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What are people saying in our Lolly Loans reviews?

Lolly Loans scores highly with our reviewers. With a score north of 4.0 out of 5 and 79% of reviewers agreeing that they would recommend Lolly Loans to their friends and family, they have a good reputation and great service.

Is Lolly Loans safe?

In a word, yes – Lolly Loans are safe. Lolly Loans is a registered trading name of EGOUK Ltd. They are an FCA-approved and regulated company which indicates that they are legitimate. The details of the EGOUK Ltd FCA registration are:

  • FCA regulated: Yes 
  • FCA status: Appointed representative 
  • FCA reference number: 733559 
  • Trading names: 

Business address: 
27 Cofton Church Lane 
Cofton Hackett 
B45 8PS 

What should know about Lolly Loans?

Lolly Loans is an online credit broker who provides same-day loans. That means they can check if you are eligible in 15-minutes and can offer loans between £100 and £3,000 with a repayment period of up to 24 months. Lolly Loans is operated by Amaze Media, they are based in the UK and have been trading since 2012.

Be aware though—APRs start at 49.9% but can grow to an eye-watering maximum of 1294.1%. Ouch!

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“best ever finance app”


written by on 21/12/2023

lolly loans is best ever loans site that I came across till now and services that they are providing is to good that you even be able to imagine how good that they at marketing. they are in finance sector and if you want the same marketing services like social media marketing and search engine optimisation services I recommend ray digital marketing agency as they provide the best digital marketing services till I have been through.

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“Suspect Lolly wrote all the 4/5* reviews”


written by Cameron192 on 14/04/2023

Next time you try and write false reviews for your sham 'Lolly', you may want to try harder to make them sound genuine. It is very clear from the language, the competent use of grammar & punctuation and the individual theme of each review, that, these are not genuine accounts of customers. Each one is structured in such a way that it is obvious you have designed the message to appeal to a specific demographic. I think your biggest fail may have been the competent use of grammar and punctuation, it is highly suspect that every single 4/5* review has the same literary adherence. I felt as if i was a mission statement and not so-called reviews. Shame. I'll be filing a complaint with the FCA as i think your entire business model and practises are highly suspect.

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“Invasion of Privacy”


written by MrScoooot on 20/01/2023

Need investigated by the FCA. Despite unticking all marketing options, I was instantly bombarded with texts and phonecalls. They redirect you to companies where you have to pay a monthly subscription to get a list of loans. However, these websites deceive you into thinking that you’re entering your card number or account details to send the loan to. They don’t. They redirect you to some bogus subscription service. Avoid these like the plague.

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“Terrible breach of data protection”


written by AnnaRoses on 09/04/2022

Not only did lolly failed to deliver it a loan in spite of saying I’ve been approved, they have massively failed to comply with any kind of data protection regulation!!! I’ve been contacted by so many different companies since entering my details into their website that it is bordering on harassment.

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“Because I don't use credit or debit cards they wanted...”


written by Russty74 on 23/02/2018

Because I don't use credit or debit cards they wanted me to go to tescos an buy £75 pounds worth of eye tune vouchers to send to them so they could prosess my loan.I'll tell you what I'll do a weeks worth of shopping an send that as well lol STAY AWAY

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written by plDaly271 on 19/10/2014

lowlives of the earth i shall be calling the police.

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“Awful company sent my bank details to a number of...”


written by Regan55 on 10/07/2014

Awful company sent my bank details to a number of companies all who tried to take money directly out of my account. One was for 67.88. It was only because I didn't have insufficient funds that they were unable to take the money. Aparently it's in the small print of the agreement you agree too. They send your details to a number of companies and charge you. You could end up with multiple companies charging you. On top of that my mobile and email has been inundated with loan spam. This company shouldn't be legal. AVOID AT ALL COSTS

E127845's Comment

Written on: 17/09/2023

How did you manage to stop them from taking money from you? I’ve reported my bank card as stolen so I get a new one will that solve it?

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“Lolly review”


written by DaveHi on 16/05/2014

Applying for loans, found nothing suitable but still took £67 off my card. Nothing on site to say they charge. AVOID at all costs. Sent 4 emails and guess what, no reply!!

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“bombarded with texts and emails!”


written by Lioness70 on 05/01/2014

AVOID AT ALL COSTS. These guys are a nightmare. You tick the box for no marketing but they pass your details on to all sorts of people. I was just making an initial enquiry which I then decided not to follow up on. I got a couple of emails back straight away but then last night starting at 3am I got 6 texts messages and 11 emails - all of which cone through to my phone which I cant switch off due to a sick relative. I've also read on here since then about money being taken from people's accounts - I've been in touch with my bank already just in case they do the same to me and it will be passed straight to the police and fraud team. I've only given them 1 star cos you can't give none

Catnipcatnip's Response to Lioness70's Review

Written on: 17/01/2014

Same happened to me....also had 2 payments of £1 and £89 taken from my account from loanmarketing, bank have refunded me and they are going to investigate....I called them up and was told very rudely to go away (not the exact words used)!

