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“Please don’t fall for the trap! The service is...”


written by Himaniwadhwa on 12/05/2024

It’s the most terrible experience I’ve ever had with “The Knowledge Academy”. Once you have paid the money, they behave like they are not responsible for anything. But before that they’ll call you everyday and try to make you fall for their bait like every sales person does. They ask you to sit in 8 hrs long classes on weekends that start in the afternoon and end late nights because the instructor is not based in India. And btw, the classes are MANDATORY, because if you don’t attend those, you can’t sit for the exams. They leave no stone unturned to make you feel like you are NOT a working professional but a school student. And I’m saying this from personal experience. Also, the so called customer care numbers available to talk ARE INVALID. Per the website, Everytime you want to speak to somebody, you’ve to raise a ticket, so you raise one or may be hundreds but you NEVER get a callback or a response from anybody in the team. It’s been more than 3 weeks now that I have been following up on an issue but there’s nobody to talk to; nobody responding to the tickets which I am not sure if they are ever assigned to someone; no email responses no callbacks.. absolutely nothing! I feel like I have wasted my money here. I would strongly recommend please don’t fall for it. It’s a sham that these ppl are running. And it’s the most terrible experience that I have ever had with a so-called training institute or whatever. Not sure if it even exists.

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“Terrible experience!”


written by lazutlivera on 26/04/2024

I made a purchase for the ISTQB Foundation level course and exam on 19/04/2024 through a sales agent, who offered a discount. However, upon receiving the login details and reviewing the materials, I discovered that some documents were outdated, dating back to 2018 instead of reflecting the current version since 2023. Despite reaching out via email and phone , there was no response. Upon contacting the company, I was informed that he was unavailable and was transferred to another representative who assured me they would address the issue promptly. However, subsequent attempts to reach him or receive a resolution were fruitless. Each time I called, I was passed to different individuals, and the promised resolution never materialized. Today, on 26/04/2024, when I called for a follow-up, I was repeatedly hung up on until finally being informed that the company wasn't even accredited for the exam and would issue a refund. The level of incompetence and mismanagement in handling this matter speaks for itself.

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“I could have given -ve star if i had a option”


written by JitendraPanthi on 03/04/2024

I registered for ISO 22301 course in Feb'24 with a commitment that i will be getting weekend classes in upcoming batch of March month. Complete March month gone no batch schedule, when i try to follow-up with team there was negative response blaming me that why i have not taken this commitment over email regarding weekend batch. Moreover, they have marked me present in one of the weekday batch and saying that you have already taken the training. Further, now the my course executive is not picking up my call. Very unprofessional approach. I request every one not to opt knowlegde acadamy as learning partner.

Sanjana4's Response to JitendraPanthi's Review

Written on: 09/04/2024

Hi. I have paid 500 dollars for SAP course, they have given below standard material and I feel trapped..already paid so much now I can't pay anything else..I am tired of following up..what can we do to stop this.

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written by Vijay0907 on 19/03/2024

A NEGATIVE STAR IS APT.  I have taken APMG International Change Management course and at the timing of signing up for the course they have mentioned that this course is valid for a year and the exam fees is included in the course. When i have requested for exam voucher i have not received any response for weeks upon chasing conntinuosuly they have informed that it was declined as we need to take the exam with in 30 days of completing the training. No such discourse was made during the payment not during the training process. They are after your money they dont care for nything else. I have written to APMG International about such practices. Avoid this crappy institute

Vijay0907's Response to Vijay0907's Review

Written on: 21/03/2024

I am writing to bring to your attention a concerning issue regarding the quality control standards maintained by one of PMI's authorized partners( The Knowledge Academy). As a member and advocate of PMI's values of excellence and integrity, I feel obligated to report the following discrepancies.

Can you please let me know how one can be protected against bad practices by your authorized training partner.

Please note I have written a separate email to APMG International highlighting the issue.

I'm contacting you to address the misleading practices of one of your training providers, specifically The Knowledge Academy.

I enrolled in the Change Management Foundation and Practitioner training and exam. At the time of enrollment, the provider assured me that the training fee included the exam fees and that access to the learning portal would be valid for a year.

However, after completing my training at the end of November and requesting an exam voucher in the first week of March, I was informed that I was ineligible because I should have completed the exam within 30 days—a condition that was never mentioned to me either at the time of enrollment or when making the payment.

As a result, I feel deceived and am at a loss of my hard-earned money, despite having followed all the guidelines provided to me.

I am writing to seek your intervention on the unethical practices being executed by your authorized training partner.

