Validata company which does Employment Screening.

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“Validata company which does Employment Screening. ”


written by 117Conrad on 25/01/2022

Validata, The company who makes it more difficult than it should be...

This company screens employees for other companies. For Criminal Record, References etc.

It is an extremely slow process where the person being screened can not add additional information. Which can be very important. But they clearly do not care. The screened persons are not the ones paying their bills. So what, why should we care about them?! And that is very clear.

There are many emails, separate of course, afterwards requesting for more info.

The initial process takes at least 1 hours. You can not add extra significant information. No, their way or no way.

After that, they need, of course, more from you. Wow, wouldn't these extra info boxes have come easy now...

All requests send by you in different emails. Yeah, it is their job, but there are others who have things to do after a day working full-time.  I myself are refereeing for 2 persons. The first time I was called, they didn't say a thing after I took the phone. I said that I couldn't hear them, no answer.
Just a few minutes later, the person I was refereeing for was informed they couldn't reach me. The second time, being referee for another person, I was called (again taking the phone call very fast) they almost immediately after I said my name they disconnected.
And guess what??? Again, the person I referee for received the message they couldn't reach me.  A company who has to validate people about their honesty etc.? They wouldn't be able to make it through the validation process themselves. And this company still exists? Even has clients? Clients who pay them, for what? Not doing what they say they are doing?

The persons I've added myself as referee haven't been contacted either. Yet I did get the report where it was mentioned they could not get in contact with them.

Validata, NOT worth being used for validation or anything else. Please companies don't be fooled by them!|

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