Couldnt organise a drunken party in a brewery

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“Couldnt organise a drunken party in a brewery”

Written on: 18/11/2013

Couldnt give a minus so 1 star is the lowest I could go.
I decided to leave and find another agency because the staff despite working in the same office less than 10 feet from each other organised things in such a way that you would be hard put to believe they actually talked to each other.
Typical scenario was when a client booked me specifically because they had spent time in training me, the agency then sent someone else instead whilst I sat at home waiting for a call to tell me my start time, the client was not happy the driver was untrained so they had to take training him before he was allowed to start work, this happened 5-6 times in a year costing them time/money so they switched agencies.
Another time i was requested to go to a client but on arrival I found it closed as they opened a full 2 hours after the time sent to me by the agency.
Other problems have been, switched onto another contract at the last minute, promised work which did not occur, late payments, deliberate ignoring of texts for details of clients address, jobs advertised on window display which do not exist, promises of premium rates for doing work at v-short notice (asked to work at 1 hours notice) which were not paid, sick pay not being paid, deliberately misinforming clients about qualifications, making assumptions as to availability because they had failed to make notes about personal circumstances, harrassment by text to work when they had been previously informed I was unavailable due to personal/health problems.
There are numerous examples of the agency not being fit for purpose and failing to organise and supervise their personnel so that the office runs smoothly, instead of which it seems to be in a state of permanent chaos which leaves both the agancy workers and the clients in a state of anxiety.

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