Horrible All Around & Refuse To Give Us Our Money

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DamarionForsyth48's review of Web Gains www.webgains.com

“Horrible All Around & Refuse To Give Us Our Money”


written by DamarionForsyth48 on 17/10/2015

After a few years with WebGains, they changed their site layout and something in their coding made it hard to even get to the screens that are supposed to hold the banners and ad codes. They would just load and load, no matter what computer, what IP, what provider, hell, what country (had my employees all over the world try under our account). When I complained (through a ticket), they told me everything was "fine" on their end (OF COURSE IT IS, YOU'RE LOGGED INTO THE MAIN SYSTEM, IDIOTS!) and that I should stop complaining. After many attempts at this over 3 months, I gave up and requested our money be cashed out and our account closed. Even after 3 more months, finding a new and better service and implementing their codes into our site, and multiple tickets that they would mark CLOSED without resolving anything, I'm STILL trying to get our money (which is only about a dollar or two shy of the threshold) and get our account closed. Their advice: Make it to the threshold. HOW COULD WE DO THAT?! We haven't been able to use their service in over 6 months to even update the ads on our site to even MAKE more money! How does that even make sense?! Either way, I'm looking into options for a class action lawsuit. I know there are others out there and this company is scamming and not even bothering to rectify the situation. It might only be a little sum, but it's the principle of the matter. And Webgains, if you happen to read this, we are 247 Asian Media.

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