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Written on: 29/05/2013 by denisemuir (1 review written)

In good faith (I never buy tickets, this was a first time - trying to help a friend in Italy get 1D tickets for her daughter)- I used the website - as one of the 5 secure, recommended sites to get 1D tickets.
Due to high traffic I would presume, after I clicked my initial request - for 4 RESERVED SEATING tickets (one of the children in the party is under 11 so not allowed on pitch) at the price of £47 (can't remember exact figure)- I was transferred through the purchase process but without ever seeing the full page load.... it just kept freezing.
However, confident that I'd seen the 4 tickets for a price I knew to be right, I confidently let it go ahead and got through to the end, where it froze again and I never did see if the order had actually been confirmed. I therefore gave up.
Imagine my horror when I got an email later that day that 4 tickets at max £50 each had become a total of £700 - and not seated but PITCH! So more than 3 times as much for tickets I DID NOT request and CANNOT USE.
Now, after the event, I've since learned what really is, but that still cannot justify going from £200 to £500 and how do they explain that from SEATED tickets I was given PITCH tickets (that actually only cost £47 - so total £188 - even more of a rip off). This obviously all happened in the half frozen screens which I had no way of seeing...
Viagogo say that they are not responsible for their website. Excuse me? Well who is then? If I have a shop (virtual or brick) and sell things - how can I not be responsible for the main outlet through which I sell my goods???? And why then am I, the customer, who has even less control over their website, how the purchase process proceeds, and over changes in ticket prices/types that I could never have imagined, why am I now being held responsible for it? I have even less control over their website!!!
This is a shocking example of EXPLOITATION and viagogo should recognize this. The rules clearly cannot apply in this case. I am not merely changing my mind, I am not trying to cancel or back out. I never ordered PITCH TICKETS... if I'd seen the final price, I would NEVER had allowed it to go ahead. Clearly due to heavy web traffic on saturday morning, parts of the information were not loading. But how could I know what was being loaded if I couldn't see it? I knew what I'd requested and had faith in that. In good faith, I believed I was being given the tickets that I had requested.
Why would I have thought otherwise????
So, not only was I given the WRONG tickets, I was MASSIVELY OVERCHARGED (over and above the mark-up one might be willing to pay), but there were also all sorts of added charges, adding up to more than £100.
And I would like to hear from viagogo with a solution.

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