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Annaroses's Response to Lioness70's Review

Written on: 09/04/2022

Yes I had exactly the same experience! Six different companies have tried to contact me since I gave Loli my details even though I checked no marketing and did not give permission for my information to be shared!

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Annaroses's Response to Lioness70's Review

Written on: 09/04/2022

Yes - I have had exactly the same experience! I checked no marketing and have been contacted by 6 different companies since giving lolly my details.

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written by samantha24 on 19/11/2013

they are not even a MAIN LENDER but forward your information to other Lenders who are Registered with them. just like a TAXI BASE who is giving calls to lenders and giving them a Customers . . .STAY AWAY FROM BROKERS

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“My loan was approved in about 2 hours”


written by LBMAY on 01/10/2013

They say cash is normally sent within the hour but in my case it took two hours to actually get the money. This was no problem really, it was still fast enough for me but it is worth bearing in mind. My loan is via a company called Lendingstream and is spread over 6 months but I will be paying it as soon as I can as the rate is so high. I can't get a credit card at the moment though so hopefully if I pay this loan on time it will help build my credit rating a bit and will open my options to better finance rates.

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“I was offered a 6 month loan by Lending Stream”


written by thegame123 on 03/09/2013

It took about 5 minutes to fill in the form and when I clicked search I was offered a loan pretty much straight away by a company called Lending Stream. They give me the option to repay over 6 months and the rate is high but acceptable considering I only want the loan for a few months. Overall the service I recieved is good - there are no major negatives I can mention as I got the loan I was looking for. I wish the loan rate was a bit lower so i'm giving them 4 stars instead of 5.

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“constant texts, LIARS”


written by whatever8 on 26/08/2013

These people directed me to a lender called MyLoan and i was so upset cos that lender (or is it a broker) wants to charge £69.99 upfront! I quickly closed that page cos that's not what I am looking for. Anyway the thing that ticked me off was that I SPECIFICALLY stated that i don't want any rubbish text, emails etc from their trusted third parties and yet what do i get? Within an hour I was bombarded by texts from strange loan companies. I am so angry i bet those rubbish people will be writing to me in the post as well. I have an email now from one of them. I no longer want to apply for any loan as I am sure i will sort out something else but the harassment I am getting is so annoying. WHY DOES LOLLYLOANS LIE SAYING THEY WON'T WRITE BY ASKING YOU TO TICK THAT BOX AT THE BOTTOM IF THAT'S YOUR PREFERENCE, AND THEN WHEN YOU DO THEY IGNORE IT ANYWAY?? I SAY STAY WELL AWAY FROM THESE LIARS!

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“Don't use!”


written by on 14/08/2013

If you want loads of spam loan calls to your home and mobile, 20 plus emails a day. 10 postal letters a week. Then use this search company for a loan. Yep just a search, you don't even have to take up a loan, they still hound you. Tick no marketing or marketing, they still hound you. Makes no difference. Total misery.

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“Great product - highly recommended. ”


written by declineoption on 13/08/2013

The user experience was pleasent and I found the product very easy to use. Unlike a lot of financial promotions it gives a no nonsense approach and tells the customer what's potentially available which is always beneficial. I would definitely use in the future.

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“not recomend ”


written by on 22/07/2013

as with other brokers , takes you to a site that wants money up front ,'s Comment

Written on: 30/07/2013

Hello and thank you for taking the time to leave a review. I wanted to address your comment if possible to explain how our system works. work with over 30 different short term loan lenders to get people the loan that they need. Only one of these companies charges a fee and this is the last company we try when we have exhausted all other options for people. This means that we try at least 29 other lenders who do not charge a fee and only when all of these companies have turned down a customers finance request do we then resort to giving our consumers the option of trying a fee charging lender.

We do not push people towards a lender that charges a fee unless we have tried every other option for them first and when we do put forward an offer by this lender all fees that they charge are made very clear before any money is taken. The system is totally transparent in this regard. I'm sorry that you did not find our service useful on this occasion but I can assure you that the vast majority of our customers are not offered a loan by a company that charges a fee.

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Mishabelle's Comment

Written on: 13/08/2013

Just to confirm I did not opt to proceed with any loan application. Other than the basic search. Yours was the only company I conducted a search via and despite ticking no marketing I have received loads? I now when I ask you to check your records and confirm no further marketing. You ask me to contact my lender? There is no lender? It was a search nothing more.

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Mishabelle's Comment

Written on: 13/08/2013

Please can you also comment on when directed to the MyLoan website from your search which asked if I would like to make application with them, to which I immediately declined. On just arriving home from work today to receive a letter from Amigo Loans saying MyLoan had given them my LOAN APPLICATION DETAILS, yet I did not do a loan application with them, just an initial search with you????? That can't be just fobbed off as marketing material by you. Seriously what security have you in place for peoples personal financial information?

