The worst experience ever as a new customers - Be AWARE !

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“The worst experience ever as a new customers - Be AWARE !”

Written on: 08/10/2019 by borisya (1 review written)

I've made a booking on Suntransfers's website 36 hours prior my trip for a private driver to my destination, which was a very special holiday for me and my girlfriend. In this time, I have contact 2 times their support team via chat, to ensure that my booking is fully verified, and they successfully verified and said there will be driver waiting for me with no problem whatsoever on the times booked.

I would like to note that the booking was not cheap, €226.64 in total, for arrival & return with a private driver, even though I had cheaper options, I still decided to pay more and book with Suntransfers, but it seems that I've made my worst mistake in doing that.
Suntransfers knew that we booked for a full day arrival & return, so it was very important for us to make it on time to our destination so we have enough time in order to explore&have fun, and then drive back.
Unfortunately, they failed on us, in the result of their unprofessional and their so rudely late driver - they made us stressed and irritated the entire trip, and showed us their true colors.

You may read my full experience with Suntransfers as a new customer and decide for yourself. I hope nobody will have to go through the same rude and unprofessional situation caused all and all by Suntransfers company, including their very unhelpful customer team support.

The trip was booked from Naples Train Station to Positano (1:30 hours trip), at 8:50 AM.
Me and my girlfriend were already at the meeting point in Naples Train Station at 8:49 AM, waiting patiently for the mysterious driver of Suntransfers to show up with a sign and their logo as described in instructions.

The time is 9:00 AM: Still no driver at the meeting point. We've started to think maybe we are standing in the wrong place, or maybe he is. So we started searching the mysterious Suntransfers's driver around in the whole Naples Train Station, inside and outside. There were no drivers holding a sign, not even from other companies. It was clear from this point that Suntransfers's driver was late and didn't show up on time.

The time is 9:08 AM: We are back to the meeting point, still no driver. We decided to call Suntransfers Assistance and customer team support. We talked with a very polite and nice gentleman, who couldn't help us much beyond of what the instructions said. So he basically read us the instructions again on the phone, and said he will call again in few minutes. Amazing, isn't it?

The time is 9:16 AM: By this time we already knew each area in Naples Train Station, searching for Suntransfers's mysterious driver, we started to give up. As stressed as we were, I couldn't believe the driver can be that much late.
Customer service gentleman is calling us again, trying to verify if we found the driver yet. I answered him nicely, that nobody is here and we basically standing at the meeting point with nobody around us standing with a sign.
He told me he will check with the "Traffic manger", I have no idea what it means, but I hoped that he could finally reach out to the rudely late driver, that clearly didn't show up on time.

The time is 9:23 AM: Service customer gentleman is calling us again, trying to check up on us and see if we found the driver yet. The answer was negative again.
It's very pointless to say how much me and my girlfriend were nervous and irriated, both of us looking for the mysterious driver that clearly forgot us and disrespected our booking time. Suntransfers's customer support guy couldn't help us too much, but just told us to wait at the meeting point and he promised that our driver will soon come. We did as he said, and waited and waited.

The time is 9:29 AM: A lady from Suntransfers's customer service company calling, I assumed she was the "traffic manager", and she tried to verify if we finally found the driver.
The was yes, eventually we saw him, coming up to the meeting point, 2 meters tall, very healthy and big guy, holding a poorly written letters "suntransfers" with my name (not even Suntransfers logo). So you couldn't miss him at all even if you really wanted!

We walked up to to his car, and the gentleman of Sunstransfers customer support is calling me again and last time at 9:32 AM, wanting to verify if we found the driver at the end. I finally could verify with him that we found the driver and went inside to his car. But I have described him my honest frustration and disappointment feelings, as a first time customer on Suntransers, I have never ever thought that it could happen to me, or it will even be so hard to get hold of a driver. Customer service guy apologized for this late arrival, but it's already done, nothing else he could make better at this point.

