Volkswagen Cabrio

Introduction To Volkswagen Cabrio

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While the Golf Mark 1 Cabrio was the epitome of convertible style for a young generation in the eighties, similarly the Mark 3 Cabrio became one of the most eagerly appreciated cars of its time for the nineties crowd. Open top motoring with outstanding build quality and an impressive array of safety features, including a high strength body shell, roll over bar and driver and passenger airbags as standard, attracted a new generation in the nineties to the pleasures of soft top driving. The more recent MK 4 Cabrio continues the trend with a sense of tradition in its unique retro body shape. While Cabrios are still being produced for foreign markets, India, South Africa and the like, in the last few years VW has set its convertible stall out in Western markets with the revived New Beetle Cabriolet. As a result Golf Cabrios continue to hold their value well in the second hand market.

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