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Jolieo55's review of Arc Legal Group -

“Slow, inadequate, 'call centre lawyers'”


written by Jolieo55 on 25/04/2018

From initial contact to completion, the entire approval process is slow and designed to encourage the customer to use their sub-standard panel of lawyers. I deliberately use the word lawyer as if you use their panel, you will typically be represented by a lawyer (a legal professional) who has not necessarily qualified as solicitor. I was not prepared to do this and appointed my own local solicitor with whom I could have face to face contact with as opposed to a call center ‘lawyer’. Their call centre operators make promises they cannot honour and their complaints process is a farce.

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Arclegalassistance's Comment

Written on: 04/05/2018

We are disappointed to hear about your dissatisfaction.

Unfortunately, by its nature the legal expenses clams process can be a long one and we appreciate that customers can have a wish for a swift resolution.

The legal advisors on the legal helpline are legally trained, and are only able to provide general legal advice.

In relation to panel solicitors, you may wish to view the Financial Ombudsman Service website which provides their view on the use of panel solicitors.

We deal with over 20,000 claims each year and have a complaints ratio of less than 2%. We are confident that the vast majority of customers have a positive experience of our service.

However, we welcome the opportunity to address any concerns that customers have about our service.

If you would like to discuss the matter, please contact us directly. Alternatively, you are able to refer a complaint via the Financial Ombudsman Service. Details on how to do this are available online.

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Jonathanrees100's Comment

Written on: 08/05/2018

"We welcome the opportunity to address any concerns that customers have about our service". No you don't. Your complaint process is a farce. I had to email 3 times to get acknowledgement that you were in fact investigating.

Interesting that you refer to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS). I actually escalated the complaint with the FOS.

After a 12 month process, they upheld my complaint and ruled against Arc. I should however note that the FOS are about as useless as Arc Legal (take a look at the FOS reviews!!!). The FOS advised that Arc had taken an unreasonable amount of time in assessing my claim and awarded compensation.

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