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Latest Reviews

“Dreadful product and customer service. ”


written by Heidyz143 on 12/05/2021

I have had a terrible time with the bootmakers. I bought a pair of boots online in February giving all the correct measurements. On the website it stated there was a special price minus tax so I felt I was getting a good discount. The boots took three months to arrive with me constantly having to send chasing emails. I was shocked to receive a message fro DHL saying I had to pay over 50 pounds in taxes for them to be delivered. I felt I had no choice but to pay. Then to my horror I found that the boots were much too narrow on the leg and didn't fit at all. The leather was hard, with no give in it at all. The manager at Bootmakers agreed to refund me if I sent them back. I went to the post office and ensured all the correct paperwork was filled in, ensuing that it was not marked a commercial product. I paid over 25 pounds to return them. Now, a week later I have had no message from the Bootmakers but have found that, for some inexplicable reason they have refused to accept the parcel and have sent them back!!! So if they actually arrive i will be left with boots i cannot wear, at a cost of nearly 300 pounds. DO NOT BUY BOOTS FROM THEM!!!!!

Pattacake66's Comment

Written on: 06/02/2022

I have just received my boots after ordering them in October ‘21. Had to pay £62 duty/tax in order to receive them and the are a terrible fit. They have been cut to an odd shape and so they have all of this extra leather at the back of my calf. I haven’t complained yet but judging by your experience I’m wondering if it’s worth doing?

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“perfect creation”


written by kesi-man on 10/05/2021

They make the perfect boots as per our measurements to make us feel better while wearing them.

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“Beautiful Boots”


written by Hamb on 05/04/2021

This is my 2nd pair from this company and as with the last pair, I am delighted with them. I have had my first pair for approx 7 years and they're still going strong. I have had excellent customer service, albeit rather slow, but given the current situation in the world, delays can be expected. They do warn you of timescales for making your boots, when you place your order so I was under no illusion that they take quite a while to arrive. I also needed to return my boots for alteration. I am not sure if it was my wrong measuring or their error, or partly both, but they obligingly made the correction and my boots are now perfect. I am very happy, and would definitely recommend.

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“Shocking customer service ”


written by EdithMeadows on 02/04/2021

I bought my boots back in November 2020, they were a terrible fit, so much for a bespoke service. I’ve returned them through a tracking service at a cost to myself as well as paying almost £50 in customs charges!! The boots arrived at the return address in France on 1st March 2021, we’re now in April 2021. Have contacted the Bootmakers and emailed several times and no response!!! This company is a joke!!! I’ve never experienced such a terrible buying experience and would never recommend anyone to buy from them ever! Appalling service and now wondering if I will get my money back.

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“Great boot making website”


written by JessicaThom on 02/04/2021

Visited this website and found amazing boots design. They have great genuine leather women boots with a good range of price with great deals love to shop and visit this website. And customer service is also amazing.

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“Badly made boots”


written by Ly100 on 05/02/2021

Badly made boots, patent leather so thin you can scrunch it in your hands and rubbish customer service. I ordered these boots on 17 October 2020 and they arrived on 15th December which I understood totally as the world was in the grip of Covid and to be fair to The Bootmakers they did send updates on the boots’ progress. The disappointment began when I received the boots. As I say above the boots were badly stitched, the leather was such poor quality and the boots were baggy. I had several years ago purchased a pair of boots from The Bootmakers which were the same measurements and were amazing so it wasn’t the wrong sizing that I took, the fabric was just not fit for purpose. The website advertises you can have a refund, good luck trying to get it. I have been emailing for seven and a half weeks and the most response I have received is they will be in touch. Please save your money. Please don’t give yourself the hassle.

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“Lousy customer service”


written by Greavinho on 13/01/2021

Boots still haven’t arrived. Taking way longer than I was told when ordered. Nothing but excuses and no information. Avoid this company or be very disappointed.

Ly100's Response to Greavinho's Review

Written on: 05/02/2021

I also have a problem with The Bootmakers.

I complained about a badly made pair of boots mid December last year. Still waiting for their comments and refund, which they advertise you are welcome to - very disappointed. Boots badly made and patent leather is so thin you can crinkle it in your hand. Think long and hard about using this company as it seems when things go wrong their customer service is lousy.

