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Asked by Yasothara on 2nd August 2017 Report this content
Have people to any positive experiences travelling with Solitair? I am looking for a singles holidays with people my age group - I am 44 years. I was thinking of going with Solitair to Tenerife, staying in the Diver Hotel this August 2017. The hotel seems so nice and the excursions seemed lovely. But I have not read any positive reviews from people who have travelled with solitaire. Are there other single holidays you would recommend, please?

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Answers (4)
Report this content torchwood1234 Written on: 03/08/2017
I recommend Solos for sun and sand , holidays are well subscibed, avoud sokitaire mate no comparison, I would never go with them again
Report this content sunseeker001 Written on: 03/08/2017
Hi only other solo travel company I have used are Freindshio travel, they were ok so would probably recommend them, hope you have a great holiday whatever you decide.
Report this content MissyM72 Written on: 03/08/2017
Take the Plunge and travel alone.I was like you and in your position around 7 years ago.Too nervous to travel alone,did not know what to expect.My first holiday travelling alone was to Gambia.I loved it.Locals were friendly.I stayed in a boutique Hotel.I signed up for the excursions and had many conversations with other people on holiday. I have been to Cyprus,Turkey,Malta,Spain,Gran Caneria,Futuventura on my own and I loved each and every one of those holidays.Trust me you will be fine travelling on your own.I find with these single holiday companies the prices are extortionate and cost far too much compared to what you would pay if you were to go it alone yourself.I am a 45 year old woman and I am already planning my next holiday.Go on take the plunge and do it.Once you do it the first time you will wonder what all the worry was about in the first place.Good luck with your future holiday.
Report this content cuban156 Written on: 03/08/2017
I went to Cuba last year with Solitair and will never use them again. Unfortunately I didn't do any reach into the company as it was the first time I had used a singles company. I never thought that a travel agent would take my money and then just dump me without any support or help from Solitair when I landed at Havana airport. I also met 3 other women on the same holiday that had booked through Solitiar. They also had a bad experience with the company. Whatever you do do not hand money over as you will never see it again and don't be taken in by their marketing ploys. I have heard Just You and Solo are very good. Please do your homework when booking with any travel agent or singles company. Enjoy your holiday
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