Stole my money & scheduled me for he wrong flights

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“Stole my money and scheduled me for he wrong flights”

Written on: 24/01/2013 by JethroHiggins (1 review written)

I spent almost 24 hours in total on he phone with these jerks. They hang up on you at random,while you are on hold with one sales rep another one will randomly jump in and ask if hey can help you then disappear before you respond, hey scheduled me for the wrong flights hen blamed me and refused to resolve he situation they tried to charge me multiple change fees times, they charged my credit card for $6 for nothing and did not refund the amount, they were rude, they acted like hey couldn't hear me he whole time, they did no respond o emails and hey did not take accountability for any of their many many mistakes. Negative 5 stars and may God have mercy on heir souls. These guys are a total SCAM I'm looking for a way to file a lawsuit against them who's with me?! heir behavior is completely inexcusable and they are seriously screwing over my wife and infant son by not allowing me to fly with them.

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Rsv0218's Response to JethroHiggins's Review

Written on: 24/01/2013

Had the same exact experience, i booked a date (feb 13 - feb18) then when i finally hit confirmed and checked on the flight details my return date suddenly became march 18 instead of feb 18, called them the minute i saw it that way it'll be quick so it can be fixeb right away, what sucks is they never offers nor exert any effort to solve it and instead advice me to cancel it before it bece non refundable so thats what i did, cancelled the flight and got charged $50.20 cancellation fee. Since i thought it was my error i let that go and booked again the same exact date, reviewed and confirmed and voila! The flight dates came wromg again! So called them and had this long ordeal of argument, one guy will try to fix the flight bu will charge me more! And i said no, all you have to do is change the flight date it wasn even 5 minues when i booked the flight again so then they handed their billing department rep and telling him the whole situation and he said that only way is to charge more ro fix it and i said no because that when i checked and key in the date i wanted thise were the price that came up which is $292, so now ur chargin me more ( $421) just to change to the original date i intended to fly, there is something wron with your system! So the billing guy told me that if i can send him a screenshot of the price or cheaper than $421 he will give it to me, so that what i did, after being on hold on the phone to confirm i he received the email which he also provided, he said he didnt get the e-mail, and whats worst he called me a liar because he said the never had that price! I mean IT WAS BOOKED on that price so how in the world can i lie about it! He even said what he can do is cancel the flight again but this time he will charge me a cancellation fee of $25! and i was what?! i will not be charge again and redo my booking either you refund my money right now or change the date.And since i told him that he will hear from the lawyer i personally know, which i will really pursue, the were able to return the money right away without any fee. So the point here is, if they can do that refund thing on my second attempt of booking a flight through them, why didn and cant they do it during the first time i booked with them and get charged $50.20. I am sure that this is one of their ways to make money. I read their reviews on better business bureau and they have an F grade and 51 other people are complaining against them.

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