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“2 attempts at boots didn't fit. A year later & no refund ”


written by sapawalk on 29/03/2019

I ordered boots at the beginning of March 2018.When the boot were delivered they didn’t fit. They were no better than boots I could have bought in the high street which unfortunately I’m unable to do as they don’t fit me. I was promised a remake, to be made according to even more detailed measurements.

The 2nd pair of boots turned up at the end of October after a large number of emails from me chasing the up. This is nearly 8 months after the original purchase. Numerous reasons were given for the delays but no apologies regarding the wait.

No communication came from the Bootmakers unless prompted by myself. That is except for the time that they thought I’d posted a negative review on Facebook. When I told them I had no Facebook account and hadn’t posted a review it was back to me chasing them for information.

When the 2nd pair of boots arrived they didn’t fit either. They were enormous round the calves and much too short. I was entirely sure they weren’t the same boots sent again.

I was promised a refund on the 25th October. On the 22nd November I had an email saying I would be refunded within 8 - 10 days but this was only after I chased them up.  On the 4th December I had another email saying that the refund would be in my account in 8-10 days. Again this was after I chased them up via email.

After chasing them up again in January I had an email on the 25th saying they couldn't refund my money because the payment 'bounced' and that they needed an Iban and swiftcode for my bank account. There is no reason why payment should have bounced as I’ve had the same debit card for the last 3 years and it’s still valid.

As I had neither IBAN or swiftcode available I sent them a paypal invoice so they could refund my money via an alternate method.

Last Friday I sent another request for a refund within the next week. They insisted the lack of refund was my fault for not supplying them the Iban and swiftcode, this is despite the fact I gave an alternative payment method to them. With a lot effort on my part I was able to track these down but we don't use them on a day to day basis in the UK and they weren’t easy to find.

Since I’ve posted this review I’ve been told I’ll be paid within the week although at this moment I’m still waiting.

I’ve been reasonable. I’ve given them leeway to rectify this issue. However, after more than a year of waiting for goods that were twice wrong and a refund that shouldn’t have taken me numerous emails chasing it has left me appalled at this company’s customer service

It is now April 2019 13 months after my purchase. I wouldn’t recommend this company to anyone and would go so far as to say don’t buy from them. They are unreliable. It is a great pity as The Bootmakers was originally really good and I previously purchased 2 pairs of boots both which fitted beautifully. The company has since been taken over by new management. The result is not good. I can’t stress how much you should avoid this company. I wish I had read the negative reviews prior to placing an order. It would have saved me a lot of time and money I can’t afford to lose on boots I never received.

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“Buyer Beware”


written by NDSutherland on 30/04/2018

I have only given The Bootmakers 1 star because it is required. They would have 0 stars from me. I ordered a pair of bespoke boots from thebootmakers in October 2017 and they arrived very late in December 2017. They were not a good fit to the measurements I had provided and needed altering. Their complaint spokesperson agreed to the amendments and after several photos and e-mails, I was asked to return the boots, at my cost, to Eindhoven, which I did prior to Christmas 2017. Having waited several months and receiving no amended boots, I request a refund of the original cost plus my postage costs, which again, were agreed to, by the complaints spokesperson on 19 February 2018. I have chased several times, after being told it would take 8 days to refund my money, and I am still waiting. It has now been almost 3 months since the refund was agreed and 6 months since they took my money and I am still waiting. I don’t know if I will ever see this money again but I shall be taking this matter further and am now considering taking this to Trading Standards. AVOID, AVOID AVOID!!!

