Absolutely Disgusted! Do not use this company.

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“Absolutely Disgusted! Do not use this company.”

Written on: 18/07/2013

I ordered 3 bridesmaid dresses & even paid the extra to have them custom made. If you have any questions prior to making an order or at the time of making an order their customer service team are very helpful indeed! However when your order arrives and you are totally gutted at the state of what you receive, god help you when you try to get a refund. I have followed all instructions for getting a refund still no joy. All I get is sarcastic opinions and pathetic responses from numerous different people when I e-mail them.

Stupidly I should never ever have placed an order with this company as I did read some negative reviews but I was prepared to give them the benefit of the doubt! Had the dresses been as stated & like the picture I would have been very happy. The quality of the workmanship is poor to say the least. The dresses are ill fitting in every way possible and the dresses are totally unusable or fit for purpose. The dresses were advertised & pictured as knee length, one of my bridesmaids backsides is barely covered and the company told me that even having seen the picture that the dress is knee length - yeh if your knees are located at the top of your thighs!!!! Another person from the company said that my bridesmaids looked fine in their dresses and it was their fault that their figure was different to that of their model in the photo so I am not entitled to a refund!

I have sought legal advice & I know I am entitled to a refund so I have no idea why this company are carrying on the way they are - it is a total embarrassment and there is no way I am walking away from this without a full refund, this disaster has cost me £200 I get married in a few weeks and my bridesmaids have nothing to wear so I am now having to deal with this inconvenience of not only having pointless and on some occasions blantently rude correspondence with every person at that "company" demanding I sent more pictures of the dresses but trying to find replacement dresses. I am tempted to post the pictures of my poor bridesmaids wearing the "dresses" on here but I really do not want to embarrass them.

Please never ever use this company or give them the benefit of the doubt like I did!!!!!

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Janetwakefield's Comment

Written on: 07/08/2013

hi there,i also have had nothing but trouble with this company, you will NOT get a refund.ive been trying for ages as have dozens of other customers. one lady on here has emailed them 73 times!. we paid by visa thinking we were covered if anything went wrong. how wrong we were!
this company use a middle man 'moneybookers' to receive payment. so visa will not get involved. you have to contact the 'moneybookers' company and you will get no response whatsoever from emails there is no phone number for them. its truly disgusting.
i bought a ball gown for my daughter and paid extra for custom fit. it was supposed to be deep red chiffon with tiny silver sequins over. when it arrived it was the cheapest tackiest nylon youve ever seen, the sequins were MASSIVE like the kind you get on a door curtain. sewn inccorrectly and half of them missing. the zip was broken, the sash at the back was not central it is truly appalling. my daughter was heartbroken. it totally ruined her prom as obviously she couldnt wear it so we were left with only days to go rushing round trying to get another. ive had nothing but excuses. they want you to send the dress back AT YOUR OWN COST AND TRACKED so costing over £30 to do so. if you check back at the very older posts on here you will see that once they have a dress back they invent 'problems' such as 'smelling of perfume' or customers fault' or 'stained' e.t.c.
im now stuck with a rubbish dress that i wouldnt even be able to sell on ebay as its so bad!
the company know they can get away with it so they keep doing it.
its disgusting!

i left my email address and have had DOZENS of people contact me . not one has got their money back.i have written a review on here if youd like to read it.
i feel so sorry for you and for customers who are going to get stung by this unscrupulous, unprofessional company.

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Moneywasted's Comment

Written on: 09/08/2013

Thank you so much for your comments, coincidently I received a letter from my bank today saying exactly the same, that they are unable to get involved due to diydresses using 'moneybookers' & let's face it this is a very deliberate move on their part!!! I am going to go back to the legal advice service I approached initially today & speak to them about this.

I am prepared to have to come to terms with the loss of the money, I have had to pay several more hundreds of pounds for replacement dresses that aren't ideal as my bridesmaids aren't standard sizes & that is why I opted for custom fit dresses in the first place, due to how late on it is now I haven't got time to get the replacement dresses altered. What I really am not prepared to accept is the injustice of these people & the fact that they are allowed to get away with this! The upset this is causing people really is unacceptable. The rudeness showed by their staff via email I find totally insulting too. I have had nearly 50 emails back & forth & some of the comments they have made are unacceptable & personal about my bridesmaids & my ability to place an order.

I am 6 months pregnant & trying to organise a wedding & this was the last thing I needed, if I could do anything towards stopping this company being allowed to trade I would. The last correspondence I had from the company the offered me £20 off my next order! I wouldn't order another item from them if my life depended on it!!!

