TVR Tuscan

Introduction To TVR Tuscan

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The TVR Tuscan is a British made very popular supercar, originally available in five different inline six englines and a variety of trims.
The Tuscan, one of TVRs first very successful cars after the companys rebirth in the sixties included the first model, the Tuscan V8. Other early models included a modified wheel base 90-inch Tuscan V-8 SE version which was built in 67-68. A V-6 136 bhp version was made during 69-71 and only 101 were sold. While various limited edition Tuscan models are available as collectors items it was with the major revival of TVRs fortunes in the nineties that the Tuscan brand became firmly established.

The Speed Six engine, like the Speed Eight, which first appeared in the groundbreaking high performance Cerbera was also used to great effect in the Tuscan Speed Six. Recent Tuscan models are capable of 0 to 60mph in 3.7sec and Current Tuscan models, as of 2007, include the 380 bhp four-litre engine aimed at the most sporting drivers. These include a motor sport derived aerodynamic package. The Tuscan S version rockets to 60 mph in just 3.8 seconds.