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“How to deal with arc legal”


written by NeilLong287 on 17/12/2021


The first question anyone should ask when buying insurance is "do you outsource you legal claims process to arc legal?"

If the answer is "yes" then just put the phone down and go somewhere else until you get a "we don't work with arc legal". It's just not worth the stress of trying to deal with arc legal.

Delay, delay, delay... this is the tactic that arc legal use on other companies clients - YOU. They will be obtuse, continually stall, ignore, misinterpret information, misinform.... it goes on and on. They are a total shambles.

They even subject you to a five day turn around response time policy and hide behind the ridiculously patronising mantra of "treating customers fairly" as the reason for this nonsense. And I will explain why.....

They hide behind T&C's and create smoke and mirrors for you to navigate and all when you are likely under very high duress due to a situation you are unfortunately in and are, therefore, extremely vulnerable.

The reason they do all this is because according to their T&C's you are still paying all the solicitors fees being amassed in whatever situation you are in because they have not yet "accepted" your claim as valid. This is why every claim submitted is rejected as a default policy. Just to delay you for another month or so.

So obviously your situation continues to grow and still requires a solicitors time irrespective of arc legals opinion so every delay or obstruction that they can throw in front of you means that you are still picking up the bill with the solicitor for all that time.

It's the typical war of attrition tactics you would expect from an insurance outfit really.

What everyone needs to consider is that they are actually not arc legals clients. You are a client of John Lewis or RSA etc etc and in reality John Lewis & RSA are actually the client of arc legal... so arc legal will loose their contract with John Lewis or RSA if they don't hit the targets they are set for denying or considerably delaying claims that RSA would have to pay out on.

It's entirely the wrong way round morally speaking and certainly in no way shape or form treats any client of John Lewis or RSA fairly. It does, however, treat the clients of arc legal very fairly because they are actually all the big boy insurance companies not little old you I'm afraid.

What bothers me about all this is why upstanding companies like John Lewis with reputations built solely on customer service and quality associate themselves with an outfit like arc legal?

We all understand that John Lewis can benefit massively from selling their client base to the likes of RSA so they can peddle them insurance products and give John Lewis a cut in return but for John Lewis to willingly let RSA subject their loyal clients to the abhorrent treatment dished out by arc legal pretending to be a professional insurance business is a big mistake. John Lewis have sold their soul I'm afraid.

As I said previously:

The first question anyone should ask when buying insurance is "do you outsource you legal claims process to arc legal?"

If the answer is "yes" then just put the phone down and go somewhere else until you get a no. It's just not worth the stress of trying to deal with the deliberately obtuse shambles that is arc legal.

In my experience if you are stuck with arc legal then just go direct to the Exec Team of the insurer who sold you the insurance policy and demand to deal with them directly on your claim. This cuts our arc legal completely. You can find all the CEO direct contact details online if you look hard enough.

Furthermore, once this approach reaches critic mass then arc legal will lose their contracts as they are a ultimately a massive reputational risk for any self respecting insurance company to put in front of their clients and have to crawl back into the muddy puddle that they unfortunately managed to slither out of.

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Annamax's Comment

Written on: 23/01/2023

I am going through this with Arc Legal, they are on another line, or in a training session, or at lunch, or not well, or maternity leave, the list is endless. Never, never again. This is costing me!!

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Capitanosplendito's Comment

Written on: 23/01/2023

The other trick they use is to obtain an opinion from their legals partners which it simply riddled with errors, untruths and lies. They then write off your claim on the basis of this advice. The problem with this is that when the Financial Ombusdman eventually (after months and months) review your complaint about arc legal they then inform you that you have to go through the whole process again with the body that regulates the legal profession! They know full well that this will take you another year of your life and all the effort, time and cost that it takes!

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