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Novak.N.Goode's review of Turkish Airlines



Written on: 26/04/2019 by Novak.N.Goode (11 reviews written)

My wife and I have now had 6 bookings with Turkish Airlines.
None have gone without incident.
*2017/11 All passengers luggage was deliberately left in Istanbul so that they could fill the hold with cargo.
Moi Airport was not warned, so we took 3 hours to get out.
Luggage was delivered 36 hours later.
*2018/02 Our Pre selected seats were changed without our knowledge. Then, even after we had selected other seats and checked in online, we arrived in Istanbul to find that one of us had the selected seat and the other had been put on standby.
*2018/07 They rescheduled the booking by 1 whole day.
*2018/11 3 hours late, so missed the connection to Manchester and had to stay in Istanbul overnight. Had to buy Visas and queue at the transfer desk for hours.Unhelpful staff.
*2019/02 2 hours late, so again missed the connection to Manchester and had to stay in Istanbul again. Had to queue at the transfer desk for hours.
*2019/06 Already Rescheduled, leaving us with a 7 hour wait in Istanbul new airport where there are no VIP lounges accessible (only for Business and Miles and Smiles Elite and above) and no comfortable chairs in the new airport. Indeed, none at all in the main concourse and only cheap plastic ones at the gates (when you eventually find the gate to go to)
Not one of 6 of our bookings went without some sort of hitch. All had many small schedule changes which involved phoning them to accept the changes.
The flights themselves however are OK, but breakfasts disappointing.
Every airline can have off days, but it seems that every day is an off day for Turkish Airlines, at least if you travel Manchester to Mombasa.
That is enough of Turkish Airlines for us.

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