Volkswagen Bora

Introduction To Volkswagen Bora

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The launch of the VW Bora was part of a move by VW to head further into up-market territory in the small medium sector. The success of the Mark 4 Golf, introduced in 1998 inspired several new cars including the Volkswagen Bora. Available from March 1999 - November 2005, and pitched somewhere between the Golf hot hatch and the Passat saloon, Bora received plenty of praise during its short lifespan for the nice drive it provides.
For example, it was named most driver-friendly modern car by Auto Express magazine. Bora came with decent equipment levels and a wide range of engines and it still provides a relatively stylish option in the small family saloon market while offering decent performance and economy into the bargain. It has also been described as a Golf with a boot, referring to generous storage space compared to most small/medium VWs.

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