From the email below, which details our correspondence, I'm also including a copy of the email exchange related to the payment process. It's evident from these documents that no additional conditions were disclosed at any stage. Despite this, Knowledge Academy is now requesting an extra payment of 299 pounds.

After my experience I started spending time browsing through the web and came across reviews where users across the globe have highlighted similar issues.

Summary of Events

07 Nov 2023, Knowledge Academy has sent an email with details on the requested training
08 Nov 2023 & 09 Nov 2023, Payment is made as per the details shared by Knowledge Academy on 07 Nov 2023
By 30th November i have completed my required trainings

06th March 2024, I have requested for an exam voucher
16th March 204, Knowledge Academy has replied back saying that I need to submit a workbook as a prerequisite before a voucher is issued. I have asked them to share a workbook but there is no response. There is no workbook available on the learning portal.
18th March 2024, Knowledge Academy replied back saying they cannot issue a voucher as i have not requested this within 30 days after completing training. There is no such condition that has been mentioned at the time of signing up for the course.
20th march 2024, Knowledge Academy says they should have issued a voucher based on sales details however they cant as at the time of sale they have offered me a complimentary access to training portal.

Based on the details in the event it is clearly evident that Knowledge Academy has clear intentions of cheating and is avoiding and finding excuses to deny my rightful exam voucher.

At no point in discussions they have ever mentioned the 30 day condition.
The sales person has offered complimentary training and no conditions have been specified. Today Knowledge Academy uses this as an excuse to deny my exam.

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written by Alman252 on 16/02/2024

Avoid.. This is a review I never wanted to write. I generally try to resolve my issues with the company where possible, but after dealing with FIVE members of staff and a non-existent CEO who won't respond to my messages, I need to warn any prospective customers that when it works well, that's great. However if there's a problem, expect willing staff, with no power to assist. I was sent an invoice for a virtual classroom course even though I'd paid for a self-paced when I realised I was having trouble accessing it and that they had assigned me the incorrect course, I asked for it to be changed. I was then asked to prove it...the price tag was a big clue, but the person on the phone couldnt work out that I was assigned to a more expensive classroom course which I a) had not paid for and b) did not have the time to complete. Once someone worked it out, they apologised and from there, colleagues promised they would fix the access, one after the other promising to "get another colleague to fix it right now" but unable to do anything themselves. I finally got a 'senior manager' who accused me of being hostile when I politely explained that after 2 days, numerous emails and phonecalls and no resolution, that I had no confidence in the KA. I wanted a refund and to take my business elsewhere. I eventually explained to her that no-one was listening to me or appreciated my experience. And it gets worse... I swiftly then received an email explaining I would get a full refund. Eight days later I asked when I would receive this. I received an email saying it would take "10-15 days MORE"... Over £1,000 taken in minutes...a 23- day estimate for a refund...and no sign of my money. So I am unable to purchase an alternative course that I need urgently. The knowledge academy are holding my money which during a cost of living crisis, when I'm trying to do my best to enhance my prospects and future-proof my pretty shameful. My advice, stay away from this company.

Sanjana4's Comment

Written on: 09/04/2024

Similar bitter experience happened with me..I feel so cheated...these are bunch of people doing this..the CEO on LinkedIn doesn't respond. please let's take an action so that nobody is cheated in further

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written by Althafb on 08/02/2024

I completed the Prince2 Foundation course with The Knowledge Academy, and initially, I was satisfied with the experience. However, my opinion changed when I decided to pursue the Practitioner Voucher. To my dismay, I was informed that an additional £200 plus VAT fee was required due to an alleged increase in exam fees by the exam body. If course fees was to be increased Midway why do they offer one year course duration( self paced). When I attempted to discuss this matter with The Knowledge Academy, I was met with unhelpful responses, citing terms and conditions that were not made clear during the initial enrollment process. This lack of transparency and communication is disappointing, to say the least. Furthermore, my trust in The Knowledge Academy was further shaken when I discovered inquiries about similar discrepancies on their Wikipedia page. It’s disheartening to see such practices being associated with a company that claims to provide professional training services. Overall, my experience with The Knowledge Academy has left much to be desired. I urge potential customers to proceed with caution and carefully review all terms and conditions before committing to any courses with this company.

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“Hope I find this review site sooner”


written by Averi121 on 31/01/2024

I saw this company got 4.5 on TrustPilot which caught me off-guard and believe in this company quality. I didn't pay attention into any fishy information or their fishy action. As a result, I throw the money for their CompTIA A+ Training course. I was too naive to believe they would train me fast and get the Certification. Someone reached out to me he counselled me and showed me the the course along with many great things included along with the exam voucher for certificate. I was naive to not think about it when he gave me a discount and urge me to pay. After that, what I received was the silent of that guy and the training course materials that are worse than trash. I began to doubt but still have hope for the exam vouchers. Guess what! No voucher receive, they said the cost I paid does not cover the voucher cost. Great, now that I know I got shammed. I hope whoever thinking about putting the money in this company find this site and read this and all of others' reviews. Avoid this company. 

