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Written on: 30/08/2013

************DO NOT SHOP AT ASOS***************** Ordered from ASOS on 20th August for holiday clothing for my girlfriend for our forthcoming holiday on 29th Aug. Parcel due for delivery on 24th Aug. Received text message to say ‘You were out, parcel delivered’. Assuming they must have left it with a neighbour, as it did ask at the time of order if you are out where should we leave the parcel sand I did specify with a neighbour. I arrived home to find no card. I logged on to see the delivery status and it stated ‘delivered to letterbox’. Both contradicted each other as I am certain 3 items of clothing, assuming they would be in one parcel would be unable to fit through a letterbox. Nowhere on ASOS’s website does it give a contact number for them, just an email. When I emailed them it said it will take 24 hours to reply, then another message stating ‘we are experiencing huge delays so it will take longer to reply’. Knowing that this would leave little time before we went away, I requested a refund and chose to find substitute items on the high street. On the 29th Aug, hours before I flew ASOS finally replied by email telling me to look in bins, behind walls, ask neighbours etc. They had missed the point that the tracking service vs. text message contradicted each other & no mention of a refund. In fact the email said ‘Issue now closed but if this issue is not resolved to your satisfaction, you may reopen it within the next 7 days’. With hours to leave for the airport, I replied telling them that they had missed the point and had no right to close the issue, only to make me reopen it again. I felt I had to re-open it to protect my rights, so I did. As the goods were paid for from my Mum’s card, she contacted her bank to raise a dispute to get refunded this way. The bank found a number for ASOS Customer Service so giving them the final opportunity to perhaps redeem themselves; my Mum contacted them today, 30th Aug. They wouldn’t speak to my mum even though she could confirm card details used and validate information so she told that that was ridiculous as all she was doing was chasing a refund that would go back onto the same card used at point of sale anyhow. I appreciate data protection but most ethical companies have set levels of what data protection is required depending on the nature of the enquiry. So annoyed & tongue in cheek my Mum told them she’d put my Dad on the phone who would pretend he was me!! They clearly refused so my Mum said she would do a 3 way a call to me abroad. They refused and gave the reason that my Mum would then be able to hear the data protection elements. My Mum explained that that is just the same as taking a call in the car with passengers in. As the Customer it’s the Customers choice to make that decision not for ASOS to decide. My Mum gave up and said that she would get me to ring from abroad. My Mum found the call delivery number that sits behind the 0843 number and I rang ASOS from abroad (as you can’t ring most 08** numbers from abroad). Having a 10 minute wait to get through and paying roaming call charges, guess what … they wouldn’t speak to me, even though I validated who I was. They said I needed to find an internet café and log on and email them!!! Talk about making rules up as they go along and what email them for the 3rd time? I have just connected up to the hotel Wi-Fi as I was so annoyed. I haven’t re-emailed them as they still have an open issue for this case but instead I have logged onto write this feedback. They may have time to play games but why should I have to email them when I have rang their Customer Services line …. And most companies receive revenue/ money back from their telecommunication provider from all the calls Customers make to their 0843, 0844 and 0871 numbers! We will have to now open a dispute via the bank to get this refunded. My Mum is high up in within a major blue-chip company in the UK and has used her contacts to reach the CEO’s office at ASOS and is now on hold waiting to speak to the Co-Founder & CEO of ASOS. I bet he won’t come to the phone!!?? ASOS don’t insult people’s intelligence when you try and get people dancing to your tune, just because you hold the trump card as you have their money. And remember you don’t always know the power of whom you are dealing with and clearly underestimate the power of the 'new generation' of bad internet reviews.

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Written on: 31/08/2013


Having read your post I can totally understand your frustrations and completely understand this level of service isn't good enough.

I'd just like to apologise for the length of time it's taken to deal with your query. I'd also very much appreciate it if you apologised to your girlfriend, mum and dad on our behalf. We do take data protection extremely seriously and I can totally understand where you're coming from with the 3 way call but we will only divulge information about the account with the account holder.

If you have Facebook please send us a private message with the order number, feel free to copy and paste your message from here in there as well. If you have Twitter you can follow us at @ASOS_HeretoHelp and give us a tweet and l'll get this all sorted for you.

I hope you're enjoying the remainder of your holiday and I'm looking forward to hearing from you soon.


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Aal617's Comment

Written on: 02/09/2013

I have the same problem. In the email it says you delivered the clothes but i didn't receive anything i hope you will send me the clothes or return my money. My order number is 83245341

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Bernicei's Comment

Written on: 03/09/2013

Thank you ASOS for finally resolving this issue to my satisfaction, and for taking on board my feedback.

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