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smc2000's review of Creare Web Design www.creare.co.uk


“Disgraceful Company”

Written on: 09/05/2013 by smc2000 (1 review written)

Extremely frustrated and angry with this company. They have cost us a fortune, and not delivered anything like what we required/asked for - aside from the actual cost of the website, as well as numerous extras that they have added on over time, the thing is still not complete/working properly, even at the basic level that we were forced to accept, and we are 10months into the project (despite an estimated build time of 4-6weeks); the sheer amount of business we have missed out on due to this is just not something we want to think too much about.

It has been an utterly horrendous experience dealing with this company. As commented on by other reviewers, the sales team do a great job at getting you on board, and promising you the world; we had numerous very lengthy phone calls to begin with, before we agreed to the quotation, just confirming and clarifying various things, to ensure that we would most definitely get exactly what we were looking for. Once we were satisfied, we signed up, and everything went downhill from there.

We were passed on to our designer, or whatever she is, and she produced well below average work. She also must be very unintelligent, because you can ask a question, and her answer reads as though she hasn't actually read your question/point at all. I can't even explain how many thousands upon thousands of words that we have written in correspondence with these people, only for all our issues to be ignored or skipped over time and time again, either that or entirely misunderstood, despite being purposefully written in the most basic and simple terms possible for this reason. They simply do not have a clue what they are doing. Often, she has to go to 'her developers' to get answers to questions, so every single little niggle can take a week to get a response, and all our points were most definitely lost in translation between the network of people everything has to go through, as any response seemed irrelevant or unsatisfactory.

Pretty much every single thing we asked for, and believed to have been confirmed with the sales team before we signed up with Creare, has not been delivered, but for one reason or another, your hands are tied with it on every level, and the more you complain or try to get to the bottom of things, the longer and longer it takes for any progress to be made on the website - you end up having to agree to proceed every step of the way because you literally get no where complaining - it is like trying to have a conversation with an automated service. Further down the line, the company always seem to deny any knowledge of things you were expecting on your website, and you have to spend hours upon hours trawling through the masses of tangled correspondence (unfortunate if things have been agreed or spoken about over the telephone, as much of it is), in order to try and prove yourself, and even then you are lucky to achieve anything.

It has honestly been the most frustrating experience of our business lives. I can barely even concentrate to write this review, because I boil with rage just thinking about Creare and the severely disappointing website we have been left with. It has cost us massively in every way. It even came to the point where we just couldn't face dealing with it, we didn't actually want anything to do with the thing; it has been detrimental to our business in so many ways - our business is online based, so needless to say it has been a major problem. Oh, how we wish we had chosen another company.

We are now just trying to ensure that the website is just about adequate to process a transaction, and as soon as everything is tied up, in the disappointing state that it is, we will move on, try and recover some of the cost through it, and hopefully find a half decent company to take it over, and develop it to the level we require.

The laughable thing is, Creare, despite an unmeasurable amount of complaints, still believe we are going to run SEO services through them. Such a joke. Even if they paid me to do it, I wouldn't want anything to do with them ever again. We can't wait to get away from them. Appalling company. Do not use! We are actually considering suing them for a considerable sum - the only reason why we haven't started proceedings just yet, is firstly they still have control of the site, and we desperately need to trade on it, and secondly, I'm not sure we can stomach trawling through all the mountains of issues.

Unhappy is a huge understatement.

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Billygrant's Response to smc2000's Review

Written on: 22/05/2013

Same here and like you lots of broken promises - almost exactly what we went through and has turned me into a very angry person when I dwell on it for too long. People have the right to know all about them - they have robbed us of our money by charging us £48 a month just to host. I was so desperate to get away from them that I wrote the website off completely and had it taken down - they wanted £120 to transfer to a new host so I did it through Nominet for £12.00 - had to let the site go though but I can now put it behind me and get on with things.

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Ejbuck's Response to smc2000's Review

Written on: 21/06/2013

Sorry to read your story about Creare, I thought it was just us who couldn't stomach these clowns.
We have just come to the end of the12 month contract period with them and now have to give them 3 months more money to finally rid of them. They also want £150 for transferring the hosting !
Before Creare, we started a website through moonfruit and during the past year, the moonfruit site went to number one on google with just editing it ourselves every week or so and we know absolutely nothing about seo and how it works.
The more I read about seo specialists, the more I distrust them.
It seems that there are no seo specialists, just individuals willing to trial and error at your expense.

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Customerservicescreare's Response to smc2000's Review

Written on: 17/06/2013

We are sorry to hear that you are not completely satisfied with the service provided by Creare. We take every effort to ensure our customer’s journey with Creare is a journey worth taking. Your comments are of great concern to us and we would welcome the opportunity to discuss this further.

If you would call our Customer Service Department on 01788 513416 who report directly to the CEO of the organisation it would be appreciated.

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Misssally's Response to smc2000's Review

Written on: 13/06/2013

Terrible company to deal with and what an awful experience you have had with Creare. You have my sympathy, its a horrible feeling when you do not have control over such an important aspect of your business. A lesson for us all here. I hope things have improved for you and you have found an honest web company to deal with. They are out there......it just takes a lot of research to find them!

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