Audi A6

Introduction To Audi A6

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The Audi A6 is a mid size luxury executive car, available as both Audi A6 Saloons and Avant (Estate) versions. Available since 1994 these are heavy competitors in the prestige market, competitors being the BMW 5 Series and Mercedes E Series. The latest generation A6 was released in 2005 and can be spotted by its striking single-frame grille and muscular body lines. The updated A6 is a highly recommended vehicle; in 2005 it won the world car of the year award. The award is selected by a jury of 48 international auto journalists from 22 countries. But the most recent Audi A6 models 2007/2008 are the best yet. They come with a wide choice of FSI petrol motorsport engines, efficient direct-injection engines having based on Audi’s race circuit models. Equally economical are the piezo-injected TDI diesel engines which are also available in a variety of engine sizes and specification. While the saloon offers a more luxurious finish and sophisticated performance the Avant with its 1,660-litre load-area has some nice benefits too. There is also an ultra high performance Audi S6 version of the Audi A6, which has been partially created with the help of Lamborghini.