Only at 9:40 AM we started driving to the destination, after trying to communicate with the driver, he couldn't understand a word in English so I cannot even ask him what time he arrived to Naples Train Station. He obviously was super late but played himself a fool and didn't want to answer this question. Even my girlfriend asked him in Italian, but he didn't answer this question. I then stopped talking because I knew that it will make me more frustrated and angry. I just let him drive quietly so we can get to the destination as fast as possible without losing anymore time, very expensive time.

I wish you could understand, how much time we spent only to find this driver, we came to Naples Train Station at 8:50 AM, and only at 9:40 AM we were in our driver's car and started moving to our destination. The journey took 1 hour and 30 minutes. We arrived to Positano at 11:10 AM. However, if the driver was on time and we started driving from 8:50 AM we would be at 10:20 AM in our destination - Positano. About an hour lost only because of Suntransfers's unprofessional and disrespectful driver. Disrespecting the times at all mean.

It was a half day holiday, not even full day, so eventually every minute and hour that spent on finding this driver, ruined my girlfriend and mine's plans for the day. We were rushing at most of the time, in order to be able to see everything on the time we had left. We had very expensive private boat booking, and walking tour planned for the day, we were late, and everything on this day pretty much was planned perfectly if we only came on time, we would've been more relaxed and not rushing at all like that.

Unfortunately, the late arrival of the driver ruined some of our plans for the morning, and we had to make changes on this regards. If it was an airport transfer, we would've not made it on time. But because it was a destination to explore, we had less time to explore the destination, less time to our short holiday....
All that caused by Suntransfers's driver - an irresponsible and a disrespectful driver, who disrespected the times, and disrespected me and my girlfriend as customers. Specially Suntransfers as comapny, who have a lot to do with it as well, because they are in charge of which company they hire & provide the transfers for their clients. As a client, you made me regret for even ordering a transfer on your website.

I had much cheaper options, but I decided to go with Suntransfers, only because I saw the amount of positive reviews online.
I didn't care to pay more for a good company. They charged me $256.16, that's a lot for a young person like me to pay this amount, but I trusted them to take me and my girlfriend on time, so this price was worth it. If I knew that the driver would be that much late, I could've taken a bus instead, it would've been cheaper and we could arrive at Positano at 11:10 AM with a cheap bus, same arrival time as the rudely late driver brought us to the destination.

To my disappointed Suntransfers failed to treat me as a respected client and provide me a driver on time for the expensive booking price tag I paid for, which is very unprofessional from such a big company, i'm sure Suntransfers deal with different clients and many clients in other countries, so you would assume that they are professional and a respected company. Obviously, this situation showed me how unprofessional Suntransfers are, and even when reaching out to Suntransfers's Customer Service, they had no answer to provide me regards the rudely late driver. What can be more frustrating than this? I'm asking the Customer Service guy "Where are we suppose to stand? because there is no driver with a sign", and he basically just reads me the instructions because he doesn't know the area or information about the driver... Your customer service was not helpful at all. We felt lost and felt panicked all this time, every minute and hour I lost was because of Suntransfers and only Suntransfer's fault.

Suntransfers seriously could not make it any worse.

I must mention that the driver on the way back was on time and an excellent example for a perfect driver. He waited for us on the address and had good communication level, he was much nicer compared to the first driver who was rudely late and didn't want to talk or answer any questions.
I cannot get over of this rudely driver you provided us, I left with a bad taste in my mouth. Very scared to even think of ordering a new transfer in the future from, because I don't want to waste my holiday time on calls with unhelpful Customer Service or finding some rude and a disrespectful driver who cannot respect times.

I have all the calls with Suntransfers's customer support recorded and saved to my phone for future reference. And I will make sure to share my experience with friends and publicly with others. Because it's seriously not something you want others to experience.

You know what even worse? That after reaching out to their support team the next day explaining the whole situation, nobody ever replied to me. Obviously Suntransfers careless about their customers and don't value new customers.

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