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“Hello everyone, I just wanted to add my experience...”

Written on: 28/04/2014 by Bateman230 (1 review written)

Hello everyone, I just wanted to add my experience with 'blueseaholidays' in the last few weeks (April 2014).
I was searching for an all inclusive 10 day deal in Fuerteventura with my partner going in May, this would be our first big holiday and we'd been saving for almost a year. 'blueseaholidays' were most certainly the cheapest online deals we could find, and after endless evenings and stolen lunchbreaks of cross referencing tripadvisor and reading reviews of various hotels, we decided on the 'Hotel Elba Sara' in Costa Caleta.
To make sure we were getting the best price available, we waited a week to see if the price would go down at all as it was getting nearer to the departure date.
We noticed after a week that the price had gone down from £515 to £495, and were satisfied that we were getting a good deal- we booked it- flights and hotel included. The money had left our accounts and we were shown a 'confirmation' page. We were happy, we celebrated with a mini bottle of champagne that was a Christmas present!
The next morning, after booking our flight transfers and connecting coaches from Bristol to Stansted airport, I received a phone call from the manager to inform me that the hotel that we had spent so long looking at online 'was not availabe, sometimes there are two people who book it at the same time and its not available at that price anymore. If you really want that room, it will be available for an extra £120 EACH, otherwise we have another hotel that is available...' and listed a hotel that was 40 km further away from where we originally planned, 4* instead of 5*, mush worse reviews, and a cheaper hotel on the website.... not exactly a good alternative, and the tone in which it was delivered was incredibly cruel. I asked that if the hotel that we had been dreaming about was booked at the same time as someone who had taken out place, couldn't she call up them and offer them the alternative hotel, as we absolutely couldn't add any extra expense to our budget? No, I was told. She even went on to say 'Look, if you don't like the other one I'll just give you a refund today, what do you want? I need a decision before lunchtime' I was at work, my partner was at work, I wasn't about to make a decision that could potentially ruin our dream holiday over the phone and within a matter of minutes. I asked for a callback the following morning so I could review the other option.
Over the evening, I emailed the manager and queried exactly what the extra £240 would be going towards in the Hotel Elba Sara as this amount had popped up from nowhere. I was THEN told that 'Actually, the hotel have made a mistake, they told us the amount wrong- instead of £495 that the deal was originally advertised, its £615.' So there was lie number 1... I was lead to believe that I had been too slow to get the room I wanted, but it was actually THEIR mistake, not mine. I asked for a discount on this room as this was the price they had advertised the deal, and it was through no fault of my own that the price was wrong, and the money had already left my bank account. This was refused, and not a single discount on anything was offered for their mistake.
The next morning, I receive a call from a male bluesea rep, by this point my partner and I had looked through all the websites and reviews again, and decided on a cheaper hotel on the website, north of Fuerteventura, a 4* resort and the deal was set at £495 for 10 nights. I asked the male rep to check if this was actually available because of my experience the previous day. Later on that day he called back and I could not believe my ears when he said 'That hotel is available, but the price is wrong, you have to pay an extra £120 EACH..'
AGAIN???? I was starting to think that this was a complete scam on the website as a whole... Advertise cheaper deals than other websites, take the money, then call up and ask for more. I was so disappointed as I had wanted to give 'blusea' another chance, but after that I just asked for a refund, and would NEVER book with them again, its just not worth it.
A few days later I checked the website to see if the deals I was looking at had been changed or amended to the new price, and I was not surprised to see that the prices HAD NOT changed. I really feel for the next poor suckers that book a dream holiday with them and get messed around like we were.
As I work in customer service, I was well aware that this was not of the fault of the workers, but the tone of the 3 workers I spoke with was appalling, they were rude, couldn't wait to get me off the phone, and didn't apologise ONCE for THEIR mistake. They need some serious training.
I had to wait 4 working days to be refunded my £1000 holiday fund (granted, it was over a bank hol weekend, but I shouldn't have to wait for their mistake, it should be transferred across immediately.
In the end I went with 'lowcost holiday', got a good deal and they were a pleasure to book with.

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