warning complaint pre-authorised £300 from my credit card

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“warning complaint pre-authorised £300 from my credit...”

Written on: 04/04/2014 by angryfedup1 (1 review written)

warning on 321 travel. Do not use 321 travel - their terms and conditions are unfair according to guidance on unfair terms in package holiday contracts - 'a standard term is unfair if contrary to the requirements of good faith, it causes a significant imbalance in the parties' rights and obligations arising under the contact, to the detriment of the consumer'. they rattle through terms and conditions of seatsavers very quickly - I stopped the salesman several times as could not hear him well and could not understand his accent and queried why I was being asked for credit card details before I was given flight times. I was told not to worry about that and just to email them back as soon as I was emailed flight details if not happy. Literally 5 mins later, I was told by telephone that my flight from Glasgow to Majorca (usually 2.5 hrs direct with several flights a day under £100 and sometimes under £50) would take 13 hours with a 7 hour stop. They assumed that because I was travelling alone with 2 small children, that I would pay them more than was quoted to get a direct flight or change airport to make it cheaper for them. I said this was ridiculous and they said I had agreed to their terms and conditions of seat savers, which allows them to route you anywhere. I was very unhappy with this and called my credit card, who immediately cancelled my card, but 321 travel had already 'pre-authorised' £300 from my card. This entire event happened over the course of twenty minutes. There is no way that they could have incurred any kind of cost, which would justify them taking £300 from my card. Having read other reviews of their practices, I would not trust them to try to re-arrange any kind of trip, in case they re-route us or add further charges, as they have done with others. I would never have given them my details, but the salesman said just to email them if flights not suitable. Other package holiday contracts guidance says 'terms excluding or limiting a suppliers' obligation to respect either oral or written commitments made by their agents have the potential to be seen as unfair', so allthough they read through terms and conditions, it is still equally important what the salesman says. At the very least their terms are very unfair, but I did not believe that I had any contract with them or they could take money from my card until flights were agreed.I had not considered that a company could be so misleading to do this, when there are very cheap short flights available. The credit card is disputing it and they say that preauthorisation is very unusual.It could take up to 8 weeks to sort out. I am a hard working single mum and £300 means the difference between us having a short 4 night holiday abroad or not. I have had to tell my kids that we cannot go afterall, as the company has kept our money. I don't know how these guys can sleep at night.

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321Travelltd's Response to angryfedup1's Review

Written on: 07/04/2014

I work in the admin team at 321 Travel, so let me just clear up the 'issue' on this booking.

The booking was booked under our seat saver option, this will in simple terms be the cheapest way to get you from point A to B. If you do not wish to proceed with this booking you are within your right to do so. The key terms of this are not rushed through and customers are advised before the terms are read to listen carefully and stop us if they do not understand, they are also advised to fully read the terms on our website if they wish to do so.

If a direct flight is cheaper, you will go onto a direct flight, if not, the flight will have a stop. Many people are happy to take thier families to Eygpt for example, hundreds of pounds cheaper than normal on a seat saver fare. What some people do and are fully aware of what they're doing is see a flight for £600 to Sharm, call us, book a seat saver fare for £300, then complain to try and get a direct flight for that money.

What actually happened on this booking is the customer booked a seat saver fare which means the flight may be indirect. The passenger was called back to be notified of this as the direct flight was alot more expensive. As a courtesy the passenger was offered 5 options. Option 1, change from GLA to PIK on the same day for no extra charge. Option 2, day earlier direct flight from GLA. Option 3, pay extra for the direct flight. Option 4, a flight that had a stop on the way out only. Option 5, cancel the holiday.

There were plenty of options available and lots of help to try and resolve it. A direct flight was not available for the money paid on this booking. A booking can still be completed but all help has been refused.


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Teeniemcglurkie's Response to angryfedup1's Review

Written on: 09/09/2015


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H4Rj12's Response to angryfedup1's Review

Written on: 10/04/2014

They did the same to me and you will see quite a few others. They troll these sites and write their own reviews also so expect some comments from them telling them how its all your fault. It isn't, complain to your bank, to the police, to trading standards, to visa, ask for a copy of the phone recordings and the corresponding phone log, they have to provide it, and when they don't, then report that to trading standards and the police as a separate issue. Their original ts&cs on the website have been changed to suit their nefarious looking activities but I managed to keep a copy of the originals and lodge them with various bodies but beware of a snake that tries to shed it's skin.

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Sambopeas's reply to H4Rj12's Comment

Written on: 16/04/2014

Would it be possible for you to send me a copy of there original terms and conditions before they changed them with the date it took effect as I'm also having a lot of trouble with them.
It might help me out a bit

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Angryfedup1's reply to H4Rj12's Comment

Written on: 16/04/2014

not so angry and fed up now, as we are close to sorting it out! I thought it was worth one more call to 321 travel, rather than trying for weeks to get the money back and I have to say that their customer service was a completely different experience this time and they were very helpful. As prices and availability had changed, the solution has involved a change of date, duration and airport, with a late outward flight, but I am ok with this, as they have included the extra night of accomodation and carparking for free. They are also adding in resort transfer, which apparently was not included originally. Still finding it a bit of a hassle sorting stuff with their admin - confusing confirmation, as lots of stuff incorrect and don't know what is happening with the room, which should have been a triple, as paying adult prices, with no reductions for my two kids. At least it is nearly organised and we are going on a holiday. I am grateful for the effort that 321 travel have made to sort this out.

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