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“Please keep away!!!”

Written on: 16/07/2013

I really do not know where to start with this review. My whole experience with Travel Unravel from start to finish has been horrendous. Over the course of seven days we have been lied to again and again and again by your representatives. At a time when we are planning a wedding 4,000 miles away this has turned out to be the most stressful part by some distance.

So let me begin. On Monday 24th June, my fiancée got in touch with one of the sales staff who offered us 2 return flights from Heathrow to Nairobi for the sum of £1,680.00. She promised us that if we booked with her we would have the E Tickets in our inbox within 24 hours.

24 hours later and guess tickets. Giving their team the benefit of the doubt we waited until the morning of Wednesday 26th June to chase the for the tickets. Actually we chased 3 times until we got the response saying not to worry and we should wait till the next day and would have received them by end of day.
So 24 hours had suddenly turned into 72 hours and we were beginning to get the feeling we have been “had”. We thought that a phone call would put our minds at ease. How wrong we were. When we phoned we got through to another agent who turned out to be the most rude, arrogant, bad-mannered, inconsiderate, ignorant person I have encountered in my life.
Everything that came out of his mouth was a lie, he “promised us” that our flights were booked and it was only a matter of him receiving the tickets. He was so arrogant saying he was doing us a “favour” getting us the tickets at a good price and that he didn't need to be on the phone to us for “seven minutes” I asked a number of times for a refund but he would not comply....basically he was now holding our money hostage.

Unfortunately at this time I made a mistake, noticing the name on my ticket was spelt “Seam” not Sean. The delight in his voice when I mentioned this was a give away. He had bought himself more time...”this will take a couple of days to sort out” At this stage I decided that arguing was not going to get me anywhere, we just had to let him tell more and more lies until he finally tripped himself up. The call ended with another promise the tickets would be with us either Friday afternoon or Saturday.

Friday afternoon and Nigel called my fiancées phone again. I won't bore you with the details but he basically promised the tickets the next day.

Saturday came and since he was out of time, he called as promised and put on his best performance yet, lie after lie after lie, contradicting himself with every sentence.
Firstly he said the name change (ie. Time buyer) was going to take 4 more days to sort out. Luckily we had done our own research with Swiss Air by this time and knew a name change due to a typo was a simple request made over the phone and completed within a day. We told him not to worry about changing the name, send us the tickets now with the typo and we will take care of it from here. This threw him a bit and he mumbled about it been the “agents responsibility” etc etc.

We asked to speak to a manager, or he refunds the money or he sends us the e-tickets with the wrong name, he then put us on hold and when he came back asked us would we travel via a different route with Turkish Airways. We refused asking for our money back or the Swiss air tickets send to us immediately. After been put on hold a couple of more times and more lies Nigel agreed to give us a refund.....At last this nightmare is over we thought. We got him to confirm via email the refund had been taken care of and we would have it by Thursday

How wrong we were. Monday evening (now a week since the initial booking) the initial agent rang my fiancee saying that they could get the tickets to us by Tuesday evening if we wanted. At this stage we didn't know whether to laugh or cry. We said No, send us our refund that we were promised on Saturday had been sent to us. She agreed and again we got her to confirm via email.

The money finally came back into my account about 11days later after making the booking.

I had threatened to sue them which I was in the process of doing as I had no hope of getting the money.

Now booked directly from the airline website, would rather pay for the extra money and get the peace of mind that I will actally be on that flight, LESSON LEARNT!!!

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