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“Buyer beware”


written by Yarelin6 on 06/02/2018

I purchased a pair of bespoke boots from The Bootmakers in October 2016. When they arrived (4 weeks late) in late November, they were not made to the appropriate specifications and were unwearable. I contacted them, and they were prompt in their response, offering me another pair of boots and requesting I retake my measurements (they also said not to mail the first pair back because they could not reuse the leather). Because at this point I knew I wouldn't receive the boots until winter was nearly over, I asked them if I could receive store credit towards a pair of boots at a later date, and they said "store credit for a future date would be perfect." Up until this point, communication and customer service was excellent. On September 7, 2017 I contacted them about the store credit and a new pair of boots. It took about 3 weeks to get a proper response, at which time I was told to retake my measurements and send them along. I sent them on October 10th, and after much delayed back-and-forth, I was finally told on November 15th that the boots were in production, and current ship times were 4-5 weeks. It has been 12 weeks since my last communication with The Bootmakers. I've sent numberous emails following up, requesting any update at all, with no response. It was been 17 weeks since I sent in my measurements. At this point I do not expect to hear from them. I've requested a full refund but have been met with radio silence. As others have indicated, this company seems to have serious problems rectifying issues when things go wrong. This pair of boots cost me $400 USD, and I am left with an unwearable pair of boots due to an incommunicado company.

Lmj2882's Comment

Written on: 17/04/2018

As a follow up to this review, within a few days of posting, I was contacted by The Bootmakers. They claimed all of my emails went into Spam and said they'd rectify the situation. It's now been 2 more months and I still don't have my boots. The last I heard they were to ship between March 29th and April 4th. No luck yet.

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“Bad experience. ”


written by Bluestar4964ex on 08/12/2017

My wife’s feet are a wide size, and she has trouble finding stylish footware. I emailed the measurements, and was reassured that they could make the boots to her measurements. I paid around $300, and over two months later the boots arrived. They were a STOCK size, that in no way was close to the measurements I submitted. They were a narrow width that I could have bought anywhere. The soles of the shoes were more narrow than her feet. I emailed Bootmakers, and was asked to send photos. I sent photos of the boots beside my wife’s feet to demonstrate the extent to which the measurements were off. I was given a return address. I spent over $50 for postage to mail them. I heard nothing after that for a period of time. I emailed and finally received a reply. I was asked for the tracking. I provided a copy of the USPS receipt with the tracking number, and the confirmation page showing proof of delivery. I contacted them two weeks later and received an apology for not replying, and that they would be closed for a couple of weeks. I have never heard back from The Bootmakers, and that was months ago. I sent an email last week - no reply. The lesson I have learned here is that the Bootmakers please many customers, but they choose to do nothing when things go wrong. My wife has since bought herself some boots.

Getittogether's Response to Bluestar4964ex's Review

Written on: 09/12/2017

The above review was written by my husband. I would like to add my commentary as well. We live in the USA. I am not a large or obese woman, but I do have rather wide feet but with normal ankles and calves. It is hard for me to find boots that fit well. Last year in 2016, my husband wanted to get me a special Christmas gift of custom-made boots. He decided to order a pair of boots for me from Bootmakers. Well before Christmas, he spent a lengthy amount of time carefully following their instructions for measuring and ordering, drawing extensive diagrams of my feet. I picked the leather and color I liked and he placed the order, for over $300. We did not hear anything for a VERY long time, but the boots did finally arrive, long after Christmas was past, in a box that was so beat up I am surprised the boots did not fall out of it. As soon as I took the boots out, I started to laugh. I showed my husband the horrible box and then the boots and he said, "That is what they sent?" These boots looked like any regular boots I could have walked into any store here in the USA and bought right off the shelf. They were so narrow, I could not even get my foot completely down the shaft, much less into the foot area. The also were not even close to the color I had ordered. My husband contacted the company, which was no easy task. They finally told him to return the boots and they would "fix" them. I laughed again; there was NO WAY that pair of boots could have been altered to fit my wide feet. My husband was careful to document every step of returning the boots, his email correspondence with Bootmakers, and took plenty of screen shots of all of this, including where the mail tracking shows they received the return. Oh, and the return was at our expense; $50 more dollars. That was MONTHS ago, and they have never contacted us with any updates, it is only when my husband contacts them that they give him some wishy-washy excuse, over and over. I told my husband to tell them I think their company is a big crime ring, and that I want our money back NOW. Do not, I repeat: DO NOT not order from these people, especially if you do not live in the UK. I seriously doubt these people will do the right thing and refund our money. .

Reply to this comment's Response to Bluestar4964ex's Review

Written on: 11/12/2017

Dear Mr L,

Would you be so kind to check your mailbox please as we have sent you several e-mails in the meantime. Thank you.

