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“Awful company”


written by Abs566 on 17/02/2023

I worked as a driver for this company and I haven't been paid for last 3 months. How do they expect us to go and pick there customers up when they are not going to pay us. Dont use this company. If you are a driver starting with them just get your money out and run. I haven't been paid for november 2022 and its February 2023. I have been told I will get paid in March 2023. What a joke!

Alexandar's Response to Abs566's Review

Written on: 10/07/2023

Do not use the services of this company. In Croatia, they do not pay drivers. They have not paid my salary for the past six months. I have emails that prove it... Only those who don't know about this drive for them in Croatia. Please, when you are in Croatia, use the services of other companies that pay fairly.

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Nassal's Response to Abs566's Review

Written on: 25/07/2023

I worked for them still waiting for my Dec Payment now they are saying they dont know when i will get my payment. We should get organise a group to take some sort of action

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“Never use this company”


written by RainaO'Reilly389 on 13/12/2022

Terrible service - NEVER use this company. After booking week in advance the driver suddenly changed pick up time from 10am to 5am, then didnt turn up. The company then told me I must pay an extra 105 pounds for a new driver or cancel. I messaged their chat to complain and they just cut me off in mid-chat. Rude, and unreliable

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“They did NOT turn up and had my money for three months.”


written by Buto49 on 11/11/2022

Orlando to port canaveral.paid£135.19 3 months in advance.No show from driver.paid a separate company to get us there.Very stressful.again return journey No show got back to Orlando under a separate company .Emailed get transfer who said they would look into my complaint.two weeks later Get transfer messaged to say they had cancelled my transfer but would not refund the money owed to me ,but would give me a future transfer voucher for the full amount.Why would I let get transfer deal with me again in the future after they let me down in the past.I can only assume get transfer has done this to many people in the past,and am disgusted that although they cancelled my contract by their own admission,they will not refund my money back to my bank account I paid with?I find the whole episode very upsetting,and will never use get transfer to mess my holiday up ever again.I am adamant the world and his dog will read this story,and I hope you never suffer these people holding onto your monies when they blatantly do not fulfill obligations and have the cheek to keep monies in their company that does Not belong to them.They should be ashamed of their practices.Don’t Get Transfers

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“no drivers, no refunds! ”


written by RussoItaliancc185 on 10/11/2022

We ordered 2 drivers to pick us up from Paris airport. The landing was delayed by half an hour. No drivers waited for us and no money was refunded by the company.

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“Would not refund into bank account”


written by Konnorb333 on 12/10/2022

Do not book with this company because if you have to cancel within their designated timeframes they will not refund you what you have paid into your bank account but keep your money as a credit balance on your account. You then have to book other rides with this company to use up this credit. Be careful and aware of the small print.

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“Total failure, even via Cyprus European Consumer Centre”


written by SimonMcr on 17/08/2022

The booked taxi failed to appear at GVA. We contacted the UK help centre, but after answering the first call, they kept failing to return calls to explain what was being done. We subsequently provided proof to the UK help centre of calls being made within allowed arrival time, which was referred internally by them on to their Quality Assurance department. No response was ever received from them, in spite of many chases. We referred the case to the Cyprus European Consumer Centre (you have to go via the UK ECC), but they simply got ignored by the company as well. We incurred an overnight hotel, additional train and bus costs to reach our destination, and lost a day's holiday. This Cyprus-based company is an utter disgrace.

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“Horrible company ”


written by 265Waddell on 09/08/2022

Horrible company, my flight was canceled and the driver was noticed but they did not want to refund me. No gesture nothing, even if we called the driver 3h before to tell him not to come. He took my money for doing nothing. I highly do not recommend. It is not nice from them.  

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“Positive experience with Get transfer”


written by Libbe on 17/07/2022

We have used Get Transfer on three occasions in Portugal,USA and most recently Crete. On all three occasions the driver arrived on time, the fares were reasonable and we were transported safely to our destination. In Portugal the driver kindly notified us and posted us on a pair of glasses we left behind. We’ve had a very positive experience using this service.

Jeanie68's Response to Libbe's Review

Written on: 09/08/2022

we used them for a long time will not use them again - they will not transfer a refund to our bank - even though they failed to pay the driver and the driver cancelled the trip - they say we need to pay a further £45 to book another along with the 50 they already have of ours they do not answer calls or emails or messages - shocking company

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“No refund policy”


written by Felix478 on 28/01/2022

Terrible refund policy. Ambiguous and designed to make you can book with confidence. BUT - they will NOT refund even due to government or Covid issues. Be very careful using them. A "refund into your account" actually means you might get a voucher. All emails responses are from a bot, and even if you manage to speak to an actual human they repeat word for word the email response and will not allow you to speak to manager. They have nearly £600 of our groups money that they are refusing to refund to us and keep stating that the money is refunded to my "personal account" but this is an account they created on their website to hold the money, instead of returning to us - which is not a refund, it is a voucher.