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“Microsoft Project Masterclass”


written by on 26/12/2023

Microsoft Project Masterclass Great customer service. Very responsive when needed. Excellent course. The tutor was very friendly and supportive. The pdf pack was updated to the latest version needed for the software. Looking forward to registering for more courses in the future.

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“CISSP 5 Day Training”


written by JulianRafferty on 20/02/2023

I took the CISSP 5 day training course with Knowledge Academy at the end January this year. The course was not a good experience. Firstly the CISSP is a very involved qualification that requires many hours of study. It is difficult to train this in 5 days and virtually impossible to train online (as I now know). The trainer did not have the CISSP qualification and she was only running the course because she some experience with other courses that KA run. She didn't put her camera on for most of the time and large chunks of it was just her reading out the slides. I approached KA to complain and to ask for a refund They weren't interested. My advice is to think very carefully on the type of the training you want and the qualifications you are trying to achieve. There are no shortcuts. I would avoid Knowledge Academy. They offer a poor quality product and I would go elsewhere.

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“Sham Academy”


written by 447Ramsey on 27/01/2023

Still waiting on my $2,500 refund! In Dec last month I paid and signed up for the online instructor led (2 days) Certified Kaizen Foundation & Practitioner Course thinking this would help advance my career, since all the course content seemed promising and comprehensive. The course is to be held this month Jan. The moment I signed up I got a call from the representative, ANZ Team Manager based in Sydney office (or so it seemed to be a NSW number) saying they will need to confirm that there are spots available etc. and asked me to send a screenshot of our payment to validate the transaction. After the screenshot was sent - SILENCE. By 9th Jan I had not received a single email, no enrolment confirmation, no pre-reading materials sent, no course agenda - NOTHING. So I called, emailed & spoke to 3 different people in a span of 2 days. All couldn't really help me, said it's the e-commerce team's responsibility to sort out & they're only available in 4 hours which is like 4pm AEDT. Obviously representative is always "in a meeting" and never available, never calls back after leaving messages. The moment they know you're an angry, frustrated customer that is demanding for a refund, you get put on hold, "transferred" and then the line hangs up after 5 seconds, this happened to me 10 times. Needless to say, after 20 emails and 1.5 MONTHS from when I signed up, I still can't get my refund resolved even though it was explained I had no course link nor materials sent to me. Agent from Customer Care Team keeps pretending like I never replied and keeps using his/her last email and said "I didn't get a response". Was asked to raise a ticket but there's no real transparency to what this "portal" does anyway, as expected radio silence. Beyond disgusted at the amount of people being sham on the daily, globally, this tricky syndicate needs to be taken down for good!

Kellyoflynn's Comment

Written on: 03/05/2023

I am experiencing exactly the same problem right now. I have lost count of the amount of times I have called and emailed over the last 2 days. Each time I am put on hold and the line is disconnected. I have never in my life received such shocking experience. My husband is an editor for the daily mail and I will be naming and shaming them publicly. It's outrageous that customers spending their hard earned money are treated in this way.

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Sanjana4's Comment

Written on: 09/04/2024

I am going throughout the same hell, let's take effort to stop this.

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Jossy192's Comment

Written on: 16/12/2023

I wish I had seen these reviews before paying nearly 2 grand for a suite of certifications with them. I attended a weekend training course and the instructor said the content cannot be completed in 2 days and we would need the next Saturday to complete the foundation course I called to get joining instructions for the weekend course but their customer service number keeps cutting me off after a few seconds on hold. I have emailed their support but they are offering me “self paced study” instead as a “gesture of goodwill”! I’m so angry right now and just want my money back if they are unable to fulfill the service they said they would provide but unable to find who to talk to. I have tried their social media pages with no luck as they have disabled comments on all their socials. I will be reporting them to the body responsible for regulating these type of organisations as they need to be stopped!

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Speakup88's Comment

Written on: 03/10/2023

The exact same thing is happening to me right now. Was told that weekend classes was available, as soon as i paid and logged on there were no weekend classes at all. Asked for a refund and they pretend they dont know what is going on. I have filed a report with fair trading and raised a merchant dispute with the bank.

