Volkswagen Lupo

Introduction To Volkswagen Lupo

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VW made a big impression with their first entrance into the supermini scene with ultra economy Lupo. Although now replaced by the Fox the Lupos are well worth considering as a second hand purchase. They hold their resell value well and have the makings of a classic car for all the best reasons, not least as they broke world records for fuel efficiency, offering more than 100mpg! Manufactured from 1998 to 2005 the Lupo was also widely applauded due to its groovy looks, probably the most fun design by VW after the Beetle.

The unusual headlight configuration and reg plate gave the Lupo the appearance of a face with a cheeky smile. VW aimed the Lupo at city drivers, those looking for a 2nd family car, or for young first car owners with a sense of fun. The fun loving approach by VW was continued beyond the exterior into the interior with wacky trims and bright colour schemes. It also has an impressive reputation for solidity and safety.

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