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Asked by BeckyBH on 2nd April 2014 Report this content
Basically, I am in a bit of a pickle. I ordered some bedroom furniture from Very two weeks ago and it was delivered on Wednesday last week. My husband checked everything was there and put the furniture together. Everything was fine until he went to install the glass door mirror onto our wardrobe, he hadn't taken the foam sheet off of the front until this point, ironically so it wouldn't get damaged and it had a large crack in the mirror. This was definitely caused either during delivery or was already there when it was shipped from Very as it had only been moved carefully out of the box. I have contacted Very and they said this: "Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience caused. The onus is on the customer to ensure all parts are present and free from defect before construction. Once an item is assembled the home approval guarantee is null and void. This is because the damage could have been caused during construction." I understand that my husband should have checked the cosmetics of each piece before assembling it together, so I can kind of understand where they're coming from…but after reading multiple terrible reviews about Very, I almost feel obliged to fight my case in this instance. Is there anything I can do, to get a replacement door? (The weird thing is, I emailed two different email addresses and one said the thing above, the second basically said they have ordered a new one and have sent it out! It was only a while after reading their email, that I realised that they didn't even ask what address to send it out to. So I'm not holding out hope.) Any help would be much appreciated :)

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Answers (8)
Report this content stephiefilby Written on: 03/04/2014
Very are wrong. What they are saying is correct, if you were wanting to return it under the distance selling rules if you just didnt like it, but as a part is faulty, your statutory rights kick in (something Very like to evade where they can) and you are entitled to a refund or replacement, even if it has been partly assembled.
Report this content stephiefilby Written on: 03/04/2014
I would recommend contacting them through their Facebook team as they are a bit more helpful than their customer services.
Report this content sammyjayneex Written on: 03/04/2014
Hello, If they say they will send a replacement just wait a few days as they most likely will if they say they will. If not then ring them back and ask for just the replacement mirror if hey can't send a full replacement. This happened with my kids wardrobe an one price was damaged so I asked them for a replacement part instead of full replacement. It seemed to be easier. Either way they have to replace the damaged wardrobe!
Report this content cocoitr Written on: 03/04/2014
I personally would contact citizens advice and see what your rights are and where you stand. That way if you If you are right to return which i reckon you should be then contact them again backing your self up witch the fact you have contacted citizens advice about the situation. Don't stand down all they will never return it. Remember the customers always right.
Report this content vic45 Written on: 03/04/2014
The item is not fit for purpose! Ask for a manager, demand to speak to one if they mess you about and contact CAB regarding your rights. They are wrong so let them know you will not go away until you are satisfied. Good luck!
Report this content luckysuzy69 Written on: 03/04/2014
Hey honey sorry to hear about this I expected this off these sharks. They are sharks. I spent hours ordering stuff, and I was going to pay full amount on my payday. Then they knocked me back last minute as I was on my way to pick up my goods. Well honey I would do this. I would log into your account and look up the help and see if you can start the complaints process from there. The next thing I would do is go on Facebook. If you don't have an account open one or use a friends. Go on face book and tell everyone you can. Then if they don't reply to your emails go on Facebook put their name in search and tell them on there that you're not happy etc. Do you have small children or kids? If so tell Very that's one of the reasons you didn't take the packaging off and left it until the last minute. I would also say that unless they resolve this asap you will never shop there again and will make sure that none of your friends do either. You can do real damage by warning people on twitter and Facebook. Tell Very you will not let this go and as a gesture of good will as a customer you should at least be offered a replacement mirror it's no skin off their very rich noses is it??Then go on twitter and either give them a chance after you email them a few dozen times, or put your warning up on there. I despise catalogue firms I really thought these were different. HA!! Same old same old. Good luck and if you need any further help putting an email together or anything let me know.
Report this content TheSewingLady Written on: 04/04/2014
I am sorry that you have also fallen foul of Very's terrible customer service. I agree with the answer below that the item is faulty, but I too had a similar problem with a plate for a steam generator which had cracked. Unfortunately I got no-where and closed my account with them (happily after getting it replaced direct with the manufacturer), but Very were willing to loose a customer for a £25 part. I would escalate this further and under the distance selling rules, you did not see this item before you received it. Whether or not the part was broken before or after you received it is immaterial as it is not fit for purpose. I would definitely pursue this further and I wish you luck.
Report this content BeckyBH Written on: 07/04/2014
Thank you everyone! I thought that I would let you know that I took on your advice and I responded to Very and went on about my 'consumer rights' and how the item they sent me was not fit for purpose and of a satisfactory quality. (I basically tried to sound like I new what I was talking about.) I also emailed a different email that is connected to their social networking sites and basically explained my issue and they didn't even argue, they sent me out the spare part straight away and it arrived on the weekend! Undamaged. Luckily I didn't have to take any further drastic action, but thanks to your replies I was willing to! Thanks for your help guys :) I now have a complete wardrobe and one less thing to worry about! Thank you again! I'm very grateful that you took the time to respond. :D
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