticks all the right boxes for me, great for all the family to mess about with at the beach, fantastic value for money when compared to other big name boats and it all seems to be well built, I have four kids ranging from 7 to 16 years and they have all given it a hard time yet not a broken seat or mounting point in sight. The only slightly negative point is the size and weight does make it a bit difficult loading and unloading from the car and a trolley is a must, but I should imagine that us the case with all tandems? All in all I'm delighted, why spend more!

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“GoSea Vector sit-on-top kayak”


written by rmkeatinge on 02/09/2012

I wanted a sit-on-top kayak for beach fun and for introducing newcomers to paddling. I wanted it small, light, and inexpensive. Performance requirements were modest, but reasonable directional stability was needed. By way of a shakedown cruise I've just taken this boat down the Menai Strait on a spring tide and it performed nicely. Not fast, but stable, manoeuvrable, and it was just about possible for me to load it onto the roof at the end of the trip. My previous sit-on-top needed two strong people. The build quality seems good, though I suppose that the lighter boat will mean less robustness. For what I wanted it's difficult to think of any possible improvement.

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“Fine by me”


written by on 01/08/2012

I have had one of these for a month now and must say it meets my needs, inshore kayaking/fishing and estuary/river paddling. Very stable and plenty of room. I have tried other sit-on-tops in the past and although this is not the fastest or the quickest to manoeuvre it is, in my opinion, well worth the money and loads of fun.

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“Cheap rubbish”


written by on 20/07/2012

Hey guys I bought one of these because it was cheap , I have paddled market leaders all my life but wanted a spare For a months holiday this year . What a pile of rubbish , poorly made with bad fittings And cheap tacky seat . I wouldn't buy one ,it took two days to Tear the seat and damage a seat fixing point . The old saying you get what you pay for springs to mind And I unfortunately have ... Overall save a but harder and get A perception or ocean kayak sit on instead Good luck

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“Go Sea Vortex Kayak”


written by on 07/08/2011

After reading some of the other reviews I honestly can't understand where the person who slates this kayak is coming from. Great quality, performs as well as any similar kayak I have used and is unbelievable value at the price I paid new. Sometimes you do "get what you pay for" but in this case you get a great product which does exactly what it says on the tin for at least £100 less than the closest comparable kayak I could find. I went out with a friend of mine who has the Go Sea Vector (very similar to an Ocean Frenzy) and we swapped for a bit to try each other’s. I have to say the Vector is a bit quicker through the water but I do like the sitting position on my Vortex. I feel sorry for the people who have paid well over the odds for other models out there and a bit smug when I think of all the extras and accessories I got for the same as you can pay for a kayak on its own. I even purchased a roof rack from Halfords and all in it was the same price as an Ocean Frenzy deal. A big thumbs up from me and highly recommended on every level.

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“Go Sea Vortex”


written by tonyjohnson on 03/08/2011

I Purchased a Go Sea Vortex back in June and I have to say I have been very pleased with it, in fact I have been making any excuse to get on the water ever since! The kayak is light, easy to get on and off my car which is a big bonus for me as when I go to the beach with my wife and two small children there is lots to carry. Performance wise, it is good all round and I have been happy when paddling off the beach or up estuaries. The build quality is fantastic and I can see no discernible difference in quality from any of the other sit on kayaks I have used from hire companies in the past. I have made my own comparisons to the Perception scooter, Wild thing tarpon and others which the names escape me and although they are a bit bigger and feel more buoyant I have had just as much fun for far less cash. I got lots of extras thrown in when I purchased it, not sure if this is what you would get from all retailers but I looked long and hard at all the options out there and the Go Sea range was by far the best value kayaks I could find.

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“Go sea kayaks”


written by on 12/06/2011

After just returning from my friends house in Cornwall and spending two weeks paddling the Go sea kayaks he owns a vortex and osprey, I am glad to be using my own this afternoon On the river, the go sea kayaks add basis to The time old saying " you get what you pay for". Rubbish styling,inferior handling, poor design, And fittings that are sub standard all make for A cheap kayak that isn't fun to use. The go sea Vortex had the logo peeling when it was new and A leak from somewhere, we found out where one Week later when the scupper hole split open top To bottom mouldings split... That said it was 180 Quid, however I would pay the extra bit and have one That is enjoyable and from a good manufacturer, Not good and I wouldn't recommend to anyone!!!

Guest's Comment

Written on: 22/06/2011

Touchdown! That's a really cool way of puttnig it!

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Ddavehayes's Comment

Written on: 19/08/2012

There is a lifetime warranty on the hull, why didn't you take it back? A sticker falling off is hardly affecting its performance.

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Tonyjohnson's Comment

Written on: 03/08/2011

mmm.. sounds a bit like there is an axe to grind here. Not my experience at all!

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