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Mishabelle's Comment

Written on: 12/08/2013

Same happened to me and I've got a good credit history. Makes me wonder just how many of these reviews are genuine. I also asked for my details not to be passed on to third parties or receive marketing material. What a joke I've been bombarded with loan company emails and postal mail shots. Steer clear if you can.

Reply to this comment's Comment

Written on: 12/08/2013

Hello Mishabelle,

Thank you for taking the time to comment,

I can assure you that all loan requests go through a chain of lenders. This starts with lenders who offer instalment loans with rates at approximately 50% - 250% per annum. If these lenders do not accept your application we then try lenders with higher rates and finally - if all of these lenders turn down your application (and there are more than 30 lenders in our system) only then do we give our customers the option of working with a lender that charges a fee. All of our loan offers are made with no obligation so there is absolutely no reason for a customer to accept any offer our system makes unless it suits them and when we do have to resort to a fee charging lender the fee is made very clear so people can walk away if they wish. It would be very rare that someone with good credit would be turned down by all of our lenders so I am surprised that your offer was not taken up by one of our other lenders, if you have good credit this should not happen.

Regarding your concern that you have received marketing emails, if you ticked the marketing suppression box then your details should have been automatically excluded from our marketing list. Unfortunately I cannot find any application under the name Mishabelle in our system so I cannot check this for you. If possible could you send us an email with your full name and phone number to helpdesk [at] I will check this for you asap. If for any reason you are incorrectly on our marketing list I will sure that this is removed for you as this should not have happened.

Many thanks – Lolly Helpdesk

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Mishabelle's Comment

Written on: 13/08/2013

Did as you said = pointless! I got this generic email below from your company. Despite saying I did apply for any loan other than a general initial search. I want you to stop passing on my information. That is my simple request.

"Thank you for contacting

If you have searched for finance via our website and opted to proceed
with a finance offer then you will need to contact your lender
directly with any questions regarding your loan's status, fees or to
cancel your finance agreement".

Reply to this comment's Comment

Written on: 13/08/2013

Hello Mishabelle,

Thanks again for commenting and for emailing us with details of your issue. We only received your email 20 minutes ago at 3.37 so we have not been able to investigate or respond to you yet however your email is in hand and is currently being processed. I will reply to you once I have an answer for you but I can assure you that if you are on our marketing list for some reason we will ensure that your name is removed. The automated email your recieved is one we send out to help people connect with their lender - many customers misplace emails from their lender or have a number of loans with different lenders so this initial email contact is very useful for them. Thanks again. Lolly Helpdesk.

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Carenct's Comment

Written on: 26/09/2013

hi, I too filled out your form for a loan,i did not accept one of your loans but you took 69.99 on the 25/09/13 from my bank account Reference No 260000000000 BCC. You do not seem to have a contact number on your site(how strange)I will be seeking legal advice if this money is not credited bak to my account as I have no loan from you or your so called lenders

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J.cgraham's Comment

Written on: 28/12/2013

I've just done the same as you, put in my details and not accepted any loan as lolly said they charge 69.99 I hope this doesnt come out of my acount if it does I'm going to my lawyers about this, I hate rip of companies, I was doing a simple search for a loan that is all, NO CONTACT NUMBER NO REAL ADDRESS. I'M CHANGING MY BANK ACCOUNT BEFORE THEY TAKE ME TOO.

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“Very nice rates.”


written by jamestolson on 25/06/2013

I was in a tight spot with money and was looking on the internet for a good loan company and foundt They gave me the money I needed fast. The whole loan process was fast, easy and hassle free. They took care of all my needs and got me a loan with a very low rate. Will use again.

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“Reliable Loan Company!”


written by JaneReka on 25/06/2013

Present day, a lot of the online loan companies I have dealt with are completely a scam. But NOT Lolly! I was so impressed. I must admit I don't have the best credit score, but I took a chance and submitted a request and was approved and I only had to wait less than 15 minutes! I didn't have to be questioned by all these bank employees or fill out a million different forms. I got my loan so easily I could not even believe it. As a student, I am constantly struggling to make ends meet, but Lolly truly helped me get by.

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“Great place to get loan easily!”


written by maksudur on 25/06/2013

I tried to get loan from lots of different companies but got denied from all of them. Than heard about Lolly from one of my friends. So I thought to give a try to Lolly and surprisingly got approved. All processing was so easy and quick. Have had no problems with anything. I was amazed with their service. They really helped me out from a bad situation. Just loved them. Highly recommended!

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“Amazing Service”


written by samlittle on 24/06/2013

Amazing service. These people really take what they do seriously and as a result the customer gets the best treatment and the best quality imaginable. I was very impressed with the speed and accuracy I recieved my answers and I would really like to say thanks for that as well as encourage everyone who reads this to give these guys and girls a chance. You will not be disappointed, I promise.

Was this review helpful? 0 1

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Asked by Luvleigh on 9th May 2014 Report this content
Does this Lolly Plc charge for taking a loan to begin with? I know there is interest but is there a charge at the beginning?

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