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Written on: 25/02/2014


I had deposited a couple and was very lucky i had made it all the way to £3500.

I had never been so happy. I had verified with the online staff if i was able to make a withdrawal which i was told i had to wait 13 days then i was told 10 then i was told 4?? I thought it was pretty strange but though ahhh it will be fine i have been told time after time off the support that they had looked through my account and i was able to make a full withdrawal and i have met all of the wagering and withdrawal requirements etc etc, Trust me i went through everything with a fine tooth pick i fully understood there term and conditions i had to i had read them over 10 times and verified everything with support@dreambingo.

So the day came to withdraw they had told me to send in ID proof of address etc etc. so i did with not a care i would provide them with anything they needed to get my money.

Next thing was i went to log into my account and it was locked. They said it was because they were doing an audit to make sure i was eligable for withdrawl?? found this strange as i had been told numerous time i was fine to withdraw and had the proof of this on email etc etc.
they said it would take 48 hours.

60 hours came by still nothing?? I had contact them.

I received a call then off a member of staff that was not even a manager that said the audit had been done and they can see that i had £1 bonus money in my account at the time and because of this i am only eligible to £115 of my money!!!

I had then asked to speak to a manager this was on friday they told me managers finish early on a friday and did not get in to the office until monday.

saturday i was emailed from a manager????

I then spoke to the same advisor on monday that stated the reason why i am not eligible to my money was because of accumulated betting!!!! So now the reason has changed.

They also said my account was closed because of this.

I have contacted a third party that they have but no joy with them at all they are as usfull as a chocolate fire guard. and have looked into it this company actually pay the third party. Also the malta gaming authorisation would not do a thing as it is the same with these.

I am actually publishing this into an article and am going to try my very best to have these closed down. This cannot be happening to people it is disgusting! How people are allowed to operate like this is all because of money no one gives a DAM about you as long as there making money.

I am asking people to contact me that have been Done over by this company so i can have more evidence.



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Lezleet's Comment

Written on: 26/02/2014

Hi I went on this site and deposited £10. It gave me £40 bingo bonus and £20 casino bonus . I was lucky enough within my first £10 to win £125 plus a few more small wins . This was 40days ago . I have tried to withdraw my winnings 4/5 times and I'm told that I haven't used enough of my bingo bonus . Soo I kept playing and went into casino and used my so called cash winnings at least £60 to £70 . I'm still not meeting requirements for withdrawing as my bingo bonus money has to be zero. Unfortunately to empty the bbz I have to use all my winnings first and then it will allow me to use the bingo bonus. Basically I have to empty my account of all my winnings by playing games then lose the bingo bonus then deposit another twenty and try to win more and who knows they say I could withdraw then . I believe it is a big scam and will do what I can to help you close down this site lezleet

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Seona's Comment

Written on: 24/06/2014

They are certainly not very good at being truthful

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Honestyisbestpolicy385783's Comment

Written on: 07/10/2014

Glad I read your review, I won 21,000 they also would not pay out. Messed me around for weeks before they told me. I already knew this was going to happen after reading reviews while I was waiting for my money. Anyway, I have commented on every single comment off rip offs on here to advise them to do the same as me, firstly I have reported to a Maltese gambling association to investigate, prob won't get anywhere, although they are investigating, but the more people that report them the more pressure there is on the gambling authority to act, I am also writing to watchdog , which I have also urged people to do as if so many people write about it, it gives them enough to do a programme on. I totally agree with you, these criminals need taking off the market, they can destroy lives with the false hope they give. I WILL NOT give up until they are shut down, Did you know that they are actually owned by the betway group, no wonder they don't publicly advertise this!!!

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Seona's Comment

Written on: 24/06/2014

It is time we all started writing to the Gambling Commission in Malta - we cannot ALL be wrong - this company needs sorting out

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