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Written on: 12/06/2013 by HIDI52 (1 review written)

This would be my second time on champix, tried them last year and they did work but didnt run the whole three months and at the time found it hard to give up the cravings when having drank a few alcoholic bevvies at the weekend and just kept going back to smoking at the weekends and missing taking the champix for a day or two so in the end relaised I was not ready to quit smoking.

This year I really want to quit so have tried them again I am not a heavy smoker more a social smoker so find stopping easy as soon as I start the pills after a few days, the thing is I did not intend to drink on them this time so to allow myself time to adjust to not smoking in a social situation but it just so happened I had a few last weekend and now wish i didnt, but not because I smoked coz I didnt but because I blackouted for five hours whilst still being physically able and according to my husband seemed fine and didnt appear any different just a bit tipsey but I blackouted to the point I dont remember a god damn thing and apparently we went on a bus to another part of town went to two pubs went and saw friends, and had a meal and I honestly dont remember anything of it, I am forty years old have always had a drink and can hold my own and can drink a far bit and i have blacked out before whilst remaining conscious but not for over five hours, anyway since the morning after I have felt very strange to the point I have had to stop taking champix I was only taking one a day not two as well and was only on day 14 but I have never felt so ill, I still have a migraine which wont budge, never had them before in my life, I am constantly fatigued and have blurred vision and feel like sleeping all the time,moody but not depressed, so i have stopped taking them as the insomina is also doing my head in, feel better alredy. the last time I took them I had no side effects apart from the nausea and I just think that drinking too much on them at the weekend has had adverse affect on my brain and caused the side effects, the headache, migraine still there and wont budge, CHAMPIX DO WORK AND THEY ARE A FIX BUT BE CAREFUL MIXING THEM ON LARGE AMOUNTS OF ALCOHOL, THE BRAIN DOESNT LIKE IT. GOOD LUCK

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