Tt2022's Comment

Written on: 30/09/2022

I experienced with gettransfer over 2.5 years impacted by Covid -19. The refund was presented into my account with Gettransfer around $1050US for group booking. And recently I tried to contacted them again. Over 15 emails backward and forward handled by 4 staff with "manager support" title that I was unable to login their website to see the refund and they keep asked me to check my spam box for the code but no code was sent to my active email. They refused to refund but block my email in their system so I could not login to use my credit in their system. I would like to share my bad experience Gettransfer and seek for help from the victims caused by this company and the media.

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written by Lukas396 on 06/01/2022

They offer ‘free cancellation’ but when the French Government announced in December 2021 all but essential travel from the U.K. to France was against the law we had to cancel our 2nd January 2022 trip. We immediately informed them and requested a refund but all they will offer is a voucher/credit note/credit to our Gettransfer account. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY, THEY HAVE ZERO INTEGRITY AND HIDE BEHIND SNAKE WORDS AND DOUBLE TALK.

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“Will not refund if cancelled due to COVID”


written by CharlesKennedy on 05/01/2022

Do not book a transfer with Gettransfer in these uncertain times. We had booked a transfer with GetTransfer to take us from Geneva to Meribel, for around £450. The French government then change the isolation rules, meaning we could not enter France without quarantining, and so we were forced to cancel our holiday. When I approached GetTransfer for a refund on our transfer, I was told this was not possible. I called and was told I had to email my request, but when I email, they only respond with they are not able to refund me. I cannot speak to anyone on the phone who doesn’t just tell me to email and am essentially out £450. They offered a voucher, however after the customer service or lack thereof I have received, I would not wish to use this company even if it was possible to get out of the country again this year, which it may not be. Avoid – companies need to be flexible in these times, and accept that there are circumstance outside of their customer's control, and in these circumstances, they should offer a refund.

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written by natalieturnerx on 21/12/2021

DO NOT USE!!! Their website makes it clear they give free cancelation. This does not consist of a refund but the money goes in to what they call your 'personal account' which isn't your bank account but your account within get transfer. If it stated this clearly on the part that says free cancelation and not in the tiny terms and condition I never would have booked!! They are now holding £550 of my money and are refusing to refund me! I have contacted customer services they just keep sending me their terms of agreement. MAKE IT CLEAR ON YOUR WEBSITE!!!

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“Look elsewhere for transfer services”


written by Dexxter2 on 26/02/2021

Do not use. I booked a transfer with them from Lyon Airport to Lyon Downtown (and return). The driver never showed up at the airport (10 PM, and it was snowing), I called customer service, and I was told, as they also couldn't contact the driver, that I was on my own (actually, I had to call them a second time to find out). I asked for a reimbursement for the extra cost I had to pay, they are answering they still have to contact the driver (after 10 days!) to find out what happened. Then they cancelled also the return leg, I was left on my own to find another taxi in a few days. All that cost me 128.28 euros, instead of the 64.60 agreed. I asked what is their policy if the driver doesn't show up, they do not have any, you are left on your own. One of the worst transfer companies I ever used. Customer service useless. Update: they refuse even to refund the amount I paid to them to book the transfers they didn’t honor. You can see it also in their reply here, they apologize, but do not even mention to give my money back! Look elsewhere for transfer services, there are better companies.

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“Erroneous pricing and holding on to customer's funds”


written by VictoriaaMMM on 23/12/2020

Hello Team, I would like to cancel the transfer #7625835 in accordance with the terms stated on my booking voucher further to an email from Msd Violetta Lopatina sent to me on the 17th of December 2020 informing that there was an error in pricing the transfer on the GetTransfer Team's side. As a result contract concluded in an error to the substantive terms, is void. Therefore, please kindly arrange for the refund of £77.113 (i.e. 85 euros) to either: -against the card used for payment, or -via transfer to my bank account: Please kindly be advised that I am not interested in the voucher for future services nor that there is a basis for GetTransfer to hold on to the money paid in an error as to the substantive terms (i.e. price) of the services offered, such error being made at the GetTransfer's side and not customer's side. The options stated on your website give the possibility of the payment to be transferred to GetTransfer's account only and that is not an option I am interested in as a customer who was erroneously misled by Get Transfer into booking the transfer that then turned out to be priced significantly higher. I will look forward to hearing from you and for actionning my request at your earliest convenience. Kind regards

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“Poor Service”


written by CharlesHowden on 30/04/2020

It seems that the main driver here is maximum exploitation of a clever piece of app software. Carriers are exploited to the maximum, rather than supported, with excessive commission rates and non-payment of balances due. This must be reflected in the quality of service delivered to the passenger. As a bitten carrier i recommend avoiding them at all costs..

