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“Clickconsult: beware of this company!”

Written on: 04/07/2012

We signed up with Clickconsult for the SEO of our 2 websites and in over the last 2.5 years they've had about £35k off us and where are we now?!! From pages 2-3, after Google's changes now our websites are NOT even in the first 1000!!!! They simply dropped off the planet!!

We had security problems with our websites being hacked, they never sent us anymore reports after google's changes (they never even contacted us to let us know about these changes!) and for 6 months we've had no reports!

We are now refusing to pay their last invoice just for about £350 due to their non-perfomance, they're threatening to sue us???!!!!

Well all we can say is, go ahead Clickconsult, sue us! There's nothing better we'd like to do but see you in court as we will also put a counter claim for your zero performance!! Small businesses like us cannot afford to keep losing money to the likes of you! We have been in business now for almost 20 yrs and NEVER in all these years we came accross a company like yours! Do the decent thing and start doing business with integrity & dignity.

To all of you considering to hire Clickconsult, it's up to you whether to believe this review or not. We are telling the truth, this is our experience with Clickconsult, unfortunately. This is the very first time we actually took the time to do any type of review as we're always too busy, but this had to be done.

A company in Bury, Lancs.

Click Consult has now agreed that they would not chase us for the last invoice which is only about £350

Jayzee01's Comment

Written on: 16/07/2012

Hi, I really feel for you having to deal with SEO Consult and that looks a HUGE sum of money to lose. We went through exactly the same problems as did others that have written on here that have since been removed - hence the note from Review Centre above.

Perfect Getaways (on page 4 now of reviews) has a full folder about SEO Consult and I would suggest you get in touch re: witness statements, evidence etc.

I would not get too upset about the threat of legal action as this looks to me to be quite a common occurrence from what I've seen although the documentation of that seems to have disappeared from these pages.

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Btc1812's Comment

Written on: 07/08/2012

@Nationwide Personal Injury: we have had to go through rigorous checks done by to ensure our review is totally genuine!! So please do not insult us by accusing us of being a Click Consult competitor! Our website: - check if you could find us anywhere at all on Google using keywords: company formations, ltd company formations, etc. We are suing Click Consult! We are not a competitor! Are you part of Click Consult or something?!! Or have you been "paid" by them?

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Nationwidepersonalinjuryfirm's Comment

Written on: 25/07/2012

sounds like a review off a competitor to me does this ...

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Btc1812's Comment

Written on: 19/07/2012


The following is an exact extract from an email from Click Consult regarding this posting and shows that they go back on their word and you cannot trust them in any shape or form;

"The contract your organisation has with Click Consult has not yet officially ended and you still have £364.80 left to pay under the terms of the contract. However, we would be willing to immediately cancel the contract and waive the remaining fee due if you remove the review that has been posted on the review centre website."

"Kate Thomas
Senior Account Manager
Click Consult Limited"

There is more self damning evidedence within the rest of the email which I can save for future postings. They have not listened to our concerns, complaints or anything they are just afraid of their reputation and will carry on threatening us to try and achieve their outcome

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Btc1812's Comment

Written on: 18/07/2012

Thank you for your responses. No, we won't remove our review. Innocent people must know how Clickconsult treated us before they make their decisions.

Our new SEO company has just had a look at the work that Clickconsult had done in the past and their exact comments are "it is shocking to see what low quality work Click Consult are placing for their clients!.

I don't understand why they do business the way they do, it just doesn't make any business sense at all! :(

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