Volkswagen Jetta

Introduction To Volkswagen Jetta

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The Jetta is a four-door saloon version of the VW Golf designed mainly for the US market which historically has bought more saloons than the much more Hatchback friendly European market. It was a successful move for VW as the Jetta became the best-selling European car in North America, including Canada. Since the original version was launched in 1980 the Jetta has grown in size, power and performance with each new version.

By the mid 1990s a successful redesign built on the less than powerful earlier models and quickly established Jetta as a number one choice in the compact saloon market with a wide range of diesel, estate and sports versions on offer. The 2005 onwards fifth-generation model was much larger still, making the Jetta an increasingly popular mid luxury saloon and transforming it into more of a midsize car than a compact vehicle. From this point onwards Jetta also became a standardized badge across Europe, as well as America, the Jetta replacing the VW Bora in the UK.

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