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Written on: 07/09/2013

I was on Scotland tour from 19 Aug to 22 Aug 2013. It was the worst tour of my life. Higly unprofessional and most horrible tour manager Mr. Rajesh Tawde(needs to be fired from his job immediately before he brings more disgrace and cause irrepairable damage to star tours reputation) spoiled the tour not just for me but the entire group. He was non-communicable from the start. A tour manager who does'nt know how to speak English or Hindi can you imagine!!! On the second day the Bus brokedown and tour manager completely mismanaged the crisis. A buffoon of the highest order did'nt even apologise to customers. A whole day was lost and Mr. Rajesh was trying to test the patience of everyone by not even letting us know what was happening. We had to constantly get in touch with star tour office for even minor needs such as water and snacks. He was totlly insensitive to the needs of Women, children and even handicapped travellers. He was least concerned when one of the bags of customers was missing. Mr. Rajesh Tawade if you have any shame left never ever manage any tour again because you spoil lifetime dreams of large group of people due to your inabilities and inefficiency and star-tours you have some of the best managers in industry, dont let one rotten fish spoil the entire pond. And for all those planning for Scotland or any tour with Star make sure Mr Rajesh Tawade is not your manager. If he is, then just cancel and go home...loss of money is better than shattering you life long dreams. Till now I just wonder how was he employed by star tours in the first place. I am so sorry for myself and my family that our lifelong dream was shattered by this buffalo and in one stroke he erased even our previous good experiences with star -tours. I was planning to book atleast two more trips with star but now I wont as I am afraid that Mr. Rajesh could be my manager.

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Star Tours's Comment

Written on: 09/09/2013


Thank you for leaving your review upon this social media site. We at Star Tours are naturally concerned when any of our clients have cause for complaint. Upon reviewing your complaint we believe that an elaboration to you and those reading this review would be appropriate.
We at Star Tours take complaints against tour managers very seriously. The tour manager had informed the office immediately following the coach break down. As the coach had broken down at Loch Lomond situated within the Trossachs National Park, it was very difficult to get to the coach within a short duration of time. Whilst we had contacted the coach company, who arranged a mechanic, we were at the same time trying to find a replacement coach. As you can appreciate the tour had departed on a bank holiday weekend and it was very difficult to find a replacement coach. Once the mechanic arrived he had to physically check the components that were faulty. This procedure took longer than expected due to the lack of diagnostic equipment required, due to the location of where the coach broke down.
The tour manager is a seasoned professional who has been working with Star Tours for several years now. We are surprised to hear that he cannot speak English or hindi as this is a basic requirement we look for when recruiting our tour managers. The tour manager had indeed purchased snacks for the passengers after it became apparent that the repairs were going to take a while.
As you can appreciate a coach breakdown is an unforeseen circumstance and we ensure that all the coaches we deploy are of the highest standards and meet the safety requirements enforced by the authorities. Please do not let this incident affect your decision when choosing Star Tours as we mentioned it is not an occurrence we face regularly.

Kind Regards,

Manjit Suri

Sales Manager

Star Tours UK LTD

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Sapivinu's Comment

Written on: 09/09/2013

Several members of the tour group were constantly in touch with you and others from star tour office on the day of coach breakdown....have you ever wondered why customers should get in touch with you when there is a manager on site. Instead of he being the link between us and star tours it was the other way round. Infact he was a huge disappointment from the very beginning of the tour (even on day one due to his poor communication). After the breakdown incident for next three days he treated us like enemies. Have the standards of startours fallen so low that you call such an idiot 'seasoned professional'.Kindly withdraw these words as it shows even you in poor light. As for as his speaking abilities, 5-8 year old kids on tour could speak better english than him and his hindi is more of marathi. You mention that he is working with for years, I am sure this is not the first you have negative feedback about him (pls correct me if I am wrong).I wonder how come he still continues to be tour manager. BTW he purchased snacks only after he was taken to task by the gentlemen in the group after ladies and kids had become restless after nearly five hours of breakdown. Just to put the things in perspective, I had travelled on Majestic Europe tour on 05 Aug and on very first day our coach broke down. The manager handled the incident so professionally well that few customers were glad that there was breakdown!!! despite all the usual hardships. With him however it seemed like we were on some kind of funeral trip. The driver was more sensible and we wished he was our tour manager (he was the sole reason for the second star I gave). Please for heavens sake, for the sake of Startours which doing so very well right now and for the sake of hundreds of travellers who come to star tours to fulfil their once in a lifetime dreams kindly take him off from tour manager duties (or for that matter from any front desk job that involves direct contact with customers). He will most certainly ruin your company. I for one will never book Star tour again (sorry driver, inspite of good memories you gave to us) until I have confirmation that the tour manager no longer does the duty of tour manager as the thought of him as our tour manager can cause nightmare. Pls take my advice seriously as it comes (freely) from someone who has been working in service industry for more than 16 years including in recruiting and HR deapartments. Thank you.

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Imrankhan.reviewcentre's Comment

Written on: 24/09/2013

Sorry to say but Star Tours still in the mode of denial for its deficiency in service & the quality of travel. Utterly unprofessional & misleading people.
The worst tour of my life.

Firstly, 19th Aug was not a long Bank Holiday Weekend as been made to understand by them in their reply to this review by one of my co-passenger. It was the 24,25,26th August, 2013 FYI.

Secondly, why were we mislead and made to believe that an alternate coach was been arranged in lieu of our coach that broke down, when actually only a replacement part was ordered for? Why were we kept in the dark for close to 8 hrs.

Thirdly, Loch Lomond is just 40 mins drive from Glasgow City and is not at all an isolated or remote location as been informed by the Star Tours. In fact its a very busy route bustling with tourist activities.

fourthly, mine was a family of 6 comprising my father aged 73 yrs ( On a wheel chair) & my younger daughter aged 9 months and had requested for seats in the first few rows so as to make stepping in & out for my parents easier.
But Star Tours lied to us by saying no to this, as according to them the seats were assigned on the first come first serve basis. Then why were we given seats in the 6-7th row (near the toilet) when serially we were 4th on the list to book this well in advance.

lastly, why the hell is Mr. Tawde made to deal with the passengers as he is not at all a Customer Service material, has big time attitude issues, is rude and blunt.
Why was he made our tour manager when he was more active on the Italian flight sectors and had last been to Scotland 2 yrs back. Also had very limited local Knowledge and was not at all entertaining.

Why is Star Tours just concerned about its profitability more then its reputation. Don't they know something called "exceeding customers expectations".

Why is a backup or a contingency plan not in place in the event of a break down?

Why was only 8 GBP per pax offered,when a days tour was lost due to no fault of ours. Why were we denied photo stops, Our stop at Fort Williams was skipped and were taken straight to the hotel at Inverness with no city tours or photo stops & on what basis was this figure arrived at? when we as a family had spent 50k INR Approx / day.

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