Once they have your money they are not interested….beware!!!

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“Once they have your money they are not...”


written by Dragonexile on 18/02/2023

They are not interested once they have your money…beware!!!
Tried so many times, by email and telephone, to seek information and customer support, post our money being paid. Staff continually make promises that we will be responded to/called but this never transpired. Truly awful experience post booking. Promises and guarantees made ( three times re cruise cabin) which was broken. The reservation agent was a complete shambles, making many many promises which were never met, guarantee made three times broken, never responding to emails or telephone calls, despite promises. We had to chase this guy so many times and when we managed to get through via colleague he had either forgotten the promises made or had just not got around to it. Even the reservation manager failed to callback after promising to do so, after we lodged a complaint with him against awful customer service by agent, and promises and a guarantee broken/not met. We concluded that if the reservations manager could not be bothered no wonder the generality of customer service was poor. We called customer service for the final time in the week pre our cruise sailing and a young lady said she would email agent to request he call us back urgently re the issue re our promised cabin ( which he advised he was monitoring monthly) but she said that she could not promise that he would contact us…which summed up how other staff viewed his customer service. We never heard from him. Customer service is non existent and it is clear to us that once this company has your money they are no longer interested in you, as other reviewers have stated. We will use another cruise agency in future, one that can be trusted such as Cruise 365, who provide an excellent service throughout.
Date of experience: 07 February 2023

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