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“I cancelled my transfer due to the problem in their...”


written by 128Sawyer on 01/04/2020

I cancelled my transfer due to the problem in their system. They booked a taxi from a different city, but with the same name of the street. They confirmed that refund has been authorised more than a month ago. They always say issue with the Finance department when I call them. The worst company in the UK to get refund. I will never use them again and do not recommend to all my business partners to use them.They are always polite on the phone when you talk to them, but when ask for the refund never get it back. Unfortunately, we still have such companies in the UK.

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“Exceptional customer service”


written by Monticelli007 on 18/03/2020

Fantastic company, highly delighted with their prices, communication and attitude. Extremely impressed for my booking in Malta, have recommended them to friends visiting the island and shall endeavour to always use them. I consider them to be a gem of a find. Bravo to all the staff that I dealt with in Malta.

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“Don't use this company !!!”


written by ThomasfromDenmark on 04/03/2020

don't use this company !!! Have canceled our transfer through Gettransfer over a month ago (January 2020) Still have not received my money (about 3000 kr) return Your customer service / support keeps telling you that they have technical problems, they have already transferred the money, they need to talk to their Finance department, in some days then you will have the money, etc. They are full of useless explanations and have now written over 20 emails back and forth - and they start over every time there are technical problems that they have already transferred the money, etc. Never use this company.  

Chucksaunders's Response to ThomasfromDenmark's Review

Written on: 27/03/2020

I agree, extremely difficult to get a refund for transfers that they cancelled!

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“No taxi, no compensation, no refund!”


written by clivedjones on 24/02/2020

Do not touch these guys with a bargepole, taxis don't turn up, customer service is shocking and they won't refund you either! If I could give them zero stars I would. Booked a return transfer from Venice to Cortina and never happened. I contacted the driver via email prior to departure with no response. I then tried again to confirm my pick up with no response. I then tried through the gettransfers app, no response. I contacted gettransfers to let them know my concerns. They tried contacting him and guess what.... No response! I then asked them what would happen if he wasn't there to pick me up, I was advised that they were contractually obliged to pick me up. They didn't! Their customer service team is laughable. On arrival in Venice I called them to find out where my driver was and was told they couldn't contact him and to "get an Uber"!!!!!! I hired a car instead to ensure we could get back. Amusingly a couple of days after I got back to the UK they actually emailed me asking if the return leg of my journey took place. Surely they should of checked this before the day of my return leg, given that it was the same driver and they had no idea that I'd hired a car for the duration of my holiday. I was considerably put out by this company and put through a considerable amount of stress at the start of my holiday and it hasn't ended there! Firstly I was considerably out of pocket and all they offered was a piecemeal credit towards my next transfer. I would never use them again, so this was never going to be accepted. It gets worse though. I was informed that they would refund me in 14 days. I have just received an email saying they cannot refund me as my credit card company will not work with them? I called my credit card company and read the email they sent me out to them, the individual I spoke to was almost laughing! It has gone to my credit card's refund team to sort. Apparently they charge drivers over 20% of the fair which is why they won't turn up if they can get a better passenger instead. They don't like you telling people the truth about how shocking their company is and have blocked me on Twitter for comments around poor service. To sum it up NO TAXI, NO CUSTOMER SERVICE, NO COMPENSATION and NO REFUND!

Transferserviceeu's Response to clivedjones's Review

Written on: 26/04/2020

We are/were a transfer partner of get transfer in Germany. They do not only take 20%, they do not pay any mony for transfers since February to there "partners". I´m sorry for your bad expierience, but mayby you understand why nearly nobody drives for them at the time. They are the worst company we ever workt with!

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“Disgraceful ”


written by RichardHugill1975 on 07/02/2020

Get Transfer are a total a DISGRACE Transfer did not show up and supplied all the evidence that i pre confirmed and that I chased the transfer after it did not show up. When I called the staff just hung up the phone on you and we’re totally useless Still no refund as they say they are seeking an explanation from company, when it’s proved the transfer did not show up. I have been told I will get a refund of the transfer and extra I had to spend on a taxi, which was promised by a customer service manager, I wait in anticipation I am now disputing this with my credit card as still no refund GET TRANSFER, YOU ARE THE WORSE COMPANY!!! Please give me the contact details of your director as I wish to formally complain. Let’s see if u can massage to do this I wish I had ever have used your awful company, shame on you as you seriously need to buck up your ideas and why don’t you just look at all the negative reviews and do something about the poor continuous service you provide Update: 24 hours ago from my review I have not been contacted by the company. I asked for the contact details of the director to which I have not received them and its also been 5 business days since the transfer failed to show and still no refund , no surprise there As previously requested please pay my refund and provide me with the contact details of the director as I wish to escalate my complaint Your lack of communication sums up your awful poor service Anyone reading this, please don’t use Get transfer

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