No information left stranded with kids at airport

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“No information left stranded with kids at airport”


written by Olly61187 on 12/01/2022

With regards to my recent holiday
I am deeply astonished at how my recent holiday had gone with yourself. My wife could not go due to family illness so I won't away with my 2 children aged 10 and 4.
On my return flight I was denied onto the plane due to my negative COVID test been done incorrectly.
The information to myself was not there for me to correctly have a COVID negative certificate.
I should have received an email with instructions but it was never sent.
On arrival to the check in desk I was refused to fly due to not having this certificate and only my negative test.
I phoned your company to see what I had done wrong and after a 20 minute phone call got told to ring collision who was the test provider.
I phoned collision to see what had happened and why I hadn't received an email on instructions for the test procedure to be told I should have received an email from yourself and to ring you back. Another 15 minutes wasted on the phone.
So I rang yourself back a phone call for nearly 1 hour in an airport alone with 2 children as before aged 4 and 10 getting very anxious at this point for the blame to be put on collision and my self for
A. Them not sending an email with instructions for the test
B. Myself not asking how the test works.
I was led to believe I had been sent a test and all I had to do is take it 2 days prior and take it with me to be allowed home. No other information or email was related to me so I did as I thought.
After nearly an hour on the phone to one of your representative of the company I was told I had to arrange getting home myself.
I was stood in a foreign airport with 2 kids no where to go and no clue of how to arrange getting back.
I am sorry to say that I was apolied on how I had been treaten with no apology or even offered to see if you could find me a new flight even if I was paying for it.
If this is customer service from youselfs it isn't very good.
Both yourselfs and collision passing the blame to each other about who should have sent the email with details in.
Overall this holiday was a mess coming back more stressed than I went.

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