What a nightmare

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“What a nightmare”

Written on: 18/07/2013 by Hanturn (1 review written)

Well where shall I start....... Maybe with never by a persimmon home if you want out house that can last and good customer service. We bought our new house on the St Gregory's build in Leeds. This is our 1st house. The first issues we had we put down to snagging but after 6months our downstairs toilet was STILL backing up and smelling, It eventually got sorted when my uncle came to do it. We then had almost 18months with out mega issues which nicely took us out of our 2 years warranty. Then the issues came in floods. 1st the hot oven door fell off in my hand, lucky my 10month old (at the time) was no where near after having to argue with persimmon and the manufactures they came out to fix it. Them in December 2011 (7days before Christmas and with my husband on tour) I came home from the shops and the boiler was leaking boiling water in to the kitchen. I rang persimmon to be told we was out of warranty and to call a plumber. Lucky my friends husband is a plumber so he came straight round and lucky he did because as no sooner had I opened the door to him did the boiler totally go and boiling hot water was running from all the lights in the kitchen and flooding the floor. The kitchen was stood with 2inch of boiling water. After the mess was cleared he looked at boiler and said he believe it should be condemned because it was not fitted correctly and the flew was incorrect. I was mortified as my son had been in and out of hospital and they could not find a reason for this. The plumber called another plumber to confirm this. So 2 plumber both agreed this boiler was not correct. I rang persimmon and words were not nice. So at this point they decided to listen because the plumbers by law have to inform gas safe. So a team of persimmon customer service staff and their contacted plumbers came and talked there way out of it but unfortunately for them gas safe was inform and unfortunately for us we had to move to my Mums over Christmas.
While I was living at my mums my neighbor informed me that persimmon homes contracted plumbers were going round and amending everyone flews on the estate before the gas safe team could come. (This action shows how sneaky and sly they are, totally driven by customer profit)
The day if the inspection came and I found it odd the both the gas safe team and persimmons team turned up at the same time. We was told the boiler was boarder line and this time it was fine. (So how much had persimmon paid you to pass it!?!)
Persimmons contracted plumber came back to fix the issue with the leak and had the cheek to charge us and say claim it through your insurance. They took the pipes away to see why they exploded. I am still waiting on the reason 18 months later but my plumber who came thinks it was because there was not enough cooper piping front the boiler before it hits plastic pipes.
Right so that issues all resolved and you would like we would have not more issues.
Our shower was on our original snagging list and we have had problems with it leaking from day one.
Persimmon had been out twice to fix this since 2008 and both times we have been to blame!!!
They said the it was the tiles grouting. Last week we went up to bed to find our carpet was soaking. The shower again had leaked again. Rushing downstairs to check my sons room which below the en-suit and yes the wall were damp with water clearly running down them. The smell was awful as well.
I called persimmon the next day to inform them that it had happened again, they said they would have to look in to it and shock horror 4hours later I received a phone call stating they could not doing a anything. Leaving us with £950 bill to sort for the work doing. We are at a total lost now as our insurance will not cover pipe work and and with our excess we are left to pay over £400.
My father has a new build that is 6years old and he had on going issues with a shower and his builder comes back and the drop of a hat because it was on his original snagging list.
I would say never buy a persimmon home, their after service is shocking. My son can build a better house from Lego.
I love this house but with all it issues I do not know what the future will hold and I don't even think it will be standing years to come!!!!!

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