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“Order delivered to wrong person, refused refund ”


written by angrydogwalker on 09/12/2016

I placed a Christmas order with Angel Wholesale, I was promised the order on the 5th December.

On the 4th December a parcel arrived, however no items that I'd ordered were in it. I contacted Angel wholesale and they asked me to make the parcel available for collection, they had mixed up the order and someone else had my parcel. They said they would arrange collection of the parcels and deliver them directly to the correct person. The other person did not make my parcel available for collection so now has their order and mine!
I contacted Angel wholesale as I still hadn't received my parcel. I thought I was reasonable asking for replacement goods to be sent as they were time sensitive (they knew this), Angel wholesale refused to send out any goods to me until the other person, that they had mistakenly delivered them to, returned them. I then asked for a refund, again they would not refund me until they received the goods back.

I have not had any of the items I've paid for. They can see I've not had them and now have none of their goods. I have been refused replacement items and a refund Taking money but not providing anything in return.

Avoid this company at all costs!

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Fairygodmother05's Response to angrydogwalker's Review

Written on: 13/12/2016

We are very sorry this happened it was a genuine mistake as explained at the time by a junior member of our warehouse staff during our peak time. We ship 100s of parcels per day and this is the first time this has happened in over 2 years. The reason we can not send out your parcel again is because we do not have enough stock to duplicate your entire order so it should have been quicker to send on the misdirected parcel. The courier went to collect at the time arranged and the recipient of your parcel was not there so we have had to rearrange collection again.

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Fairygodmother05's reply to Fairygodmother05's Comment

Written on: 14/12/2016

Follow up - once we were informed of the failed pick up you were refunded in full. A refund was not refused - one of the junior sales people needed to check with her line manager who was unavailable at the time you called to authorise it at that time.

It is very rare a parcel is mis- directed and it is also very rare that a customer agrees a collection time and then is not there so it has been frustrating that we could not resolve this to your satisfaction as we absolutely always try to offer the best service.

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Angrydogwalker's reply to Fairygodmother05's Comment

Written on: 14/12/2016

Your attitude is a joke! When you finally called me back, you apologised profusely and yet here you are calling me a liar. I cannot believe the audacity of this company.

I asked for a refund and was told I could not have one until a complete stranger had returned goods sent to them in error - perhaps you know a different definition of refused?

I asked what would happen if the other person did not return the goods and was told "I don't know"
If you are not happy for junior sales people to represent your company you should not leave them unsupervised to deal with your customer service. I asked to speak to anyone above the lady I spoke to and was told no one was in the building, everyone had left. I emailed a manger and got no response until after I rang and chased her, yet you are available to comment on here and twitter at all times!
I suggest you improve your staff training and customer service considerably.

I was told that replacement goods would not be sent as you had already dispatched my order. I was not told that you didn't have sufficient stock, this is a new excuse to make try to improve your image on here.

I was clear on the phone that I wanted no further dealings with your company and I would hope that you can now have the decency to admit you handled this in a disgraceful manner and stop commenting on a factual review.

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Fairygodmother05's reply to Angrydogwalker's Comment

Written on: 06/01/2017

You were refunded . You were not called a liar. It was a genuine error that happens very rarely. The junior member of staff was unsupervised due to her line manager being at a midwives appointment. We are small family run business not a faceless large corporation - we try our hardest to give excellent customer service and judging by the vast majority of the reviews on here we do very very well. We do not like letting customers down but on this occasion as stated several times we could just resend the order out to you as we did not then have enough stock to fulfil it in time so we asked for your misdirected parcel to be forwarded to you. I think we both need to draw a line under this and move on.

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