Golf pro's or not so clever sales pitch?

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“Golf pro's or not so clever sales pitch?”

Written on: 04/07/2012

I am a little concerned that the Direct Golf store managers are being pushed to sell certain clubs and will gain extra commission or incentives as a result.

I don't have a problem with this unless the information I have been given by one of the pro's is genuine. I have just bought a club from them today and felt they were guiding me down the path of buying a John Letters wedge with a graphite shaft.

I didn't like the look of the club because of the shaft and I'm not into John Letters. Anyway, I wanted to test a Mizuno I had picked up and the salesman said "only hit 5 balls with it coz even with tape on it can mark it". Ok I thought, then the manager said "WOULD YOU MIND DOING US A FAVOUR AND TESTING THIS ON THE RANGE AND GIVE US SOME FEEDBACK" and handed to me the John Letters. I hit both clubs well on their range and the salesman came outside and asked how I was doing. I explained the reasons why I preferred the Mizuno and he said "I think your catching it out of the toe, and flushing the John Letters" I told him I didn't think I'm a single figure golfer I know what a toe shot is and I ain't hit one with a wedge for a while.
He challenged me to aim for a flag in the distance of about 100yds and told me to aim for that. The Mizuno was like an arrow over the top of the flag and the John Letters was 10ft left and short. The salesman still tried telling me that the John Letters was the better club for me. I disagreed and he tried showing me marks on the Mizuno face where I had apparantly hit off the toe. I have 20/20 vision and couldn't see a damn thing and stated this.
I told him look, I'm having the Mizuno and handed it to him. He went inside the shop and I walked in a minute later and he was chatting closely to his manager almost having to justify to him why I didn't go with the John Letters. The manager said "HOW DID YOU GET ON WITH THE JOHN LETTERS"? I told him that I didn't like it too much because of the graphite shaft. To my amazement he tried telling me it wasn't graphite. So I asked him what it was if it wasn't graphite as it sure looks and feels just like graphite. He replied "I DON'T REALLY KNOW COZ I HAVEN'T READ TOO MUCH ON IT BUT IT AIN'T GRAPHITE". I paid for my Mizuno and left. The guy's were friendly enough but please don't take customers for fools as you will not get repeat business. I have just looked on their website and see that John Letters runs academies at a select number of Direct Golf stores...this may have some bearing on the situation.
I don't feel I could trust 100% what a Direct Golf pro tells me now as it looked like the poor kid trying to sell the wedge to me had to justify to his manager why he couldn't sell it to me.

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