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Written on: 28/01/2014

I was booking a honeymoon for my son on 12/2 and for some reason BOOKIT online wouldn't take my discover card for the room. It charged me many times for the flight but for some reason would not go thru for hotel. When trying to book online it just said ERROR and something was not right with the flight. Didn't say was charging me each time put info online. So, I would go back and change the flight time so maybe would process. Each time I was charged for the flight but not hotel. So, I called and talked to a rep and give them the error # which still could not get it to process. I had Discover on one phone and Bookit on other. Discover said nothing was coming thur on their end. NO BLOCKS or anything on my account to stop this from going thru. SO, I was charged MULTIPLE times for flight and no room. The rep had no explanations on what to do. I was trying to get the cyber Monday deal and after being on the phone for more than 2 hours and since after midnight I gave up on sealing the deal. The rep said would take off all the pending charges that were on my account. I rechecked and he did follow thru with that. All the extra charges were taken off that night. I assumed maybe busy lines with cyber Monday and I decided to try again the following day thinking cyber Monday was the reason in the booking problem. Again, did the same thing. I was charged double for flight again. I contacted BOOKIT with the problem. Again the rep telling me this was on Discover's end. Again had my Discover on one phone and rep on other. Discover still not getting anything coming thru from BOOKIT. The rep finally again after hours on phone trying to book this vacation. The rep could not give me or understand WHY this transaction would not go thru. Discover was saying no block and if they were getting anything from Bookit it would show and NOTHING was coming thru. So, the only way was to leave the flight and put half of hotel on debit card to finalize this transaction. Even with being on the phone for 3 hours or more to book this vacation NO CREDIT or DISCOUNT was given. I was so aggravated I just wanted this to be over. Looking back now I wish I would have cancelled the entire transaction and went else where to schedule this trip. I still have 2 extra charges on my Discover card that NO ONE can get taken off for some reason. I have called at least weekly since this took place and get different answers each time I call. The gentleman that took the debit card gave me his email address and said if I have problems email him which I have with no action. Each time I call Bookit I have gotten different responses, have gotten it is the airline that they are waiting on (which I have contacted that only has record of the correct flight) ,another response was takes 30 days (which it has been way over), to give it more time. Most responses is GIVE IT MORE TIME. The last call was on Friday 1/10 and the rep said she needed to contact a supervisor and he was out to lunch but WOULD send me a email with the up to date info on my PROBLEM as soon as he returned from lunch. I never did receive a email or a call from anyone. I am getting very upset and tired of dealing with this never ending problem I don't know what else I have to do to get the double charges removed from my charge card. The gentleman took off ALL the extra charges the night it happened on the phone. Makes NO since that it is taking almost 2 months to have the charges REMOVED. Each time they put me on hold for over 15 minutes to review and talk to the supervisors but still don't have an answer. Finally after sending this letter and more to contact us (feedback) I received my check last week.

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Written on: 30/01/2014

AGREE THEY ARE THE WORST Smae type experience I had

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Written on: 31/01/2014

Have you emailed your name and booking ID to us so that we may look into this?

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Written on: 31/01/2014

If you will email us with your name and booking ID we will be sure to look into this immediately. We hear your frustration and will be in contact as soon as possible once your information has been received. Thank you!

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