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“Complete fraudsters”

Written on: 03/12/2011

I booked a flight with them in September to go to Lagos on 16th December. I received a call on the 3rd December to say that the flight had apparently been re-routed by the airline and would have to make a stop-over in Abuja before flying to Lagos. I checked with the airline to confirm that this was the case; the airline said that there had been no change to the flight schedule.
After multiple conversations with the agent, it transpired that he had not booked my ticket and that the ticket he had sent me back in September was in fact a fake. He then tried to cover this up by inventing the re-routed flight story in the hopes that I would simply accept this and he could issue me a new ticket.
I have demanded that they rectify the situation but as yet this has not happened, and the agents refuse to put me in contact with the manager.
DO NOT BOOK A FLIGHT WITH THIS COMPANY!! Absolute crooks that will lie and lie to cover up their mistakes!!

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Nikky84's Comment

Written on: 02/07/2012

Please I am trying to build a case against them as I know of 3 people they have been affected. Please let me know if you are interested. It is a lie about the satisfaction, as the hypes are written by themselves!!! They have many trading company names.

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Peterkuteyi's Comment

Written on: 24/12/2012

Read this about noble travels one of their Alias's

As I read all the other reviews my blood has literally gone cold and I feel nearly physically sick. My story started on the 26th of November 2012, where I was searching for 2 tickets for flights to Nigeria for the 23rd of December. I came across noble travel and called the 0207 number, thinking it was local. I was told that the one way ticket would cost £525 and my return ticket would cost £990. I was told to pay a £30 deposit by debit card. The following day I was told to pay for my sons ticket which was £525 directly into the there bank account. I paid the money on the 27th of November and was told the £30 deposit was towards my ticket, however I should not pay anymore until my sons ticket was issued. I started to call nearly everyday for my sons ticket to be issued so could I pay for mine. Finally one day a few days before the 23rd I was told the Airline had blocked the ticket. So then began my journey of trying to rebook another ticket on another airline. To cut a long story short, I realised that getting my money back was a waste of time so I decided to ask them to book Virgin Atlantic I was now given a date of the 29th of December. I was told to pay another £290 for my sons ticket, which I did this morning I advised that I would not be paying for mine until I saw a physical ticket confirmed. When the ticket was sent to inbox I called up virgin and they said the ticket existed in my Sons name etc, however as it was purchased through an Agent they were limited in the information they could see. After hearing from virgin, I felt more confident to go ahead and pay the remaining £845 for my ticket. As soon as I paid I called up to inform them. However the number did not work, so i tried an alternative number. I was told the person I was dealing with was out. It seems that no one else could deal with the query. I was finally asked how much had I paid etc, I told them a total of £1690. I was told the ticket would be issued in an hour. After some time I call ed back Virgin, again and they told me there are reservations made with our names but no tickets have been issued that the tickes needs to be ticketed that once ticketed, I would get a number starting with '932' and that I should ask the agents for the ticketed number. When I called back the agents, I asked for the gentleman who I was dealing with and they said he will be back in 30 minutes. They asked for my name I told them and they said the tickets have been issued, I now mentioned I spoke to Virgin who told me they said they had not been issued. He said I should wait for Mr who had sold me the tickets, so here I am am waiting to call back. (Once I hear back from them I will let you know how I got on) Well I just spoke to the agents again and they told me the tickets have been issued, I laughted and said thats not true as I spoke to Virgin. Mr said it is in the system and they would be ready the next day, I said thats a lie, because that is what I was told since the 29th of November that he needs a new excuse. I finally told him I need a ticket number and if not the tickets in the system would be cancelled. I even went as far as saying that if it is scam, just tell me at least I would stop wasting my time and move on with my life. He said He would call me back at 18:30 tonight .... The journey continues..... Called back at 18:40, both there numbers just rang away.....It is well

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