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“WebSquash is Amazing!”

Written on: 11/08/2017 by Churchill217 (1 review written)

OK I will put my money where my mouth is:
I am working on it it is a newer site but what do you all think of www modestbarbieclothes com and that is just one site they have done amazing things with.
They are all amazing, talented, kind, very low price. I have had altogether about 50 different businesses and now own 7 all online and they know just what to do.
And you know what else which is very important and I take notice of the company I work with because I work very hard for my money!
They do it quickly as they can because once they do the work the search engines usually only crawl the site once a month and sometime it takes the search engines three or more months before the information is tethered and also brings in traffic because it move you up on the page.
in reference to my websites I believe I am on the first page and 1-3 spot for mine.
(What I am about to say is not a judgement a mere observation so they will understand)
Now the Algorithm for GOOGLE is ever-changing (so that makes a lot of work for( Websquash) but they don't say that and they never once said anything but kind words and they know all about SEO and marketing.
They are always positive and happy and know their stuff. And some website owners will be impatient like I was (ADHD)but it is not websquash
They know everything even the most minute detail so that your website will be the best it can be.
And I am completely honest they work hard so I love WEBSQUASH AND WEBSQUASH IS AMAZING AND I HAVE BEEN WITH WEBSQUASH I THINK A YEAR AND A HALF AND ONLY I FELT A GREAT DEAL OF PATIENCE BECAUSE THERE ARE GIFTS WITH ATTENTION DEFICIT HYPERACTIVITY DISORDER and there are trials but they all put up with me so this for now is the way i can thank you and now I'm more patient it all makes sense if you don;t understand or think there is nothing going on write them they are working so hard for you that they don;t have time to tell you every minute but every few days or so they will and if you ask a question their answer is kind, helpful, patient, and knowledgeable so you understand l how the process works which is important for the website owner to know.understand the process.
They always did the work it is the search engines. Their algorithm is ever changing and Websquash.com is always a step ahead of googles every changing Algorithm.
And while they are doing things they suggest simple things for you to do and remember it takes time to move up and it is not websquash it is google ever-changing algorithm for websites and then we have to approach how we present the product differently.
It is the search engines that are slow plus whenever I wrote them with a concern that day sometimes a half hour later i would get a email and they gently kindly patiently
And I will stand up for all the people in my life that are fair honest kind and they are so talented.
Please I have dealt with them for a long time and all different people they are not anything like most peopole I call them angels in my life and it takes a lot for me to say that and I speak from my heart. They say to mention which services but I have used them all until I decided with their help of course to do it write and have them work on it regularly for a year or two each of two and one new one if I can afford it and by the way Websquashes prices are very very reasonable don;t go buy me do the research but the others don;t come with a glowing recommendation like mine. and I am tech savy, self taught but am ill now and I cannot believe how blessed I am to have websquahs,, I sincerely mean it.. I know I was not there and if it really happened the way he perceived it then I bet you webs-quash instantly fired them but for my long experiences with all types of services they are truly the angels in my life. I implore you... I have used almost every service and if you look about ten are free and isn't that a kind thing they are doing about ten or more services for free because it is a kind caring company and they treat each business owner how that business owner sees things and negotiates his way so (the website owner's way because it is about the consumers website the business owner not about the company)
I always felt comfortable expressing my ideas then listening to theirs and then I would think and we compromised but their ideas are solid it is just sometimes I am a little stubborn but I like to call it tenacious.
Please they are the best and I have been online with websites now over 10 years.
www modestbarbieclothes com now what do you think of that? and understand it is a work in progress.

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