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Bluestar4964Ex's reply to's Comment

Written on: 12/12/2017

Yes, I received one email, and I answered it. Thanks

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Lmj2882's reply to Bluestar4964Ex's Comment

Written on: 05/02/2018

Was this issue ever resolved? Did you ever get your money back? I am in a similar situation with The Bootmakers and am wondering if there's any way to get my money back, or at least a pair of boots that fit.

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Bluestar4964Ex's reply to Lmj2882's Comment

Written on: 06/02/2018

No, it was never resolved. Sorry to hear about your situation. You can see above that they sent me an email. In that email I received, they requested the tracking information. I sent them a copy of the postal receipt with the tracking information on it. I also sent them a printout that shows delivery to their location in Europe. I have not received a reply after that. That was the second time I sent that information. I guess they feel fine about keeping their customer's money when they make mistakes.

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“I lost $300 AUD by purchasing from this company”


written by austcait on 27/09/2017

I honestly can't believe how naive I am for buying from this company. As soon as I placed my order and started inquiring about my boots, alarm bells went off that something didn't feel right. Eventually (2 months after ordering), I did receive a pair of boots..they were even in a box with the dimensions I ordered. But, they were a stock standard sized pair of ankle boots which would not fit my ankles at all. The owner is really nice, apologised, etc etc there was no explanation as to how or why this happened. So, he nicely asked me to send them back via normal postage (from Australia it costs $50), told me he is making a new pair for me and please send them back. That was one month ago. When I inquired about my new boots, he very nicely told me, oops, sorry but they were never put into production so it will be later before they arrive. And, get this, he tells me he never received the boots I sent back to me (I actually took photos of the package, address, postal charges, and emailed photos to him 3 weeks ago). So, now he is telling me he can't refund. I paid $250 for boots, $50 to stupidly send the boots back to him (I should have realised when he requested I send them normal mail, not registered with signature, that something was dodgy.) This whole set up is really dubious. Don't make the same mistake I have. (BTW I bought gorgeous fitted boots from them in 2013, but the company changed ownership shortly after.)

Thebootmakersuk's Response to austcait's Review

Written on: 04/10/2017


I fully agree mistakes were made. But saying your pair is a standard stock pair isn't the truth
Nobody told you that we can 't refund. We have written to you that as soon as your boots are received in good order the refund will be done immediatly. The boots still not arrived.
Nothing has changed since the start of The Bootmakers, the production facilities are still the same. Again our sincere apologies for what happened. But please when writing a review stay to the facts. Thank you very much.

The Bootmakers

Again my sincere apologies for what happened.

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Austcait's reply to Thebootmakersuk's Comment

Written on: 06/10/2017

I accept what you say above, however it has been 4 weeks since the boots were returned, I posted them exactly as requested, I sent proof 4 weeks ago of postage, mailing, etc..I did everything I was requested to, but I have not been refunded. Clearly I am very upset to have lost $300. It appears the consumer bears all the risk which does not seem fair to me at all.

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Austcait's reply to Austcait's Comment

Written on: 16/11/2017


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Austcait's reply to Austcait's Comment

Written on: 24/11/2017


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Austcait's reply to Austcait's Comment

Written on: 02/12/2017


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Austcait's Response to austcait's Review

Written on: 13/12/2017

Refund received in full--thank you

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“Slow delivery, poor fit”


written by Skyem366 on 28/03/2017

I ordered a pair of Chelsea Leather knee high boots on 8th November and they finally arrived at the end of January. Unfortunately, they were far too big on the calf, as they had allowed 3 cm in addition to the measurements I gave them - I could actually get my whole hand down them. This defeated the object of ordering custom fit boots, as I could have got these off the shelf for half the price. Also I had ordered a size 3, but the boots were actually a 3.5 (EU size 36) and so a bit too big, and were very roomy in the foot. The quality of the boots themselves was actually very good, but they looked ridiculous on me. The problems didn't stop there; when I asked what could be done and sent photos to prove the size issue, I was informed they had already started preparing another set of boots for me and was not given the option of a refund. They asked me to confirm the sizes again, so I asked them to make it in a size 35. I had to chase several times and after another month was finally told they had not started making them yet and worse still they were unable to make it in a size 35, and they agreed to refund me. I had to organise the return myself via a courier which cost me over £17. By the time I got the money back it was mid-March and I had spent the entire winter without the boots I needed. By comparison I then found a pair of boots with another company who shipped them to me within 2 days, for £80 less and similar style and quality.

