HTC One X – Questions & Answers

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Being the new flagship model as smartphones go deems the HTC One X as a brand not to be ignored. The new handset has screen is 4.7 inches. It has a Quad-core processor, and has an NFC capability.

Many Engadget users have found the phone to be the consistent with other designs of similar smartphones. They have found the phone to be glossy in both in look and feel. The back panel has a silky feeling when touched. They have also found the phone to be very comfortable to hold, giving it that premium phone feel. The HTC One X features include tow headsets, built in Beats audio. It also has a HTC Wi-Fi sync, which enables users to sync phone to PC without the need to connect a lead to the PC to transfer data.

The good point about the screen that users have found is that it appears bright and clear. It has a great angle for viewing, and performs very well when the sunshine is bright. Another great feature that the HTC One X posses is the camera. The camera is at 8MP. Users have found the camera to be very quick. It has a good autofocus. The new camera also enables users to take pictures whilst they are filming at the same time. Many CNET users have enjoyed being able to do this. However another benefit, which users have found in using this phone, is the fact that there is a 25GB free Drop-box storage. This allows users to automatically upload and store photos safely without losing them.

Yet in terms of performance, users were happy with its performance especially that of the camera when using it in well-lit conditions. They also noted that it coped reasonably well when limited light was available. Users were happy with the performance of the Quad-core processor, and its power. They were happy with the large screen and the fact that it is bright. They also found the overall performance of the phone to be solid and hard working.

The only negative aspect of the phone by many users was the battery life. They found the battery only lasted one full day. Despite this they didn’t find any issues with making calls. It has been given a five star rating by many of the users who have this phone.

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