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Asked by curtism on 15th July 2014 Report this content
Has anyone had a problem with finding the car park in Birmingham with the postcode they give you? It took me 30 miles away and had to park at the airport which cost me an extra £98. I spoke to customer services and they are not interested so I am now going on as many sites as possible to warn people off purple parking.

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Answers (10)
Report this content welshtraveller42 Written on: 16/07/2014
Sorry but only ever used Purple Parking at Gatwick and Heathrow and always use Meet and Greet. Tip: Watch the website daily for offers on Meet and Greet sometimes hardly any dearer than off site parking and much more convenient.
Report this content Pontyboy1946 Written on: 16/07/2014
I have used purple parking for a few years now and although I did have to go around a couple of times I got there in the end. My fault for not following the instructions. I would have thought after all the years of being in operation their instructions would have only got better. I think this is driver error so take responsibility for it.
Report this content Chris323 Written on: 16/07/2014
I have used Bristol and East Midlands Purple Parking this year. Both were very easy to find using post code and signs for EM and signs for B. Was this driver error perhaps. We all do it at sometime
Report this content raydee40 Written on: 16/07/2014
i used postcode B26 3QJ on SatNav, for Long Stay Park 1, and coming from South Wales, I went straight there no problems
Report this content KAZ5100 Written on: 16/07/2014
We didn't have any problems with purple parking at Birmingham and found the whole experience very easy and efficient, as well as a postcode there were good directions provided to get us there. Sorry you didn't have a good experience but I don't think it's fair based only on that experience to warn others away from them.
Report this content Stockwell57 Written on: 16/07/2014
Sorry not with B-ham but I did have a similar experience with Manchester and with the same result as you. However, I use Purple Parking regularly and have not had a problem since. I put my Manchester problem down to the map software and me not checking the result.
Report this content Mich1302 Written on: 17/07/2014
I have used Purple Parking at Birmingham and Heathrow and find their directions faultless; maybe it was an issue with the Sat Nav?
Report this content Telontour Written on: 17/07/2014
The Birmingham maybe could do with a little help however I missed the turn and only went one roundabout down before turning back and finding it after that. 30 mikes away, can only agree with others on driver error here.
Report this content Stringfellow Written on: 17/07/2014
My many years experience with PP is at Gatwick and Heathrow and never had any problems finding them. I have used an alternative provider at Birmingham but again, directions were good. Can only assume likely error with whatever navigation system used by the driver, possibly in heat of moment.
Report this content johnandmon Written on: 18/07/2014
I have only used Purple Parking for Manchester Airport and have never had any problems.
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