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“I can give negative stars if they had that option.”


written by DhavalPancholi on 23/12/2022

I can give negative stars if they had that option. They gave me fake promises about the training and trap me. Even though they have a return policy on their website, I have been trying to get my money back since I enrolled, made more than 50 calls, and contacted many people but they did not help me. I also contacted the senior person from management regarding my issue and he said they can not refund my money even though it is their fault. I have put the ticket for the refund, let's see how many years they are taking for the refund. Please do not enroll for any training, they will not give your hard-earned money back even if they failed to provide what they promised to deliver. Unfortunately, there is no option for attachments otherwise I can attach all the conversations that I had in emails and my call log.

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“Knowledge academy ”


written by Yogesh.Shelar on 08/12/2022

I was told that, there will be only 5-7 people in a session whereas there were 25 people in a session. more hilarious experience, on 22nd November i was told that I will be getting refund but today I received a call informing that refund won't be possible as I have a exam voucher. Worst people. I have lost my hard-earned money. Please be aware of them. Surprise Surprise The Knowledge academy has cancelled the Exam Voucher from people CERT. I got call on 7th Dec 2022 from them asking to remove the review so that they can refund my complete fees paid. I denied to do so then the response from them was we would not be able to refund your money. Today 8th Dec 2022 I get a call from Customer service Manager. He claims that customer is god for them on the other hand he also pushed me to remove the review as the institution's Reputations matter to him and his upper management. Be the reputation is getting ruptured because of their own mistakes. He said if I am not removing the review then he would rather lose the reputation but not refund my money. Your Institution is going in to loss hence looting money from a common people. Guys in UK please raise some charity funds for The KNOWLEDGE ACADEMY so that these people stops looting common people like me.

Sanjana4's Response to Yogesh.Shelar's Review

Written on: 09/04/2024

Please, let's get together to stop this.

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Yogesh.shelar's reply to Sanjana4's Comment

Written on: 13/04/2024

100% do you know someone who faced this problem.

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“Prince2 nightmare”


written by Juliette240 on 18/11/2022

I wanted to do a face to face course but was happy to use the online service despite the fact that we were not in a covid lockdown at the time, because I thought this was a sensible precaution. First, it's supposed to be a 5 day course. But actually, it's more like 3 and a half days. You're expected to 'revise' during the day and half downtime (which I could have done in my own time without the privilege of paying for it). Second, we were told (over and over and over again) that we had to book the foundation within 30 days, but that we had up to a year to book the practitioner exam. I dutifully did what I was told, booked the foundation a couple of days after the course and then attempted to book the practitioner a month after that. (Incidentally, the practitioner workbook is an absolute mess - they ask questions that there's no way you could know the answer to because the information on the case study just isn't there - how can I know the imaginary contingency budget or risk assessment information unless it's provided in the case study?) The booking team were really rude. They told me that it was basically up to me to independently book via the exam proctors (PeopleCert - who are really good by the way), and sent me an automated email about the voucher. Then a sales rep from Knowldege Academy started emailing me trying to sell me another (unwanted) course. I attempted to do this. I got a voucher through via email, but before I was able to use it I then received another email saying that the voucher had expired and I needed to pay £300 for the exam. I queried this, carefully explaining what I'd been told and received no response other than a curt email telling me to fill out a contact form on their website. I did that and then got an equally unhelpful email from their Customer Service team telling me I needed to pay £300 again. So I queried again. And got the same response again. So I asked to escalate my query to a complaint. And was ignored. I'm still attempting to escalate this now... For what you pay the service is poor. The course materials are poor, and once you've forked out your cash to them, they really don't care what happens. I would not recommend at all. As usual, it's all about selling you extras and getting you to pay for more stuff - if you have a complaint, there is no escalation process. If there's an issue you need to jump through hoops to get any information at all. Their team are rude and unhelpful. Not worth the money, time or hassle.

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written by 1982Vogel on 30/09/2022

This is a sham! Do not buy an online course, all you will get is a presentation slide deck with a few diagrams and buzz words. I purchased the IIBA Certified Business Analysis Professional Online version. If you complain a lot like I did, saying you can't learn anything from the 'material' provided, they will give you a version where a computer robotic voice reads out the titles of the presentations... I wish I was joking. As for the 24/7 support, well it is true you can email them anytime .. just don’t expect a response back. Even better, you might get a response with incredibly bad English translation that it makes no sense. Most of the time I would write a response and a few days later get an email from someone saying that they have not heard from me … even though I responded immediately…. In total I was passed-around to a total of eight different people … not because I was escalating, but because anytime someone does respond, it is a different person (for the same complaint). It took me 3 MONTHS of dealing with them before I gave up! They refuse to refund me even though they have not provided the product promised “online self-paced training” and just kept pushing me to enrol in a live course. I have reported this to ACCC and I strongly encourage everyone else to do the same. I cannot speak for the live courses as I only did online, but do yourself a favor and save your money, you would learn more looking at google images it is that bad!

