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“Absolute rip off”

Written on: 07/10/2013

They booked our holiday home to the wrong airport, then realised it has a non direct flight attached.
Paid for 22kgs of luggage, turns out it was only 20kgs but because of the extra flight they booked us on that 1 only has 15kgs.
Was told we were landing at 9pm it's actually 23.40pm. Rang solid for 3 days to amend or find a solution to be lied to and fobbed off at every given moment. Disgusting customer service. Will say anything to get your money. Our journey home should be 4hrs-40mins will take us approx 10hrs-40mins. Also my details were wrong. Had to go to governing bodies to fight my case. What a surprise they ban certain words from your review. Shambolic.

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321Travelltd's Comment

Written on: 08/10/2013

Without knowing who you are, let me firstly clear up the glaring innacuracies.

If we had indeed booked you a flight home to the wrong airport, a call to our team would result in swift rectification. We book what the client wants, has asked for, or has agreed to. If that is incorrect we will change that over for you at no charge if we have made a mistake. My guess is your first choice of airport wasn't available, so we offered you an alternative you accepted. We would not book you home to the wrong airport and just leave it at that, this statement is simply not true.

If indeed you are on a 'seat save' indirect flight, you would have been read the terms of these flights at booking. To briefly reiterate the key points you would have been read on the booking call...'Please give your full attention to the terms and conditions of this holiday, if you require any clarification, or do not understand, please ask before we end the telephone call....This booking is booked onto our seat saver option and the following terms and conditions apply, please note that times, carrier and routine maybe sunject to change and additionally flights will be indirect, involve a stop, or change of aircraft en-route'.

If you are booking one of our low saver fares you will be read those details before payment is taken. If you would knidly let us know who you are, we can get the call recording and supply this to yourselves and the TTA.

These details are read out to you and if you would like a direct flight you can do, but the direct fares at peak times will be some £200 per person more expensive. You can look at the flight prices yourself to see this and it is easily changed if you want to. What we cannot do is offer you a holiday for £400 with a stop over, then change it to a direct flight free of charge, you will need to pay what the direct flight costs.

We also never sell luggage at 22KG, we sell 15/20 KG, so I'm not sure where this issue has come from.

With regard to your customer service issues, sometimes passengers do not like what they hear, that does not mean we have bad customer service. If you are ringing to complain about an in direct flight and we tell you that is the terms of the holiday you have booked, that is merely reading back the terms of the holiday confirmed. Again, a simple solution is to pay to upgrade to direct flights, the holidays are cheaper at peak times because of the stopover as earlier stated.

Certain words are banned by the review centre, not ourselves. We take false reviews very seriously and any libellous comments are defended legally. The review centre is a platform for such reviews and it is as much their responsibilty as it is yours to post 100% accuracies in your review.

I am now going to get in touch with the TTA to find out what this issue is and am going to supply the call recordings for them. I will them update this review with the accurate events and defend the review legally if need be.

321 Travel.

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Jglasgow's Comment

Written on: 14/10/2013

I have had the exact same problem today. The 321 travel co is AWFUL. We were told we were booking for 10am flights, giving us the whole day in Spain on arrival. Only half an hour later, a booking confirmation email told us we'd be arriving in the evening, thus cutting out three day break to two days. Also our flights to Edinburgh which we booked for 11am to Edinburgh were, in fact, to Southhampton then a four hour wait and then a flight to Edinburgh getting in at 7pm. So the whole of my Saturday spent travelling for at least ten hours. An absolute DISGRACE. Please don't book with them.

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321Travelltd's Comment

Written on: 15/10/2013

Ms M*****d,

You are travelling from EDI to AGP 16-19/10. There is one direct outbound flight that leaves at 1505. You can have an in-direct flight at 10 am if you wanted, but the journey time is longer and would get you to AGP at the same time. We can only book you onto flights that operate on the day you wish to travel.

You were read the terms and conditions of the flight, advised to read the rest on our website and you even then agreed to go away and read the terms fully (something we advise) to then confirm the holiday about an hour later.

Your total holiday cost including flights and hotel was £266 per person, you can of course change your inbound flight to a direct flight, this is £288 per person alone, more than the total cost of your holiday. It is completely up to you.

321 Travel

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