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“I wouldn't recommend this company”


written by Jaytok21 on 06/10/2018

We have had a really hard and upsetting time with Timberwise Liverpool. I hope this review serves as a warning to others looking to get dry rot / damp treated.
They started a job removing dry rot from our downstairs living room in early 2017. They replaced part of a sash window frame, multiple floorboards, and replastered a quarter of the room. As well as treating the rot. We had problems with them from start to finish. The rot has now been found again in the skirting boards in the same area where they conducted the work. Here are the problems we had with them:

1. They cost a lot of money compared to other companies
2. They took nearly 2 months to complete a job which should've been done in 1 week
3. Days would go by without anyone coming to the house and the job half finished
4. We were rarely kept updated on the progress of the work and we had to call them to find out what was going on / what the delay was
5. One day we came home in the pouring rain and found the window was boarded up, no one had told us this was going to happen
6. After calling up to complain we had someone sent round to complete some demanding manual jobs and they sent someone with a broken arm!
7. We found rot back within 18 months in the same area
8. They were going to charge us £160 just to come out and have a look
9. Their surveyor came out and spent 2 minutes looking at it, he failed to assess the walls, windows and floor boards
10. He said that they had failed to properly finish the job
11. He spoke to a director who then refused to honour our guarantee (which we had paid a substantial amount for) and refused to finish the job
12. Now we are left with an incomplete job, visible dry rot in the room, a guarantee which is worthless, and have already had to pointlessly redecorate the room once which cost us £500
13. After complaining they said they would come and see the work again with the complaints team in 3 weeks time!
14. They then agreed to come sooner, reviewed the work and once again accepted no responsibility for the incomplete job

I am now awaiting an independent surveyor to come and review the work and I’m going to liase with the ombudsman. I would wholeheartedly not recommend this company to anyone.

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