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Written on: 14/11/2013 by COLIN2012 (1 review written)

Arrived at hotel 17th October 2013 Marina Delfin Verde in Alcudia. Was told at reception they had no booking in my name nor any reference to me through LCH.
However I hold a Marina Hotels Gold card (you get after 5 stays in a Marina Hotel) and the receptionist believe it or not recognised my wife from previous visits. She asked us to get a drink in the bar while she sorted with head office but she had rooms available (second to last week of season) and as I had the card and had mailed her a few days before requesting a particular room, she said it would be no problem. After a short while she confirmed that no reservation had been received at head office but I could have a room, where I wanted.
ALARM bells now ringing.
We had a good week and on leaving I spoke to the receptionist and told her I would speak to LCH on my return and let her know the outcome, bearing in mind the hotel was only open for one more week prior to closing for the winter season.
The day after my return I phoned LCH and spoke to Customer Care who advised me to email with my concerns, but after a lot of persuading searched my booking and said although he was telling me he had found confirmation of my booking with the Marina reservations office he couldn't tell me officially and once again stated I would have to mail Customer Services.
I did this and got a the six week response as mentioned in other reviews. This was totally useless due to the hotel closing and I couldn't reply to the receptionist who had done all she could to sucessfully help us.
Acouple of weeks passed and I received another mail again stating it would be six weeks before I would receive a response, ANOTHER SIX WEEKS TOTAL NOW AT LEAST EIGHT WEEKS.
This is either the third or fourth time I have used LCH and put my trust in them, but this has now been shattered.
Perhaps Marc you could add some clarity and a positive response instead of some of the waffle I have seen in the replies.
Why have LCH changed to a Spanish Company thus relinquishing the membership of ATOL 6516, this is what all sensible British tourists look for.
Why do you say the Spanish protection is as good as ATOL or even better and why is this not explained on the first pages of the web site. Is it a fear of losing bookings?
It looks as though I am now back to Thomas Cook or Thomson and their more expensive holidays and less choice of hotels.
I suggest LCH immediately revert back to the good old days, re establish the ATOL registration and return to being an English operated Company. I am already looking for a January holiday, but unless LCH change their policy I will be finished with them.
Well LCH mailed me asking for a review, here it is, take note!

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Lowcostholidays.com's Response to COLIN2012's Review

Written on: 15/11/2013

Hi Colin,

Thanks for your review. From what I can gather you must have emailed customer relations given the response time given to you. I must stress that whilst we understand the frustrations of our customers and respect the notion that an answer is much more desirable when it is immediate, we do have to treat each complaint received with the same time, care and importance, thus allowing us to be consistent and efficient in dealing with our customers. The response time is standard for each and every complaint we receive and in accordance with our legal obligation, Always respond within this time frame. Most cases may not take the full time specified however we do ask customers to please expect to wait the length of time given as the investigation may be required to become more in depth.

In relation to your other point directed at our ATOL affiliation and change of base to Spain. I would like to relay the fears, not only of yourself but for anyone who may read this review and response. For a significant amount of years now the majority of the Lowcostholiday operation has came from Palma Majorca. Our Customer services and international departments along with Marketing to name but a few operate fully from Palma. It made perfect business sense for us to register the business as Spanish company as the main hub as I have explained is here in Palma. The ATOL protection is strictly for business who operate from the United Kingdom, and it is therefore not possible for us to now provide this cover. We do however provide a better level of protection that is given to Spanish businesses under Spanish law. The only difference is the name of the company providing the protection, and as an added benefit we have now changed from a "Dyanmic Package Company" to a fully fledged "Package Holiday Company" and this provides even more protection for customers under package holiday rules and regulations.

We have communicated the change to all our exisiting customers with the majority confident and very happy to continue to use our services, and all the information is clearly published on our website for anyone who wishes to read it and become more informed.

We will continue to grow, expand and most importantly. continue to provide the best service, prices and products to our customers for many years to come.

I hope I have managed to relay your concerns over this matter. If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact us , we will be more than happy to help .

Kind Regards,

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Colin2012's reply to Lowcostholidays.com's Comment

Written on: 15/11/2013

Thanks Marc for your quick response and to a comment I made from another customer. I appreciate what you say about investigation and response but I ask you to read my review again and realise the urgency my reply was needed due to the hotel closing for the winter, especially as customer services had told me unofficially the reply. All I needed was it in writing.
I would further dispute your reply in the third paragraph from the end in which you say "we have communicated the change to all our existing customers" you have not communicated this information to me, which is strange being a fourth time customer.
Finally when registered with ATOL LCH registration could be confirmed on the ATOL website. I have tried to find LCH registration on the IATA website but have failed to do so. Can you please direct me how to find this information and where I can read the IATA terms and conditions. If I can ascertain this I may be inclined to use LCH again. Once again thank you for your response.

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Lowcostholidays.com's reply to Colin2012's Comment

Written on: 15/11/2013


It is my pleasure to take the time to repsond to you. What I would say is that whilst in resort we do have an emergency number that is outlined on your documents. Here we unequivocally adivse customers to contact us in an emergency or with a serious, urgent problem as in your case. This number is manned 24hrs a day all year round to ensure we are contactable in these situations. It is unfortunate that the In Resort team were not contacted as they generally deal with problems within a matter of hours.

To refer to your point about not agreeing with the term "existing customers" by that I mean all customers who have a live booking with us. This is to say that it was communicated to all customers who had bookings with us who have not yet travelled. Furthermore the publication on our website was published the same day, to allow potentially new customers read the news and accept or decline the offer of our services.

Our IATA Affiliation is visible on our website, and can be found located at the bottom right hand corner of our homepage. You can visit www.iata.org to read their legal policies and there is a contact number there should you wish to contact them. I cannot stress enough how seriously we conduct our business and would never operate in the manner we do with out the correct legal and otherwise provisions in place.

If you need anything else at all just drop us a line.

Kind Regards,

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