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Asked by Biggy2015 on 16th February 2015 Report this content
Is this company safe to use? I ordered flowers to be delivered on 13th Feb, but they were never delivered, after several phone calls and sent messages they told me that they were with the courier, having checked with my bank they took the money out the next day after I ordered them (ordered well in advance). It's now 4 days after they should have been delivered, but not getting any replies to my emails or phone calls.

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Answers (3)
Report this content katy1980 Written on: 17/02/2015
I'd say yes and no. They're a ligit company. But they don't run it ligitimately in my opinion! Email them - they usually reply quickly. However you'll either get a friendly reply or a rude one.... Either way, they'll think a £5 voucher to spend on their trash quality items will make it alright. I'd recommend a refund if I was you. Remember your consumer rights (good old Google will help if needed). Don't let them get away with it. They are a disgrace and I've learned you get what you pay for (hence will stick with the much more famous brandd - but not sure I can name them). My flowers arrived dead with missing chocolates. They replaced - but replacement didn't arrive when promised so they arrived dead again and still no chocolates - they said "chocolates are subject to availablilty" that's nonsense - subject to availability is regarding an ENTIRE order - either you get it all or you get none of it (and get a refund) they can't send you part of an order and say that's allowed. Hilarious! Don't let them get away with it. Good luck resolving your issue.
Report this content nataliearchbold Written on: 17/02/2015
I would not recommend them at all. I wrote emails and eventually got a reply saying the flowers weren't that bad and refused to give me a refund. They are soon to take your money but when it comes to refunding..forget it.
Report this content JacquesS Written on: 17/02/2015
This company is NOT reliable and I am sorry you got caught by their clever advertising and glamorous website,as I was. In my case the flowers destined for mothers' day were "only" delivered the next day,but they were not at all the ones I ordered and,already bumped during transport and half stale,they died within 30 hours after delivery...Not exactly the kind of gift you want for your beloved elderly mom! On top of it,the courier was rude to her because obviously late and rushing for his next appointment...I complained repeatedly and all they offered was a 5 £ voucher towards my next purchase! Useless to say I never used it. Now I send chocolates from a reputable manufacturer. Always on time,and always delicious ????
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