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written by swee_vero on 25/07/2022

Only their Sales team is responsive in the beginning and call you day and night to sign the contract. They have no internal communication. Provided wrong information to me. I booked a two days Train the Trainer course for Basic Life Support and manual Handling for People. After huge delays they provided me a one day training where nothing was practical but some online slides gathered from internet sources. Manual handling for people was completely missing. Now its been two weeks and no one is getting back to my complaints. Complete waste of time and money. I wish I knew how to sue this company so they could never do this to anyone else.

Om_M's Response to swee_vero's Review

Written on: 26/08/2022

I coudlnt agree more. I have lost hundreds (Approx £600-800) on pounds on the flex pass as I was told I could be granted an extention after the 12 month flex pass validity but when I called I was told the T&C dont allow to transfer the funds and I wont be able to enrole on the course.
Pathetic service.
I was even told that the company is working on auto generated email to give the customers reminder that their flex pass deadline is approaching so they at least have a chance to book the cousrse. In my case I didn't get the reminder and in addition given wrong information. I would suggest always ask for proof of verbal conversation as this is what they are now asking for and now enrolling me onto the course. A Money making machine!

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“Avoid this company”


written by Jameslw211 on 14/07/2022

I will read the reviews first in future. The sales team were very responsive. However when it came to booking my exam I was told I had booked into the wrong exam. Tried to rebook and never received a ticket. Emailed for support - no response on multiple occasions. It is got to the point where I would now have to pay for an extension but I refuse to part with anymore money.

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“Terrible service and a complete waste of money ”


written by otWard460 on 05/07/2022

The course didn’t work, this wasn’t resolved by The Knowledge Academy. They refused to give me a refund or extend the course so I’ve wasted money as I can’t complete the course through no fault of my own. Based on my experience they do not care about their customers, only about their sales. Please don’t choose this company, I wish I’d saved my money and not bought the course.

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“Was not without problems”


written by KaiyaSpencer446 on 02/03/2022

The online material was fine. I did a self lead course and well it did the job. I passed. Problem number 1 on Prince 2- on my first exam I was onto tech support for 3 hours before the exam. No-one could explain why the Exam shield software wasn't working and 3 hours in someone sent me a link by email and it worked, I was exhausted and frustrated and I then had to do my exam and they wouldn't let me postpone. I got my partner to look at it for exam number two and for windows 10 there is some standard setting that needs suspended, information not easy to find at all. For the amount of people using windows 10 this should be a standard thing to tell people!! Course number 2, problem number 2 - I paid for a 6 month extension for my AgilePM course because I had a baby and that was harder than expected on the demand for time haha. Anyway when it came to booking the exam my request kept getting rejected, sometimes with no notification at all until I phoned up. No-one could explain why, 2 weeks later after so many calls, promises of phone backs that never happened, inability at times to get through to anyone at all, I finally was told that the extension I paid for only included the course work not the exams. Finally someone at the Knowledge Academy got involved and I got an email that I was booked onto the exam. The whole thing was so frustrating and meant I had to re-revise for the exam and change child care arrangements 4 times. My other thing I would say is that you should get clear emails explaining exactly how the exam process worked. I just sat and did my own research. Or phoning the accreditation body themselves who seemed to have a better idea of how the Knowledge academy worked. Once I was on the exam all went fine, Proctors were nice and exam software worked well. Just wish it had gone more smoothly. I am not looking forward to booking my final exam, we'll see what problems will occur this time

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“Completely Incompetent”


written by KareemO'Keefe on 06/01/2022

This is the most disorganised training provider I have ever met. They take your money and then provide you with rubbish materials, poor instructors and people who don't know what they are doing. A few the people on my course where given the manuals they needed the others weren't and this made things impossible as you can only use the official handbook/manual for the open book exam! They ask you stupid questions like what is your invoice or SO number and if you don't have these you will go mad chasing your tail - why can't they use your email or name to search for you?? Please please avoid like the plague.

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“Horrible Customer Service”


written by Santiagowh1988 on 07/12/2021

Scheduled an in person course for one of my employees and just a few days before the course was to begin, I was told the class would move online due to a lack of students registered for the in-person course. Prior to making the booking, we had agreed with the account manager if it was moved online, I would get a full refund as we were not interested in the online course. Requested our refund and was told that they have the right to move online and that a refund was not possible. If I was interested in an online course, I could have paid far less than the price for an in-person course. They will not offer a full refund as promised, nor will they refund the difference between the in-person and online course. Buyer Beware!

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