I am hoping that something can be done at some point about this company! I really hope that people take note of these reviews & don't risk placing an order like I did! As an intelligent person I feel totally embarrassed that I ordered from these people.

I will have a read of your original review - I wish I had done this before I placed an order...

Take care & hopefully people who have ordered & had such a bad experience from this company will be smarter shoppers in future & we won't fall for similar things again.

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Alecs85's Comment

Written on: 10/08/2013

I am so sorry to hear about what has happened to you. A similar situation happened to me earlier during the year. They offered me 5 GBP for my trouble. 5! after spending more than 120. I got my money back through the American Express legal claims, but they put me through a lot of hard work too, because it's a dress, and it is not easy to prove it is not fit for purpose. I had to go to a seamstress who works in a professional shop and get an evaluation letter, as well as send them pictures of what was advertised and what I actually received. My dress was so bad that the seamstress thought I had burned it with an iron. Reality was, patches of material were missing. So my advice is to not give up. I contacted customer advice bureau and left all the details of what happened to me with this company, and hopefully something will be done. Even if you don't get your money back, you should report the company just like I did. They must be stopped from treating their customers like this. If we don't do anything about it, they will carry on doing what they are doing.

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Djcolclough's Comment

Written on: 21/08/2013

hi hun im sending this on my partners behalf we have just used this site for a wedding dress the dress came and my partner said it was wrong colour and it was ripped and came in a small 4 by 4 bag it looked terrible did u get your money back if so how did u do it we have emailed them and we are getting no were, if u have any info could u plz email it me, my partner is devastated we have to now save money for anoughr wedding dress else were

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Moneywasted's Comment

Written on: 25/08/2013

Hello, I would love to say I got my money back to give you some hope but no I haven't. Due to the company using 'money bookers' my credit card company wouldn't pursue the case. If you read the comments above though it would seem that she managed to get her money back even though the process wasn't easy. It does disgust me that this company are getting away with it but they are. Sorry that the same thing has happened to your partner.

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Alynhockey's Comment

Written on: 14/09/2013

A lot of credit card companies will pursue this. Tesco did it for me and I know of others using Barclaycard who were also successful in their claims.

The key to success is to have as much evidence against them in the forms of emais (yes I know they are frustrating but keep persisting to tell them its wrong, sooner of later they will make a mistake and admit something) and also get an independent assement of the goods.

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Alynhockey's Comment

Written on: 14/09/2013

I'm not gloating, but I have got my money back and I know a number of other who have too. The thing is to be persistent, it took me 4 months and resorted to having independent reviews of their awful dress, but eventually I did get my money back. Fortunately I only had my daughters prom dress (we did get a new one from Coast, bit more but much nicer) but I feel sorry for people organising weddings etc

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Clarabell86's Comment

Written on: 29/09/2013

I cancelled my order of two bridesmaid dresses today, 5 days after purchasing them online. After reading lots of reviews about people receiving poorly made dresses I decided to cancel the order before I received the dresses to hopefully try and save me a lot of hassle trying to get them sent back. How wrong was I?!

I have been told that I can cancel my order but I won't receive any refund, only my £20 for the delivery.

Now I am faced with losing my money through cancelling the items, or losing my money because the dresses will most probably be of no use to me.

I paid for the items using barclaycard credit card and your comment about customers being successful with barclaycard has given me a bit more hope in this situation. Unfortunatley today is Sunday and the department is shut, so now I need to stew until tomorrow and probably wont get a winks sleep.

I cannot believe that they think they can get away with this!
I only wish I searched a little deeper before purchasing the dresses. I did look into them a little but all I found were positive comments.

I was wondering if you had any information on how the barclaycard customers managed to get a refund?
The DIYDresses sellers claim that they clearly state that after 24 hours customers cannot get a refund and I am worried that as they state this then I will have to comply with it and hence lose my money!

From a very gutted Bride to Be

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300Poundworseoff's Comment

Written on: 31/10/2013

I have 3 hideous cheap dresses and 300 worse off.
The replies are indeed a joke they are based in Hong Kong and I am aiming to report to trading standards.

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Shazmc76's Comment

Written on: 15/08/2013

Same problem here too.. 2 dresses ordered both size 10, but they are completeley different sizes, nothing like the colour we ordered and look terrible.. looks like we are going to be fobbed off just like everyone else.. this is disgusting and surely there must be something that can be done about this company,, i would never have ordered if i had known the company was not in the uk.. this is very missleading..

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