Austcait's Comment

Written on: 03/09/2017

Thank you for your honest review about the Bootmakers; I am actually going through something very similar at the moment and am very dubious of this operation. I wish I had read your review before I ordered from this company.

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“October Order still hasn't turned up?????”


written by Hellsrogers on 17/12/2016

I ordered a pair of boots in the middle of October and as at today 17th December my boots still haven't been dispatched. When I ordered my boots I was told delivery would be in 4 weeks! I have now cancelled this order and requested a full refund it will be interesting to see if to take as long to process this refund. Shame because all of the reviews suggest for the those that did receive their order the quality was good, I will never know. Just glad I didn't order a 2nd pair at the same time.

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“Quality Products and Service”


written by neilrobson31 on 04/03/2016

Just received second pair of of custom boots, superb quality products, well worth the wait. Kept up to date with the progress of the boots being made, on way from craftsmen to finishing to dispatch to me. Will definitely purchase again and would recommend to everyone.

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“Bad fit, ugly boot, took for ever, and cost a fortune”


written by 493Sharpe on 07/10/2015

I ordered a pair of the Hampstead boots because I wanted something for walking in snow in winter. I am tall and skinny, so I ordered 41 foot size, 26 ankle, 41 height. I got the boots in early October (!). The calf fit well, which is great (hence the two stars), but was a full 2 cm less tall than ordered. So much for finally getting a pair of true knee high boots. The foot was exactly the length I ordered, but the volume of the foot was enormous. Even with hefty insoles and thick socks, they were totally unwearable. I usually have a very high instep, and the instep was was still way way too high (though the ankle itself feels very trim). I'm pretty sure I ordered exactly the right size, but the boot is unwearable. It also looks ridiculous, with a lovely elegant calf, but then a clunky, jackbooted foot. I used to love Duo, and I'm so sad they are gone. Their website was great because the customer reviews made it easier to know what you were ordering. The Bootmakers are more expensive, but I was hoping that at least now that I could customize ankle size and boot height, I'd get a better fit. Sadly, the fit is not as ordered, and not as good. I've just requested return information (I'm in the U.S.). I'll feel much better about the company if the return goes smoothly.

Larawagner's Comment

Written on: 25/10/2015

Update: The return went smoothly, and faster than expected. Can't quite figure out how to change the review, but would give back an additional star for that.

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“Just ordered my second pair”


written by Mckenzie192 on 07/10/2015

I received my first pair of boots three days ago and I love them so much that I've just ordered another pair. Beautifully tailored boots, very well made. Whilst I'm thrilled with my new boots, I think that discovering The Bootmakers could have a disastrous effect on my bank balance! Thoroughly recommend this company.

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“Stunning Perfect Boots”


written by Ngaire on 21/04/2015

Perfect boots finally. This has been my first experience with The Boot makers & I couldn't be happier. the person I dealt with kept me informed each step of the way. I purchased 2 pairs for winter in Melbourne Australia as I couldn't find what I wanted here! I was a little hesitant buying on line but followed the sizing instructions & am pleased to say my boots fit perfectly. I highly recommend to anyone wanting beautiful bespoke boots. I know I will have these for years to come as they are made so well.

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“boots made to measure and fit!!”


written by EleanorCaron on 24/12/2014

Without any fuss my measurements were sensitively taken and have been converted into the first pair of boots I've had for years that actually fit me - calves, ankles and feet. The leather is beautifully soft inside and out. The delivery was prompt with welcome tracking information (received in Christmas week). Good service, friendly advice - I'm sure I will be ordering another pair very soon.

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“Boots that truly fit you”


written by on 13/11/2014

Just received my second pair of boots from The Boot Makers. The fit is great from the foot to the ankle and throughout the leg. What a relief not to have to wear baggy boots from the high street! The most elegant pair of boots I have ever owned. Now I need to save up to buy my third pair...

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