Poor service, worse communication

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JacquiSt's review of Shoe Dyeing Direct www.shoedyeingdirect.co.uk

“Poor service, worse communication”


written by JacquiSt on 05/04/2018

To say that I am disappointed by the service received from this company is an understatement. I sent off a pair of shoes to be dyed and ordered a handbag to match my outfit as mother of the bride for my daughter's upcoming wedding. Five weeks later, having heard nothing, I emailed to check progress. (I had paid for the 28 day service) . I was told there had been a problem with dying the shoes, that the dye had separated and the shoes 'went patchy'. As a result, they 'had to re-dye them with our fabric dyes which gives more of a matt finnish[sic] but is a stronger dye.'

I had ordered shoes and handbag in a silver satin finish, and I received shoes and handbag in a strong, mid-grey matt finish. I was told that the shoes were not from a dyable range or had been scotch guarded. I know for a fact that this is not true, as I had originally bought three pairs of shoes at the same time and had one pair dyed at the time for my other daughter's wedding and they came up in a beautiful satin finish.

I emailed back straight away to say how disappointed I was, and received nothing in reply, until I emailed again expressing surprise that they had not even done me the courtesy of a response, let alone a refund, even a proportion as a token gesture.

As other people have said, you do have to sign away any rights to a refund, and I do understand that occasionally mistakes happen. However, I simply cannot understand why they would go ahead with dying a handbag to match a pair of shoes that had clearly gone wrong. I would have understood if they had contacted me to explain about the shoes and would have said not to go ahead with the handbag. As it is, I have paid £72.29 plus postage and the original purchase of a beautiful pair of shoes, and have ended up with a pair of shoes and a handbag that I don't want; to say nothing of a tight deadline to buy a new pair of shoes and handbag for my daughter's wedding.

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Beckybeth's Response to JacquiSt's Review

Written on: 18/07/2019

Do you have the right company because they have been nothing but helpful. I sent them photos and details of shoes before I bought them to make sure they could be dyed and they sent back details of shoes that could and those that couldn't be dyed. Nothing but great help and service. There are companies with similar names check it out.

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